Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Recap - Nothing too crazy edition

Friday night I packed like a crazy person.  Like... packed until 2 a.m. kind of crazy.  We are trying to get as much as possible done so we're ready to go (because is it just me or does packing take like at least 6 times as long as you think it will??).  I would say that 90% of our house is packed and ready to go and our task this week is to get into the attic and start bringing stuff down.

On Saturday morning Griffin was super enthusiastic about the day.  I wish that I could have said the same about myself :)

I took Griffin to dance class and she got her recital costume.  Her recital is actually the day we move in (ugggghhhhhhhh!) and I can't wait to see her perform!  We had to try on her outfit to make sure it was the right size and GOSH was she precious!

While Griffin napped Dave took the boys to a birthday party at a local Old West town.  Apparently the boys were on the move...

After a stop at the petting zoo...

... and some cake and ice cream it was back home for rest time and another exciting night of packing and cleaning (seeing a theme here?)

Sunday morning I was treated to a bed full of little people ;)  Dave headed in to work early (Mother's Day Brunch all day at the club) and so it was just me and the crazies for church.

We attempted to snap a picture together and this is what we got...


Dave was gone all day, but he knows the way to my heart.  After getting everyone home from church,  changed, fed and down for rests I went into the fridge to find something for myself for lunch and the SWEET man had left me to-go food :)  YES!


More of what my afternoon looked like...

Luke is in his happy place... taking stuff apart :)

We ended Mother's Day with my parents at my house helping us check a few things off our to-do-lists eating to-go food from the club.  #soglamorous

I hope your weekend was full of fun, but WAY less boxes than mine ;)

Don't forget that tomorrow is "Show and Tell Tuesday: Your Personal Style"!  Link up and share about what you like to wear.  

Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. Great job, Mama! That first picture from Sunday morning is perfect! So adorable!! I agree on the packing. Way waaaaaaay longer than you think.

  2. Packing sucks. ;) Love the pics of you with your three kiddos!! Such cuties!

  3. All those boxes!! I'm seeing lots and lots of progress! The end is near, friend!

  4. Packing always starts off so great! You think you're gong so fast and getting so much done but then it is just never ending and draaaaags out. We just got done moving and I feel your pain!!

  5. You are doing an awesome job, friend!! Look at all those boxes!! And, Griffin in her costume! Precious!!

  6. A packing tip for you: for hanging clothes we always keep them on hangers- lay them down in the middle of a big sheet and wrap them up like a burrito. So quick, and easy to unpack too.

  7. I hired out my packing. It was so worth the $2,000 for me not to do it! :-) I hate it with a passion!!

  8. We are moving the exact same weekend so I totally feel your pain. My middle son got a terrible respiratory virus this week that was compounded by his asthma, which landed us in the hospital for 2 days. He is doing better each day, but my husband just got called out of town on business this week and the day we move my oldest has a county-wide speech contest. Seriously...I find myself completely in denial of all that has to happen between now and moving day. It's for sure going to take a lot of grace and a lot of coffee to get through the next 10 days! You are doing a great job and are providing a distraction to all my crazy : )

  9. You made tons of progress, yay you!! And on Mother's Day weekend,too. Yay Dave, for leaving you a nice lunch in the fridge and I didn't see a Starbucks cup in these pics but hope you had one of those too:).

  10. That pic of griffin in her costume. Oh my! What a sweetheart.

  11. Oh girl I feel for you. I was packing up a 3 story townhouse almost 18 years ago and moving from hershey, Pa to Visalia, Ca! I was getting a divorce and moving myself and my 2 littles (ages 5 and 9) back to live with my parents and start over! I packed each night after I had them to bed (my ex had moved out weeks before) and on the weekends. At least you have family close by and a hubby to bring you food! Exciting adventures await you and new memories in your new forward almost 18 years and I am remarried and happily living a dream life now! and my 5 year old? graduating from Fresno State next Friday! #dreamsdocometrue

  12. I hope you get a relaxing day to yourself in the near future!

  13. Hi Andrea! I've followed your blog for a long time and have always thought that Griffin looks a lot like Ginnifer Goodwin (a baby version, of course!) Especially circa "he's just not that into you." Her cute little recital outfit picture reminded me of that : )

  14. Where can I get that "Got it from my mama" shirt that Griffin is wearing? Love!!!

  15. I am so amazed at your energy, Andrea. Look at all you got done!!!! You need to reward yourself majorly after this move is over. Moving is awful. Just when you think you are nearing the end, you open another drawer and there is MORE stuff!! Oh, the horror!!!


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