Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekend Recap - Easter Edition Part II

Told you our Easter weekend was jam-packed!  It was also a four-day weekend for us, so there's that.  
So Saturday night I fell asleep on the couch before putting together the kids Easter baskets and when Dave got home late that night, baskets weren't on his checklist :) I randomly woke up at 3 am and remembered, so the pic below is from about 3:15 a.m. after I got everything in the baskets. hahaha

The kids were up bright and early and LOVED their little surprises.

Easter is CRAZY at the country club, so Dave was gone pretty early and it was just me and these three.  We didn't attempt a pre-church pic because we were running behind, and by the time we got home the natives were getting restless.  Griffin went to her Sunday School class, but the boys went into service with me and they did fantastic.  Mason worships with his little hands up and I may have teared up. 

The service was about living a life of love, and unfortunately, GG wasn't feeling the sentiment when we got home and I tried to snap the obligatory Easter morning pic :)

When did Luke become a giant?!?! 

Griffin did NOT want her brothers to hold her hand and she was preemptively throwing a tantrum about not being able to eat her entire chocolate bunny for lunch... which hadn't even happened yet. hahaha


I'm about to post 4 almost identical photos, just so you can scroll through and see Mason's face.  When blogging has come and gone and we look back on this as a little time-capsule of our lives, I want to make sure that I have each of those crazy faces preserved.  

Sigh.  I wish that every picture was happy go lucky, but such is life. ;)

Sunday afternoon I made lasagna... and when I was making it I was like, "Oh! I should just double it and make one to freeze" and then somehow this happened.  #lasagnafordays

My dad had surgery on Friday (he's doing great! and it was nothing major), and on Sunday afternoon while I was cooking and such my mom brought the boys down to her house to entertain him :) hahaha

A captive audience??? Just what Luke has always wanted.  Haha knows more than he ever wanted to about Lego Bionicles :)

Sunday evening my mom, brother, sister-in-law and nephew all came over for dinner.  Before we ate, we hunted eggs and let me tell you... the easter bunny did it right this year!  The kids each had two colors and they hunted only for those eggs.  Griffins colors were hidden out in the open for her to spot and pick up and the boys were a little bit harder . It made it more fun for each of them and we avoided one kid (cough, cough, Luke) getting all the eggs :)

Boys taking stock of their loot :)  Wouldn't you know it that they each had the exact same number of eggs and ended up with the same amount of candy/coins?!?!?  What a smart bunny! 

Next year our nephew, Beau, will be out there looking for his own eggs!  A baby looks good on Dave, doesn't it???

We attempted a cousin picture and ended up with a few gems :)

After dinner Griffin loaded up all of her friends onto her train.  "All aboard!!!"

And then it was her turn to help water the plants.  I'm loving how excited they all are to help! We had to set up a rotation.... I'm hoping the novelty doesn't wear off any time soon.

Checking out her wet toes :)

Monday we had an extra day off (a bad weather day we didn't use) and two of Mason's besties came by for an early morning play date.  Jack was sooooooo sweet with Griffin and he pushed her around in the shopping cart for ever!

Look how presh!!!  When they're 16 and 18 and going to Prom together I'll have to pull out this pic. hahaha

All the boys played so nicely together.

The whole crew. And not a single pair of open eyes. hahaha

Mason has been really into me drawing towns for him and Jack wanted one of his own. 

Cutest play date ever!

Mason has been working really hard after school with his teacher on his letter and sound recognition and she promised him that once he had them all down that she'd take him out for pizza :)  Well, he did it!  And so she picked him up Monday afternoon and took him out for lunch!  He wanted to wear all his dinosaur shirts to show Mrs. Anderson ;)


I mean!!!  
Both my boys have THE BEST teachers this year and we feel so blessed to have them.  Talk about above and beyond!


Monday afternoon we took great naps, played outside and worked out in the yard.  We cruised on the golf course and ended the fantastic extra long weekend on a high note as a family.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!


  1. oh my goodness, Mason's teacher taking him for pizza made me tear up!! (insert monkey covering eyes emoji. ;)) what a gift to have teachers invest in their little lives! oh, and i totally relate to being married to someone with a crazy schedule. my husband owns his own small business so we never have family supper (with him) and don't know the last time we spent a Saturday together! really appreciate (what seems to be) the good attitude you have about it because it's definitely an intentional choice to embrace it and be so thankful for their providing! have a great day!

  2. Color coding the egg hunt is a smart idea!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. So sweet friend! Mason's facial expressions CRACKED ME UP! And I love the pics of your kiddos with Beau. Happy Easter!

  4. "That escalated quickly" literally made me lol. And your Easter Bunny is GENIUS.

  5. Lol!! Laughing at your lasagna pic!! also, Mason's teacher sounds amazing!! How sweet!!

  6. Masons expressions...awesome!!!

  7. Those faces of Masons...hilarious!! And what an amazing teacher to do that!

  8. Tried Qixels for my 6 year old in his Easter basket after remembering them from your boys' Valentine's Day goodies-thanks for the idea! They were a huge hit! He's already begging for more! :-)

  9. So fun!!! I love the facial expressions in the pictures and the no eyes open one...haha!!!

  10. Ok, can I just say I'm so glad I'm not the only one who fell asleep and woke up in a panic in the middle of the night to put together easter baskets? lol OOPS!!!!

  11. Sweet Griffin, she even looks cute when she's crying! My older son is like Luke-suddenly looking so big and grown up! Looks like a fun Easter!

  12. Love all the pics. Poor GG crying is just too cute. I mean. Those crocodile tears!
    And Mason's expressions are the best.
    And I still want some lasagna.

  13. Love the color coded eggs. Simply brilliant😀

  14. That is a brilliant way to hide eggs!! Our schools always did find your number and each kid was assigned to find one certain number.

  15. I don't know what is making me LOL more....GG's crying for the after church photos or your FOUR lasagnas! Great call on the eggs, I'll have to keep that little trick in mind!

  16. I loved all of this so much that it's hard to choose a favorite. But honestly, your dad's expression while being a "captive audience" is too funny;).

  17. Your hair is GOrGEOUs, Andrea!!!!

  18. What an amazing teacher! Mason must have been over the moon. And he has the best facial expressions ever. Hands down! Luke is growing like weeds. Wow!! And GiGi is sweet even when she's crying. Yum on the lasagnas! Do you have a favorite recipe to share?

  19. The cousin's picture's are darling each one captures them all in a different way!!! Such cute kids!!! That is awesome that Mason's teacher is so thoughtful & making learning fun there need's to be more teacher's like that. Or one's that dress up in pizza onesie's for spirit week that pretty much ranks up there to for being a pretty awesome fun teacher!😉 I wish I teachers like that when I was in school!! 💛

  20. Your dad was a really good sport, but I like your mom more for bringing him what he needed to recover - lots of lego talk (or maybe a grandkid!) :) Looks like a lovely Easter!


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