Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Favorites - Back At It Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!!! I survived my first day of in-service yesterday and it was great!  I work with some AWESOME people and we always have a fun time.  Today's sessions are a little more "formal" so we'll see how that goes :)  The boys are having so much fun with their friends at ESS and Griffin talked non-stop yesterday afternoon about playing play-doh with Skylar.  They were all wiped last night, but that's to be expected.

I'm sharing my Friday Favorites again this week along with Erika and Narci and we'd love it if you did as well!  You can grab our graphic and link back to your Friday Favorites post at the end of this post.  

Tuesday morning we picked up some of our FAVORITE people and headed to one of our FAVORITE places... the Perot Museum!  

We were so excited to get to show Manda, Miley and Aiden around and the trip started off extra special when we got to watch the window washers. 

Scared but determined.  She is FIERCE!!!

I had to drag Griffin away from the art lab which wasn't surprising.  I'm fairly certain I could have left her there and she would have stayed put all morning :)

Look at all those cuties!!!  Griffin started going, "tornado! tornado! oh no!!!"...

.... and her sweet Luke held her hand :)

I happened to catch Miley's face when she saw the dinosaurs for the first time :)

Best we could get because who would want to look at me when they could look at that view!

You pick up gravel and drop it in the holes and it plays chimes.  So fun!

We survived!!!  Such a fun day with one of my FAVORITE people EVER!!!

Facebook memories are a FAVORITE part of my day... and this weeks were extra cute.

Griffin 3 years ago....

Griffin two years ago...

... and then Mason 5 years ago popped up on my feed yesterday and then yesterday afternoon he fell asleep in his booster seat.  I almost cried looking at this!  He was SO TEENY!!!  

Can y'all spot the lizard on the tree that Mason is looking at?  It's on the right side of the picture if that helps.  This was one of the boys FAVORITE moments this week.  The lizard would puff out it's throat and it was bright red and they thought it was AWESOME!

Pointing it out to Griffin.  So cool!

I've been getting in some reading while the kids rest in the afternoon.  Having a few minutes of quiet (accompanied by a good turkey sandwich) is one of my FAVORITE parts of summer.

Tuesday night we took an after dinner trip to one of our FAVORITE places - Braums! Her happy place :)

Blardigan and frozen yogurt?  Life is good.  Dave drove and so I was in my pjs without shoes.  Ice cream run for the win :)

This little guy has been my shadow this summer - his little face is my FAVORITE ;) 

And we've been soaking up the last bit of our summer break in one of our FAVORITE places...

... eating some of our FAVORITE treats :)

... and wearing some of our FAVORITE accessories :)

Happy Friday, Friends!!!  Don't forget that next Tuesday is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to share our worst school pictures.

And just in case you're nervous about sharing your school pictures, I'm going to go ahead and set the precedent right now...

That's me and my bitainer (yes... it was a retainer that held my jaw open all day) and my oversized t-shirt posing with my trombone.  And I don't even think this was a band picture, I'm pretty sure I was just THAT excited about playing the trombone.  ;) 

I've shared that picture before, so this weekend I'm going to head to my parents house and try to grab a few more.  I'm hoping to come across Dave and my Prom pictures.  We attended several dances together in high school and I had corn rows for one of them (yes, I said corn rows).

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a great day at the Perot! I cannot wait for your post on Tuesday. I'm working on mine today. It should be good! :)

  2. That museum looks like an amazing one for kids!

  3. My in-service meetings start today so this Friday is bittersweet! I love that y'all went on an ice cream run and you went as you were--so perfect!! Have a great weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Pjs and shoeless ice cream runs are the best! Just get in the car and go!

  5. Now that you're back in school, I feel like summer is officially over. Bring on the pumpkin spice everything and cooler weather! Have fun today...send me lots of pics ;).

  6. The museum looks so fun...we went to the Houston Science Museum last week. My kids still love it at ages 12 and 14. The picture with your trombone is so funny, and I can only imagine the corn rows. My daughter is going into 9th grade and wondered if high school would be like junior high. I told her it gets better!

  7. What a fun day at the Perot!! I love it! The kids look like they had a blast!

  8. LOL. I am getting photos ready too!! Your comments crack me up! What a fun way to end your summer at the museum - hope your school year is a great one!

  9. Pretty sure next week's show and tell will be my absolute favorite ever! Can't wait to see everyone's pics!

  10. Girl, you crack me up!! That picture of you is hilarious! Definitely not any worse than mine... at least you didn't have giant glasses. Hahahaha.

  11. I'm LOVING that trombone pic!!!

  12. I just realized that you're also from Dallas, when I saw your photos from Perot Museum! This is our favorite place as well especially during summer or winter months!!! =)
    xo JANE xo


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