Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This and That - House Edition

Today's a little "this and that" around our house.  I've added a few touches here and there and thought it would be fun to share!

First up, I added this chalkboard to our front porch.  I don't have anything written on it yet, but think it will be cute with seasonal messages :)  It's hanging on a screw so I can take it down, but have a feeling it will be up most of the time.

In our old house I used to hang this above the buffet in the kitchen or used it on the mantle for holidays and I couldn't find a great spot for it in this house, so I'm pumped to have a cute place for it here.

In my post about Luke's room I  mentioned that I was on the hunt for something to put above his bed and I found it!  (yes... he makes his bed... and no... it doesn't look perfect, but he's making it and that's what counts) ;) 

When I saw this canvas I KNEW he would be obsessed with it.  

And I was totally right ;)  I would have loved something a little more subtle - but sometimes you suck it up and buy your kid the giant superhero canvas that you know they'll love.

I really do love it - it goes with his bedding and is a great size.

I found it at Ross (random, but they have great stuff on occasion) and paid $35 for it!  I felt like it was a great deal.

Another addition to Luke's room since my original post is some Lego storage! 

We went to IKEA and picked out pieces from their TROFAST storage system that we thought would work and so far, so good.

At the end of the bed he has a 9-drawer storage unit where he has drawers sorted by color. 

He has done a really great job keeping things sorted so far (he DOES have a whole drawer under his bed of unsorted Legos... but we're working on that).

The creations on top are my favorite part :)

He also has the tall 6-drawer unit next to his desk where he keeps "special" pieces like wheels, tires, mini-figures, etc).  He likes having it close to his desk so he can work on his projects.  I can't say enough great things about the IKEA pieces.  They were easy to assemble and are really sturdy.  He uses them daily and they are holding up great.

Also, in the boys bathroom I had a canvas hung above their towel bar, but when I found this whale shelf I decided it had to come home with me.  I can't find this exact one online, but this one is super similar.

Currently there's a little succulent, jar of q-tips and a sign (which I don't love... but it was $2.99 and fit perfectly so I'm probably going to paint it and do my own thing with it) on it and I'm thinking a little stack of folded washcloths might be cute in place of the plant.  

 In the toilet/tub area that connects the kids bathrooms I added this big metal M I found at Homegoods.  

On the other side of the bathroom I added this canvas from our Spring pictures a few years ago.

In Griffin's room I added a hook in her reading nook area for dress-up clothes, bags, etc.

She has been loving this cape and I love the colors ;)

I picked the hook up at Anthropologie and I love that it has multiple hooks (I think it's probably for towels). 

So! There you have it... a little this and that around our house!  

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!


  1. Doesn't it feel great to get things crossed off your list?? That's a good feeling! :)

  2. Is the doll in Griffin's room supposed to look like a lady Canadian Mountie? :)

  3. Love all the little additions! Can't wait to see what you do with the chalkboard!

  4. I love all the little additions that make a big difference!! 😀

  5. So fun!! That chalkboard is the perfect addition to the front step. Love it all, girl! Xo

  6. Love the updates and the oh happy day pillow. Now, I will be singing that song all day. Which is not a bad thing; )

  7. How fun to have a chalkboard in front! Our weather is too crazy to do that (Chicago) but I would love to :)

    I've seen people use the Trofast for legos and I'm thinking that is really our only sensible option!!

  8. The Lego organization makes me a bit giddy. Awesome system for all the special pieces! I saw a whale shelf just like that also at Ross and really wanted it! We are more farm around here than nautical though. So cute!

  9. Holy Lego storage!!!! Our five year old is majorly into Legos now, so we are going to need something like that one day soon. And I am totally with you on the Ikea stuff... our entire playroom is Ikea as well as a lot of my office, and you just can't beat their stuff. I just hate that the nearest one to us is two hours away. WAAAAHHHH!

  10. I'm new to the Lego world and am trying to figure some things out. What do you do with finished projects? Take a apart or keep forever? My boys will create and then we don't know what to do with it. Take a part and sort into bins to create freely later on?

    1. My kids love to build the sets that come together, but they almost never play with them for long afterwards. They much prefer to build new things with the pieces. I usually leave them for a bit, and then as they start to steal pieces off the finished sets, we disassemble them. We have a cabinet with similar containers as the one above to sort pieces by color, though ours has doors to close that used to keep littlest sister out. The top surface is perfect for finished display. Once there's no room left on the shelf, they know it's time to take something apart to make room for the new!

  11. Oh my goodness, the chalkboard on the front porch is such a great idea and will be SO cute for all the different seasons!

  12. I'm loving the chalkboard out front! Please post pictures when you've written on it! I also love the IKEA storage pieces! We have lots of Legos too, so this might be a great option! 😉

  13. That entire drawer of Lego wheels!!! My boys would be in heaven. Every single on of their Lego creations include wheels.

  14. May I ask where you got those adorable ghost and pumpkin decorations outside your front door?! Love them! Have a great day! gg


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