Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter decorating

Easter snuck up on my this year, but I couldn't let the holiday pass us up, so last week I stored my St.Patricks decor until next year and brought out a few Easter touches.  I love decorating our kids table, and especially love getting to do special little dinners/snacks for them.  I set this up one afternoon and they were so excited when I called them in for dinner...

Easter for us is all about the resurrection, but we still like to incorporate some bunny/egg touches and this year I thought up a cute little theme for the dinner that was encouraging, but not necessarily easter bunny themed (that made sense in my head. hahaha)

Bonus points if you can spot Jack Bauer in the picture below :)

Next to each of the kids plates I had a blank piece of paper with their names on them.  We took turns answering the "SomeBUNNY thinks you're pretty _____________" for each of the kids and writing down our answers on their papers.  I had to interpret/write for Mason and GG, but it was such a fun time.  Mason was INSISTENT that everyone say he was "cool" hahaha :)  We talked about how God made each of us special and unique and with individual gifts and talents and how neat it was that we all had different things on our cards and how boring it would be if they were all the same.

You know I couldn't pass up an opportunity to decorate the kitchen window...

I love the sunshine that comes through the window, but it makes for weird pics sometimes - sorry!!!

The cake stand and faux lavendar plant are from HomeGoods.  The eggs were a random find in a storage unit sale (seriously... I bought them one year at Thanksgiving. hahaha) and the wooden carved bunny I found at a local flea market several years ago.

If you're local you NEED to stop in at Harvest and pick up one of their signature candles.  It seriously is AMAZING and I love that it smells good even when you're cooking.  They have them burning in their restaurant and somehow they compliment the food smells instead of mixing with them and being weird. 

Usually I do tulips when I put Easter out, but I fell in love with these little lavender plants this year and love how they look with the natural decor.

In our little corner windows I put out some fun bowls (I picked up a few blue that I mixed in with the pink and white I had from Valentines Day!)

The chef bunny is super heavy and I found him at a thrift store about 5 years ago.  He has a weird metal piece attached to his base, but he's one of my favorite finds ever.

I made this centerpiece a couple of years ago and this year I moved it out to the dresser in our little playroom.  I still love how it looks lit at night.

I got this sign from Vine and Branches last year and I still can't look at it without singing :)

I picked up this stand from Magnolia's online store in the Fall and I've loved decorating it for every season.  This year I put in some moss, a few tealights in mason jars and topped it off with some faux eggs.

Happy almost Easter, friends!!!


  1. Your house looks amazing!!! Easter snuck up on me too! Last year I bought a super cute bunny after Easter on major sale and I missed decorating this year!

  2. Oh how I wish Easter were in April this year! I feel like you should leave this stuff up until May. It's just too cute!

  3. Just so cute, Andrea!! Love how you decorated the stand! :)

  4. Can you come decorate my house for me? I love all of your Easter decor! Gorgeous!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. I don't know if it's because your name is Andrea too, but I love how you decorate for the holidays!

  6. I always love to see you special holiday touches. Love that sign! One of my very favorite songs:).

  7. I cannot believe Easter is a few did this happen. It totally snuck up on me and when I finally realized it I did not have the energy to get anything out:( I do love love LOVE the Some Bunny Thinks your....
    I think I am going to add this to my kids lunch box notes!
    Thanks for the fun ideas! Your house is gorgeous
    Lesley McFarland

  8. I love it all! Where did you find the cute carrots? Thanks!

  9. I love how you make holidays special for your kids

  10. Beautiful and creative decor!

  11. Love everything! And girl, you go all out for every single holiday! You must have a MASSIVE storage closet somewhere. Lol.

  12. Love all your Easter decor !!!! Happy Easter !

  13. Where are the cute glass bottles with straws from??

  14. Love the lavender - it's simple and chic - and I ADORE Magnolia. Looks great. A photography tip I learned at work with light coming in through windows is: shoot at sunrise, shoot at sunset or shoot with a white piece of paper cupping the lens to focus the light. It works!

    I barely have Easter decor out, but it's out!
    ~ LOTL

  15. I know I've said it before, but I just love the table you have for your kids! As of right now, my toddler would DESTROY that, but maybe someday!

  16. Love all of it! And I'm always obsessed with your table! How do you store your seasonal decor? I haven't found an organized way. Especially one that's accessible when the holiday comes.

  17. I love this! Where did you find all your faux eggs? Also, what kind of moss do you use for the 2-tier wooden tray with tea lights (last idea on post)?


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