Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Q-U Wedding

I mentioned the Q-U wedding a few times last week and several of you were curious about what the event entails.  Today's post is for you! :)

The Q-U wedding is where the letter Q marries the letter U because Q and U always go together. 

The boys dress as quarterbacks and the girls dress as queens and the event is typically on Friday morning during the week of Valentines Day.

My little quarterback borrowed uniform pieces from his favorite MCA quarterback and insisted on wearing the pads outside of his jersey because it "looked cooler" ;)

The boys make U-shaped posters and the girls made posters shaped like the letter Q.  They have to decorate them with words or objects that start with the letters QU.  Mason and I talked about letters that started with QU and then he helped me pick out some clipart images to go with each word.  I printed them out and he colored them.

Dave, Griffin and Haha were able to come and watch!

Before they walk down the aisle, the kindergarten classes sprinkle the aisle with quarters :)

Here's a little snipped from the ceremony that the Lower School Principal performed ;)

After the recessional they walked outside where the first graders were waiting to blow bubbles on them :)

 Can you spot Luke???

After the bubbles, the kids came back in for a reception.  This doubled as the Pre-K Valentines party.

While several of the dads moved the chairs out and set up tables a few of the moms and I snapped way too many pictures :)

Mason being serious with his buddies Jack and Ben...

That look between Mason and Jack!!!

I sent this picture to the football coach and told him to get ready for 2025 ;)

Mason and Jack are hilarious together.  Their little personalities are so similar and they are real little besties.

Time for cake!  It's always a sweet time because younger siblings get to hang out and participate as well.  LOVE that!

I told y'all they were cute!!!  They also informed me that they were each others Valentines... I'll be sure to remind them of that when they're in High School :)

It is such a fun and sweet little day for the kids and is probably the cutest day of the year. Such a great morning for the kids and the parents. 

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


  1. I love hearing about this Q-U wedding! It looks like Mason had a blast!

  2. You've had two little Us.......time for Miss G to be a Q in a couple of years!!!! The pics from this are always so cute!

  3. Is it weird that I always look forward to this day with your kids? I can remember Luke's QU Wedding so well! Such a cute idea!

  4. I teach second grade, but I kind of want to teach preschool for this one day a year event! SO cute :)

  5. This makes this former kindergarten teacher's heart go pitter pat! LOVE THIS!!! Such a cute idea and you know those kids will never forget Q is followed by U.

  6. Love this!! Such a cute idea, and the pictures are just darling!!

  7. OMGOSH! How cute is this?! This is such a great idea!

    xx, Chanda


  8. What a precious idea?!! Wish I had done that when I taught Kinder, but can't wait to show my Kinder teaching DIL !! She will love it!!

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog although this comment has nothing to do with 'QU'... I admire your clogs every time you wear them, but since I live in scrubs I cant justify spending Free People price on them. Zulilly has some knock-off ones on the site today that are just as cute for only $21.99. I couldn't not let everyone know about this fabulous deal!!!

  10. That is such an original & fantastic idea! Oh goodness the fact that I'll be 27 when mason is in high school terrifies me!! Happy Wednesday Andrea! 💓

  11. Our four year old had his QU wedding last Friday and it was ADORABLE! All of the boys and girls dressed up, the boys wore bouttineres and Q hats, the girls carried bouquets and wore U hats, and they all got "married." It was the sweetest thing ever!

  12. Love it!!!! I teach Year 1/2 in Australia (ages 6 - 7) and we revise QU in the first few weeks of the year. I can definitely see a QU wedding in the pipelines for my next class!
    I may need to explain what a quarterback is (or give other QU options to dress up as) because obviously we don't have quarterbacks in our Australian Football League hehe :)
    Love the pics! Megan.


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