Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Recap - Launch Camp Edition

Friday was a BUSY day in our house.  These two crazies finished up their last day of VBS and I wanted to grab a picture of them in their red, white and blue attire before we headed out that morning.  Mason thought otherwise...

This picture KILLS me!!!  I have serious plans to recreate this with them when they're teens :)  Bow and water drenched shorts (he was playing in my bathtub and turned it on. hahaha) and all.

And then this one....

After a morning of VBS, we ran a couple of errands, headed home for a bit and then went to Luke's closing ceremony for Sky Ranch Launch Camp.  Sky Ranch is a Christian camp located here in Texas (they have camps in Oklahoma and Colorado as well) and they offer launch camps all over DFW where they bring the overnight camp experience to Kindergarten through fifth graders, but without the overnight part.  He went every day from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and they had different "cabins" based on their age.  They played games, ziplined, had a water day, did devotions and wrote camp journals.

Luke had a WONDERFUL experience and can't wait to go again next year.  Here he is with his cabin, "The Dub Bros" doing their chant.  I have no clue what they were saying :)

Cute camper!

Luke is in the second row with his cabin singing a couple of the worship songs they learned.  It was a full circle moment because they were singing songs that I remember singing at camp growing up!  
"Every Move I Make" and "Big House" for all you church camp/youth group kids ;)

Griffin LOVED it!

... and Mason commemorated the occasion by drawing a picture of Luke on his arm. (WHAT??!?!)

Look how sweet!!!  Their little arms around each other!

Luke with his counselors from the week.  After the camp wide closing, the families of the campers gathered at each of their cabins and the counselors presented each of the boys with an award.  It was so special because the counselors didn't just present the boys with the awards, they spoke with the parents and kids individually and explained why they picked each award for each camper and then gave them a certificate with a personal letter talking about their time at camp with them.  It was seriously the best. 

Luke's counselors gave him the "Pure Heart Award" and it was such a proud moment!

Aidan was at camp that week as well and GG was pumped to see Miley!  They ran around and held hands and giggled.  Such sweet friends :)

After closing ceremony I finished hanging my Sid Dickens blocks in the dining room and I LOVE how the wall turned out.  I'm SLOWLY wrapping house things up and hope to start room tours soon!

Friday evening we swam and had some great family time together.

Then after the kids were in bed I had a dinner date with feta cheese and Sister Wives (seriously... why do I find that show so intriguing?!?!)

Saturday we made a Lowes run and then came home two swim before the storms came that afternoon.  We soaked in our fair share of sun and swim and I'm proud to say it was my first time actually in the water this season.  ;)  

My mom came over Saturday evening and we enjoyed some time around the table playing games, doing stickers, and reading facts out of Luke's 5000 Facts about Everything book.

Saturday night we watched Zootopia and I was cracking up at Griffin.  Why on earth would you want to snuggle up on the giant comfy couch when you could sit on the coffee table??? :)

Griffin made it about 20 minutes into Zootopia before she asked to watch Bubble Guppies in my bed... about 20 minutes after that she was asleep.

Sunday morning shenanigans before church and then an afternoon of birthday parties and naps. 

I had an awesome girls night out with some of the moms from Mason's class and we ended up shutting down the restaurant ;)  I love that he and I have both developed such great friendships this year.  

We're SUPER pumped about this week - Dave has a day off today (Wedding Season is BRUTAL!!!) and even though we have lots of house stuff on our to-do-lists, I think we may try to make it to a movie and possibly lunch out.  We'll see!

Mason and Griffin are starting swimming lessons with Miss Sally today and I'm so excited for them!  Sally is amazing and does such a great job with the kids.  I can't wait to see how much they learn this week.  Mason was swimming solo last summer, but the past week or so has been more comfortable with his puddle jumper on.  At the end of last summer Griffin could jump in and swim to the side unassisted, and so we're hoping she can brush up on those skills as well.  Luke has remembered everything from last year and is super comfortable in the water, so he's sitting this session out.   

My goal is to have the two littles out of their puddle jumpers at home by the end of the week, although I'll probably keep them on them when we go to the pool with friends just because I get nervous watching all three of them in the water without floaties.

Look how sweet they were last year at Miss Sally's!!!

Aside from swim we have a few playdates planned and our cabinets should be getting finished! WOO HOO!  It's going to be a great week!

Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. I always get sucked in by Sister Wives, too! What a great weekend.

  2. I'm doing the motions to "Big House" in my head, such a church camp staple. I love all of Griffin's swimsuits!!

  3. I watch Sister Wives too...I just find it so interesting to watch.

  4. Yay for summer at the McAnally's house! And yay for day off for Dave! Story to tell you on Dave. When we were leaving the party last night it was POURING. Dave asked me if I wanted him to pull my car up for me. I didn't take him up on it, but I thought it was so sweet that he offered! You always talk about his servant's heart, and it's so true! Sweet hubby! :)

  5. Girl!!! I get sucked into Sister Wives too!!!

  6. I went to a wedding at the country club yesterday and I saw Dave and Anna Grace! I told both of them that I recognized them from your blog and that I was a big fan of yours :)

  7. I love Sister Wives! Pretty much anything about a fringe religious group is guaranteed to suck me in!

  8. baha great pic to recreate in the teen years!

  9. Love your blog. Your kids are so cute. I miss the camp and swimming lesson days. My kids are 21 and 15 now! 🙂

  10. I cannot stop Sister Wives either! I think we all have days when we could use a sister wife or two (minus the actual wife part)! ;)

  11. such a good summer weekend! I love following you on snapchat, the sid dickens hangings turned out fantastic! That picture of Griffin and Mason is PRICELESS!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  12. Yep -- I'm a sucker for Sister Wives also. Just can't turn away.

  13. Sister wives and feta.. Can I get an amen?? Sister wives is so intriguing!! And "a big, big house where we can play football... A big, big house, it's our Fathers house!!" Totally remember from like 15 years ago!!

    Do you let your kiddos sleep with you at night? Just like to hear other people's perspective .. We have an 8 month old and we will be traveling down that road before we know it!!

  14. My 5 year old LOVES big big house. He learned it at church and constantly requests it in the car. I love hearing him sing songs that I sang as a kid.

  15. I agree on sister wives, it's very intriguing seeing the lifestyle! I could never do it but I get sucked in big time! I was watching it while folding laundry a few minutes ago 😳

  16. We do swim lessons starting at two year round here in FL and while my kids will swim during lessons, at home they insist on wearing the puddle jumpers. My daughter finally felt comfortable without one at 6 and swims without one. My son and littlest wear them in our pool and I'm not stressing it. :)

  17. How did you get the tiles on your wall so straight?? I need some tips for my own house!

  18. How do you get your tiles so straight on your wall? I need some tips for my house!


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