Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap - First Pitch Edition

Saturday morning this chick was SO PUMPED for dance class!  She took a break this summer but is in a 3/4 year old combo class this year that I'm so excited about.  She put her "lee-tard" on first thing in the morning and waited by the door :)

Before we left she and Kitty had to get in a few good puddle jumps in.

Rainy day boots

While Griffin stretched and twirled and bunny hopped I sipped tea and wrote out notes for this week.

After class I let her hang out and watch a few of the big girls dance... she would have stayed for an hour!

After dance we had to run by the grocery store to grab milk and GG REALLY wanted a sheet cake.  When I explained that it wasn't her birthday and therefore I wasn't buying the cake to feed 40 people this happened...

.... I sipped my Starbucks and let her have her moment and then we went about our day :)

When I got home this was waiting for me on my doorstep!!!  So proud of Shay!  The book is GORGEOUS with tons of great recipes and beautiful photos. 

It was rainy on and off that afternoon and so instead of swimming the littles did this...

... followed by a little bit of this...

Gibi got in on the snuggles :)

Sunday morning we attempted a picture, but this was the best that I got :)

It was so nice out that morning and I was able to break out one of my FAVORITE Fall dresses.

And I LOVED Griffin's pre-Fall ensemble.  ;)

We spent pretty much all of Sunday afternoon finally cleaning out the garage (PRAISE JESUS!!) while the kids rode bikes and scooters in the driveway and then the boys got invited to the park with Jack and Ben and had so much fun with their friends while Dave and I wrapped up the garage.

Pretty sure they had way more fun than we did :)

After we finished we spent some time getting fixed up by Dr. GG.

Last night Dave and the boys went to a Frisco Rough Riders game with my dad, Dave's brother Stephen and our future SIL Cynthia.  It was extra exciting because Dave got to throw out the first pitch!

It's a really random story, but a few months ago (probably about 6), Dave had the kids at Home Depot for a kids workshop and got suckered into signing up for one of those "enter to win a yard makeover" things.  ;)  He got a call a few weeks ago that he won.... but not the $10,000 yard makeover (AAAAHHH!), but a pack of tickets to the game, food and throwing out the first pitch.  SO RANDOM! 

This scenario would have been my worst nightmare, but he was cool as a cucumber and not nervous at all.  YAY, Dave!!!

Love that he did it in flip flops :)

 The crew spent the rest of the game eating #allthefood and snapping me crazy pictures :)

The boys had the BEST time and it was Mason' first baseball game and so special that he got to watch his daddy throw out the first pitch!

Happy Monday, Friends!  And don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday!  We're going to be sharing advice for our high school selves. 


  1. Way to go, Dave!! I would have hives and been wearing a turtleneck in August in Texas. ;)

  2. Ah! So happy to share my newest book with you! xo

  3. I love it!! So fun that Dave got to throw out the first pitch!! Xo

  4. So neat that at Mason's first game, Dave was throwing out the first pitch! What a special night!

  5. What fun! I would love to throw out the first pitch. Dave looked like a pro (in flip flops). :D

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  7. Where can I find those rain boots?! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  8. How fun! Love that he won that! I'm sure there was some grieving over not winning the yard makeover though. :)

  9. How awesome for Dave to throw out the first pitch and get tickets to the game!! Your kiddos are looking so big! :(

  10. I got my copy of Eats this weekend, too, and it's just beautiful! I've already picked out two new recipes to try this week!

  11. Tell us about the jeans you have on in the rainboot pic!!

  12. Where's GG outfit from and how do I get one?


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