Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentines Decor

I kept my Valentines Decorating pretty simple this year.  Christmas decor was INTENSE and I've been enjoying the "less is more" look since the holidays.

On my kitchen buffet I put out this sign from Vine and Branches as well as a tea pot full of tulips.

The lamp and shade are from Wal-Mart.  Yes.... Wal-Mart.
You should totally order one online and then pick it up when you pick up your groceries :)  hahaha

I'm still figuring out what (if anything) to put inside the big lantern... I'm looking for big white pillar candles... but don't want to spend a ton.  I'll keep you posted.

I've mentioned before that my mom's parents immigrated to Canada from Holland after WWII and tulips always remind me of them - especially my Opa.

The super cute towel was a gift from Shay with a set of her new cookbooks!  The color is awesome and I am LOVING the towel!  Which sounds weird, but it really is awesome. It's really soft, absorbent and it's a great size.

 I filled the apothecary jars with giant marshmallows, circus animal cookies and strawberry wafer cookies (which, by the way, were a childhood staple for me.  The. Best.)

Sign HERE.

 My FAVORITE candle just happens to be festive ;)

I'm a huge fan of the latte bowls from Anthropologie and was happy to add a few pink and red ones to my collection.  They're a great size for ice cream, cereal and everything in between.  And they're probably not as expensive as you think.  I have plans to take out the red and add some yellow to the pink and white for Easter and then take out the pink and add navy for summer.  They're an easy and practical way to add some festive fun to your counter.

Leftover marshmallows from our marshmallow day :)

Several of y'all have asked lately about our little table.  It's from Pottery Barn and it is fantastic. 

You can read all about our kids table HERE ;)

The plates are from Pottery Barn as well - but two years ago I think. 

But their plates this year are sooooooooo cute!!!

Valentine's Day Plates

The chair backers are from several years ago as well, and I had them embroidered by a friend locally.

I had big plans for a banner, but then I had to grade and Griffin wasn't feeling well... so we're bannerless.  Gasp :)

Hope y'all are having a WONDERFUL Thursday!  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!!

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  1. Your house looks great and super festive!! We've got a bag of Valentine candy in the pantry. That's about it. Hahaha!

  2. I always love your holiday decor and these sweet touches did not disappoint. I think I'm going to get those bowls from Anthropologie. What a great idea to switch out one color for every season!!

  3. Your decor looks beautiful- as usual!! But no feather pink tree this year? I love that thing! Been searching for my own for a while now. Haha.

  4. Your decorations look great, friend! Love it!!

  5. Everything looks beautiful! I want to come over and sit at your kids' table and eat the strawberry wafer cookies. Like right now.

  6. Love those bowls and that lamp is awesome. I got some flameless white pillar candles from Amazon for my mom for Christmas. Very inexpensive and can literally use them forever !

  7. Love your Valentine décor! And I always love what you do with the kids table for each holiday!

  8. How much fun is it to be a kid growing up in your house!?! You always make everything so much fun. Those cookies in the jar wouldn't last long at my house:)

  9. I'm feeling very inspired to decorate for Valentines now! Can you tell me who you use to print the canvas portraits?

  10. I love every single thing about this post! My kids are getting older and I miss the "little things" like the kid table heart plates and chair back envelopes! So much fun. You are savoring the moments. Great memories are being made for your kids!

  11. I love seeing how you decorate for the holidays! It's always adorable. And I wish I had the motivation to do mine for every holiday, but let's be honest...I'm too lazy.

  12. Your house always looks so fun and festive. Love it!

  13. Wafer cookies - SO good!! When I was little they came in three flavors, now they are individual and I do not like that one bit!!

  14. I love the way you add decorative touches for each holiday, everything looks so festive without going crazy over the top. I always look forward to seeing what you have in your apothecary jars (that is probably the weirdest compliment I have ever given someone!).

  15. I love your simple pops of pink and red!
    You're so creative with your apothecary jar fillings :)

  16. I have a cute little teapot and I want to leave school and go get some tulips right now! I will be doing it tonight for sure. Ready for some spring touches in my house. Your house looks so fresh and lovely.

  17. Your house is always so festive! I absolutely love tulips. You can't go wrong with them.

    And wafer cookies - YESSSS! They are one of my favorite things. So simple, but so GOOOOD.

  18. Ugh. I choked up on your chalkboard sign! :') (My kids are now 20 & 18.)

  19. What a lovely Valentine's ambiance you've created in your house!

  20. Love the chalkboard sign and quote! Please share where you got both 😊😊😊 happy Friday!

  21. I have also found some of the latte bowls occasionally at Marshalls and TJMaxx for $3-5. They are so practical and colorful.


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