Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites - Lots of Fun Edition

Happy Friday, friends!

Y'all know the drill - link back to me, Erika or Narci, grab our graphic and share your Friday Favorites!

Monday evening we met up with some of our FAVORITE friends for a night at the splash pad. Watching these two little besties is my FAVORITE!!!

We love us some Miley and her mama!!!

When Mason realized Luke was giving him bunny ears he opted to step out of the photo and couldn't be coaxed back in :) 

The Anthropologie Tag Sale started yesterday and my shopping cart is FULL of goodies.  I'm still debating and pondering, but here are a few of my picks...

I think this dress would be great for back to school... I really like dresses that are appropriate to teach in without a jacket and I think I could pair it with clogs or wedges for August/September and then boots for Fall.

I can't say no to embroidery...

Dave's brother is getting married in October and it's going to be dressy (like... my boys will be in tuxes) and I'm debating this dress.  I love the color blocking and the back.  Thoughts???

This is a coverup, but I think it would be a great top.

and These earrings are soooooo me!

Griffin's FAVORITE toy this week has been my old digital camera (that won't even charge anymore).   Twirling and photographing at the same time?  Why not.

Another FAVORITE from the week has been bubble baths!  And lots of them!

The laces on my beloved black clogs (that I found on eBay) have broken and been fixed about half a dozen times and so when I saw THESE this week I grabbed a pair quick and I have a feeling they're going to be my new FAVORITE.  Aren't they so cute!!!  I LOVE clogs like this because I can wear them all year long.  I'll be sure to grab pics and share my thoughts when they come in.

Yesterday we took our FAVORITE shaggy dog (he's getting his summer cut today) for his check-up at the vet.  Riding in the car is his FAVORITE.  Also, check out the piece of ribbon tied on his collar - apparently his leash was lost in the move. 

The appointment was e.a.r.l.y. but we made it through.  Our vets office has a "nature room" with tons of snakes and other creatures he's taking care of and the kids LOVE it!  Jack weighed in at 7.5 pounds and has a clean bill of health!

I posted about our playroom earlier this week, well, here's a real life picture of it a couple of nights ago :)  It's member-guest week at the country club and Dave is working like crazy.  hahaha

Our FAVORITE Senior (yes... I said senior... it's NUTS!!!) is at camp right now and her mom dropped off "Flat Anna Grace" with us (do y'all know Flat Stanley???) so we can take some pictures with her and when she gets home she'll see what she missed while she was gone.  Anna Grace's fun mom is my FAVORITE :)  and we can't wait to have Flat Anna Grace tag along with us for a couple of days.  (and yes... that's an old pic of Anna Grace, which makes it even better).

This cutie is giving me a run for my money (Holy DRAMA, Batman!), but her cute little face is my FAVORITE.

She insisted on wearing her FAVORITE art apron outside because "duh". :)

... and jumping on the trampoline like this because "duh"...

I blogged a while ago about Mason's newfound passion for TCU, well, Miss April gave him a shirt from campus and it's his new FAVORITE.

April from Sew Chill sent Griffin this adorable peplum top this week and I planned on grabbing pics of her in it in denim shorts and red accessories with some little American flags... well.... I realized she doesn't have denim shorts, I couldn't find our flags and well, the pictures ended up being kind of a bust....

... and then she grabbed the hat off my head and couldn't have looked more preci

If you need a peplum top of your own you can grab one today through Saturday for 50% off with the code SUMMERSALE50  Add a red bow and white shorts and you're set for July 4th :)

Happy (almost) weekend, friends!  This weekend Dave will be wrapping up the huge tournament and so I foresee a lot of lounging and a few ice cream runs :)  Sunday night I'm hosting a girls night at my house and I'm so excited to get in some great food and even better conversation.

See y'all next week!

PS - Thanks so much to April at Sew Chill for the adorable peplum top! Also, this post contains affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. The picture with y'all & JB....canvas in the playroom area!!!! 😍 PRECIOUS!!!!

  2. Ahhhh! My favorite was the selfie of you and the kids!!

  3. Wahoo for Friday!!! I heard Splash Pad night was fun! And-my threenager has his moments as well. :)

  4. That dress will be beautiful on you - go for it!

  5. That dress for the wedding is on point! Great choice.

  6. Yes! Please get that dress for the wedding! You will look amazing in that!

  7. Mason should be super excited....TCU is playing for it all at the CWS!! We are so excited....and a bit jealous it didn't happen last year when Riley was still playing. :) Lots of summer goodness.

  8. So fun!! Love those pics of GG with the hat!! Precious!!

  9. Our nearest splash pad is 25 minutes away. I wish we had one closer! Love the adorable pictures at the splash pad!
    The dress for the wedding is perfect!

  10. Cassie has that Anthro dress and it's gorgeous!

  11. We are currently living in threenager-land, & it's a killer! Good luck, & God speed mama!!

  12. I really love that red dress! Do it! :)

  13. I put the Cloth and Stone dress from Anthro on my post today! I'm a teacher, too, and so I wrote that it would be perfect for teaching haha! Love that we both thought that which means we both must get it, right?! Have a great weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  14. So adorable and looks like you guys are having so much fun! Love the dress finds you have, too. Have a great weekend and fun girls night. Beautifully Candid

  15. I always love reading your blog!! AND I LOVE the hat Griffin is wearing!!! Can you share where you got it?

  16. I need to take a vacay to your pool. Serious.

  17. I love that shirtdress and the embroidered top! And the formal dress is gorgeous! Aren't splash pads the best?! My kids absolutely love the splash pads we have here...we go often and spend hours there! Making great summer memories!


  18. Loving Mason's love for TCU! Go Frogs! Hopefully it continues to grow, McKinney is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Fort Worth ;)!

  19. Hahahaha we know all too well about Flat Stanley. We've had Flat Haley (our niece) and Flat Braden, Flat Jackson, and Flat Nathan (our nephews) all come to stay with us throughout the years. It's very popular!

  20. Oooh my daughter's college, Coastal Carolina, is playing TCU tonight at the College World Series!! I'm sure it's going to be a great game!

  21. That picture of all of you guys at the vet is so cute!

  22. The dress for the wedding would be perfect! And those clogs are totally "you"

  23. girls night out is always fun!! =)
    Are you guys from Texas? I saw that TCU hat..
    I'm from Texas
    xo JANE xo

  24. Hello! I am going to start my student teaching this year and I am looking for some comfy shoe recommendations! I've heard great things about OTBT wedges. I have had my eye on the mat Nordstrom. Have you tried them? Thanks!!

  25. Catching up on all my blog reading this am :) I have several thoughts!!! Hope your Anthro items work out. I ordered 3 tops, it will be a miracle if I ended up ordering the right size for all 3. 😂 Also, the bubble bath picture is precious!!!!

  26. Love your play house! I'm not sure why I haven't noticed it before! Mind sharing your opinion and the make/source? Thanks!


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