Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Favorites - July 1

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been another great one.  Lots of sweet time together and lots and lots of fun!

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The boys went to camps at MCA this week and little sister REALLY wanted to tag along.  :)

Luke went to school in the morning and Mason went in the afternoon which made for some really special time for Griffin with each of her brothers.  She and Mason had LOTS of imaginative play time (seriously, they're the sweetest little kitties and doctors EVER) and Luke read her DOZENS of books every day before rest time.  Watching the dynamics between her and her brothers this week was a FAVORITE for sure.

Aside from the sweet sibling time, each of the boys had their FAVORITE week of the summer so far participating in camps at school.  Luke was in his element ( haha - get it??) at Science camp.  His first grade teacher ran the camp and they did so many fun experiments!  They made lava lamps, catapults, iron goo, and film canister rockets to name a few.  She also incorporated several engineering labs which Luke blew out of the water (the picture below is his clothespin/popsicle stick structure holding up all that weight... apparently they ran out of things to put on top of it and it never broke).

Mason went to art camp in the afternoons and he had a blast tie dying a shirt, making crayons and learning about textures.  He was the youngest kid there and he felt like a total rockstar hanging with the big kids.

Look at him in his new FAVORITE shirt :) 

Mason still takes a nap in the afternoon about 50% of the time (GASP! Yes... I have a 5-year old who still naps.  Our PreK and Kinder classes still have nap time as well, so he's in good company) and since his camp was in the middle of our normal rest time I had a pretty tired little guy on my hands a few afternoons.

In fact, on Wednesday afternoon I had THREE sleeping kids in the back of my van after camp pickup and so I stopped by the club to see my FAVORITE iced tea enabler, grabbed a bag of popcorn and drove around listening to music for about 45 minutes.  It was fantastic. 

Griffin's FAVORITE part of camp?  Picking up her brothers. :)

Another FAVORITE time this week was surprising this boy with a late night trip to get ice cream.  Mason and Griffin were home, we finished playing a game with Dave and I asked him if he wanted to go get a cone.  "NOW?!?!?!"  :)  It was 9:30 and the grin on his face was priceless.  We had the best conversation and it was just such a sweet time with him in the parking lot of Braums :) 

We commemorated it with his FAVORITE snapchat filter and laughed hysterically for way too long.

My FAVORITE brand had their sale on sale earlier this week and I grabbed this cute tunic.  The floral print is my FAVORITE and I love that I'll be able to wear it with skinnies and wedges or as a dress (probably with an extender or one of these) underneath.

Please pardon my "I just spent all morning outside with the kids hair" :)

And if you order from the sale, you should probably just add these to your cart.  I ordered them (in a size up) and LOVE them!  The green color is my FAVORITE.  And they're under $30 right now!!!

And how fun are THESE??? I think they'll be a FAVORITE with dresses and pants when we get back to school.

Griffin found my old digital camera in one of the last boxes I was unpacking a couple of weeks ago and it has been her FAVORITE thing to play with.  I think she might have observed me take a picture or two (thousand) in her day :)

I wear a lot of hats in the summer, but hate that a lot of my sunglasses don't fit under the brim.  Dave informed me that that's the price you pay when you wear sunglasses bigger than your face (thanks, Dave!) but guess what - I found a pair that works!!!  And they're cute even not under a hat :)

See! They fit!!!  And they're still giant - Win! Win!

(Also - this is the coverup I talked about a couple of weeks ago - I'm still loving it!)

I was in my coverup and hat because the boys and I were headed to a birthday party at the pool.  Two of our FAVORITE things!  Griffin stayed home with a babysitter and it was so fun to see these two play and swim together. 

Happy Birthday to one of our FAVORITE friends!!!

After cake, the sun started setting and it was time for the dive-in movie!  Cookies and popcorn and Finding Nemo!

While the boys and I were hanging at the pool Griffin was home with one of our FAVORITE girls :)  I mean - the BEST babysitters leave you polaroids on your fridge, right!?!?   We joked that we needed to work on GG's selfie angle :)

Griffin seriously had the best time.   Headbands, PJs, listening to music in McKinley's car (parked!!! hahaha) and she even braided her hair like Elsa!

FAVORITE girls!!! :)

I get asked often about what I do with all of the kids school work and while I do have a box of things from Luke's first year of school I have been shoving it all in our entry table for the last year and a half or so. hahahah  

Before we moved I purged A TON of it (if it doesn't have a handprint, an original drawing or some sort of creative writing it it doesn't make the cut. hahahaha) and the rest of it went in this rolling crate that I've been putting off going through and sorting.  Earlier this week Luke wanted to look through it and so he reached FAVORITE child status by sorting it into piles by year!  Let's face it - he remembers WAY better than I do when and who did what so it was a win-win.  It got sorted and he got to look through the bin of stuff he's been dying to get his hands on.


I saw this this week and it's totally a FAVORITE ;)  Sign me up for 1-3, please.

This weekend is one of my FAVORITES all year!  The fireworks, the parade, the red, white and blue!  We get in tons of time with family and friends and it's just the best!

Here's my FAVORITE picture from last year...

I hope y'all all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!  See y'all next Tuesday for Show and Tell Tuesday... we'll be sharing about our "tribes".  I have a pretty fabulous one and I can't wait to read about all of yours.  

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Happy July 1st friend! Can't wait to spend the Fourth with you guys!

  2. You guys had a great week! Excited about hanging with your crew on Monday!!

  3. That top looks so cute on you, girl!! Love it!! :) also, that birthday party looks like so much fun!!

  4. So I wanted to post a comment about the usual cuteness of your kids, but then I honed in on that beautiful tunic and those AMAZING green lace-up wedges! Oh my heart! I am in love with those shoes. Like none other I have ever seen! Wow! Thanks for hosting the link up. I do hope you will stop by and join my link up as well. Have a super fab weekend!


  5. Love the party meme--so true! And I have an almost 6 yr old who naps, #allthemamassayamen and she asks for it! And if she doesn't get a nap she's cranky with a capital C! Happy Friday and 4th!

  6. Have a great holiday weekend !

  7. Looks like y'all had a great week! That pic of you and Luke with your ice cream is hysterical! Such sweet memories!

  8. My 5 1/2 year old still naps most days as well. Kindergarten is going to be a struggle! Also potty training my soon to be three year old little lady? A no go. Fist bump for similar crazy little people :)

  9. Those jammies with that headband! I want them for myself!

  10. I'm super jealous that Mason and Griffin still nap. Baker is "too big" and if he does nap then he stays up ALL night. It's a loosing battle. Boooo.

  11. That tunic is so pretty! And I love his reaction to the late night ice cream-precious.

  12. I've resorted to taking pictures of kids art and then throwing it away. I plan on making a shutterfly book to organize by year. I don't know if I can handle years worth of art in a box. Haha!

  13. She has to be the cutest little girl!


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