Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Recap - LOTS of Santa Edition

 Friday was GORGEOUS!  So gorgeous in fact, that a photo shoot Griffin was a part of got bumped up to take advantage of the weather in the seventies!

The dresses are by Flower Sack Dresses and will be available starting in January.  You can check our her website HERE!

Griffin did great and I had so much fun watching her interact with the other little girls :)

Oh the life of a model... shoving your face full of donut holes while someone photographs your back.  

Clearly she hated it ;)

 The drive from McKinney to the location was about 30 minutes and both the boys fell asleep on the way over there.  Thankfully I was able to roll the windows down and let them catch a few zzzz's and when they woke up, sweet Alyson had pizza for them!

We finished off with a GORGEOUS sunset and headed home.

I worked on cards for a bit with the help of my loyal assistant, Jack Bauer.  
If you've ordered cards from me, you should know that he has lovingly assisted in all operations ;)

We finished off the night with one of our favorite matching/memory games - Monster Rally.

Saturday morning Griffin and I headed to her dance class...

... and then we met up with the boys, Dave and Gibi and Haha for brunch with Santa at the country club.

Santa was soooooooo sweet and kind and spoke some awesome words of encouragement into Luke.  It was one of those unexpected and really touching experiences.  A little bit of kindness went a long way!

We saw some friends from school which is always fun!

And we ate way too much ;)

This is one of our family's favorite traditions and this year was no exception ;)

As fun as brunch was, I thin k that seeing these four run around on the lawn like crazies afterward was my favorite part. :)

Dance Party!

After naps for everyone, Dave headed in to work and the kids and I headed to the Springfree Trampoline store in Frisco for their Christmas Open House.

We started the party off with a jump ;)

They even had a cute little art station set up.

There was this really fun board that the kids could jump with - Luke LOVED it!

Santa was there and Griffin was fast friends with the big guy ;)

While the boys jumped, she and Santa tossed the balloon back and forth.


Mason on the board!

There was even a basketball hoop on this one and Mason was AMAZING!  It was so cute!

Look at Luke in the background! :)

We are sooooooo excited to have one of these in our own yard!  The kids played HARD and were wiped out when we left.

After dinner these cuties sported some matching jams.  And Mason was happy about 0.4 seconds before this picture.  Sigh. :)

Sunday morning I spent my Sunday school time staring at these sweet little hands in my lap instead of paying any attention to the lesson :)  I mean!  The baby sounds, the coos!  I can't get enough and then she sealed the deal by falling asleep in my arms.  Swoon. I've been pretty fine with handing babies back as of late (hahaha - there was a time where I had MAJOR baby fever... but it seems to have subsided), but I had a hard time giving this sweet girl back after class.

Dave worked all day (Brunch with Santa at his clubhouse) and the littles napped, so Luke and I made some paper chains.  

While the boys were at AWANAs, GG and I did important things like this ;)

It was drizzly out and when you're holding three sets of hands in the parking lot there's no hand for an umbrella, so I popped on this hat from Evys Tree.

It's slouchy and warm and the best part is that EvysTree partnered with a local church in Peru that helps women use local Peruvian materials to make the hats and supplement their incomes.  Many of the women are single and supporting themselves.  How cool is that?!?!  

I bought mine a few weeks ago, but there's still some left on their site HERE.

It's pricey, but they're paying the women a fair wage and using high end wool.  You're getting a hat AND helping women help their families.  Win! Win!

"Hey, kids! Let's take a last AWANAS of 2015 pic in front of the tree!"

On the way home we made an impromptu detour through a couple of neighborhoods close to ours to check out the lights.  This house is always a fan favorite.  That Santa in the right window dances when you pull up.  (SO CREEPY!!!)

And this yard has 25+ inflatables.  Awesome.

It was a FANTASTIC weekend with this crew - lots of time together and lots of fun!

Exam week starts for me today and while I'm grateful I don't have to take exams - creating, proctoring and grading 100+ isn't a walk in the park either.  Not to mention the fact that I do TWO full practice exams for each of my 6 classes.  EEEEK! 

We're looking forward to wrapping school getting ready for CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!  We have choir concerts, our Christmas light night, GG's dance recital, class parties and lots of other fun this week as well!!!  

I hope y'all had a wonderfully festive weekend and that you have a fun week planned ahead!

Happy Monday!!! 


  1. Santa sitting in front of that big fireplace-he just looks so cozy!!! Griffin hanging out with Santa at the trampoline place is hilarious! At this point, she's met him a couple of times already right? They're old friends. :)

  2. I'm a teacher too and this week is such a crazy week!!! I'm counting down!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Oh the pictures of GG at the beginning are just so sweet! And look so cute in that hat! xo

  4. Nothing cuter than a little girl in a leotard! We are so excited for the last week of school over here too!

  5. What a fun weekend!!! Those spring dresses are precious!! Love!!

  6. Your weekends are always jam packed with so much fun!!!

  7. GG is the perfect little model, must be all that practicing for pictures for momma;).

  8. Your older kids look like they're over all the pictures lol. I like your jacket in the last few pics is that Evy's tree too?

  9. What a fun weekend with cute pictures! Griffin looks like she is almost ready for pointe shoes in the picture of her tossing ballons with Santa. So adorable!

  10. My husband is a teacher so I know how stressful exam week can be on the other end as well.. not just for the students. he is counting down the days until break, I am sure you are too! That hat is so cute, and such a wonderful cause! Thank you for sharing!

  11. What FUN memories!! Cracking up at Mason and his frowny face in the PJ picture...even with that frown he is adorable!

  12. That pink dress GG has on in the photo shoot is adorable! Will you be sharing the shop these are for?

    1. Hi Elaine! I'm the owner of FlowerSack dresses :) thanks so much for your comment!!! GG was such a perfect model, I can't wait to get the pics back of these precious girls!! You can find me at or the pink rose dress (which has an adorable sweetheart back) will be releasing Jan 3rd :) life you're on Ig follow me on there so you can see sneak peaks of what's in my spring line!

    2. Thanks Allyson! I have three girls so I can't wait to see everything!

  13. Thank you so much Andrea for sharing some adorable snapshots! I am so excited to see these pics. Especially the love captured for the donuts ha ha. The world would be a happier place if all photo shoots included pink frosting.

  14. Hi Andrea- I love reading your blog and seeing your sweet family and all the great things you do with your kids every day! We are looking to buy our boys a trampoline and saw this post about the one you got your kids. We have a very large back yard with plenty of space, but just wondered what size trampoline you bought for your 3. Want to make sure our boys have plenty of room to jump but it doesn't take up too, too much space. Looking on the website there are so many options, so just wanted to get your opinion on size. Thanks so much!


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