Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Show and Tell: Best Gift Edition

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Before I delve into the story of the BEST GIFT EVER I feel like I should preface by saying that my faith is by far the greatest gift I've ever received.  You can read more about that in a post I wrote a while ago detailing my personal testimony.

When I was coming up with these writing prompts last year and I decided to use "Best Gift Ever" what IMMEDIATELY came to mind was the Christmas I received my very own keyboard on a stand.  Let that sink in, girls.  ON A STAND!  I may as well have been a professional musician.  

So, let me set the stage... It was 1993 (maybe 1994, apparently there is no photographic records of this Christmas, so it's really anyone's guess) and I looked like this...

(EDIT! My early-morning editor (hey, mom!) has informed me that this picture was actually around 1992... hence the baby teeth.  1992 I was still sporting stirrup pants and slouch socks.  Carry on)

... and since it was Christmas I was probably wearing one of these...

Can I get an AMEN from all the nineties girls?!?!?!  I KNOW I wasn't the only one sporting a classy jingle bell necklace the entire month of December.  And let's be real, I was probably sporting a pair of these as well...

Anyway, we had our normal Christmas morning.... out stockings were left by our beds, our present from Santa was left unwrapped by the tree and we opened presents from our parents.  We sat down for breakfast and in the middle of the meal, my parents started talking to Mark about how great he was being at school, what a sweet young man he was, etc.  They told him to go into the dining room and waiting for him was a set of golf clubs.  I watched as he got them out, looked them all over and started putting with my dad.  My little 9 year old self was trying SO HARD to be gracious and not yell, "I was good too!!!  Where's my present???". ;)

My mom called me into the kitchen to help her clean up from breakfast.  

Awesome, so not only do I NOT get an extra present, but now I have to help clean the dishes?  Great.

We cleared the table and washed the dishes and then, adding insult to injury, my mom asked me to take a bag of trash outside to the trashcan.  I'm sure I rolled my eyes pretty hard when I turned around, but I grabbed the bag and headed out to the garage.  When I opened the door and stepped down into the garage there, in all it's glory, was a Casio ToneBank keyboard.

The Heaven's opened and I SCREAMED with excitement. 

My parents have always been fans of a good practical joke ;)

I'm not sure why the keyboard is such a memorable, special gift - but when I think back on Christmases past - this gift is the one that sticks out to me as the most special.

Y'all - I loved that keyboard.  I JAMMED OUT on that keyboard.  I danced my brains out to keyboard renditions of I Shot The Sheriff and recorded many a' beat.

It was the best gift ever.

I have so enjoyed Show and Tell Tuesdays this year and can't wait to continue in 2016.
I've come up with  a new list of prompts (I tried to keep repetition to a minimum) and posted it below.  Mark your calendars, girls!



  1. I would have loved to see your nine-year-old self getting down with that keyboard! And...I'm super excited about your new 2016 prompts!!

  2. The keyboard is awesome! I totally would have loved that too! Thank you for this series! This was so much fun, and I'm so happy you're doing it again in 2016!!

  3. Cute picture of you from 1992, Andrea!! Oh my goodness, so precious!! Love it!! Also, I love that your parents pulled that prank on you! So funny!!

  4. Thanks for continuing the Show and Tell Series into 2016. I don't always participate, but I love to read the posts and the creative topics. Merry Christmas!

  5. I had a jingle bell necklace, too, and thought I was so cool! My mom also had one so it was even cooler to match my mom haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. That's such a fun story!! My parents played a prank on my sister and I when we had asked for a cell phone for Christmas. (This was back in the bag phone days. Lol). We thought we hadn't gotten it and we're trying so hard not to show our disappointment. Later in the day they sent us out to the car and we found it. Such fun memory!!! It's so fun being a parent and watching the excitement on my kids faces now!

  7. OMG!! That jingle bell necklace and the troll earrings! It's just taking me right back!! My daughter found one of those exact necklaces (red string and everything) at my moms house not long ago. Sadly, I don't know where it went after that, but I'm sure a classic like that was worth something! Oh man, I can still remember my mom all dressed up in her broomstick skirt, Christmas sweater with a turtleneck underneath, and that jingle bell necklace. I thought she was so classy! 😂

  8. I swear you are my twin! HAHA I had the same keyboard and loved it!

  9. The jingle bell necklace and troll earrings are perfection! I wish I'd wanted a cool present like a keyboard when I was little. In truth, I think the gift I wanted most was the Lion King soundtrack, ha!

  10. OMG I totally forgot about the jingle bell necklaces!!

  11. This Piano teacher LOVES that you got a keyboard for Christmas!!!

    I don't have the jingle bell necklace but I'm not ashamed to say that I have jingle bell earrings and they are totally packed in my suitcase to go home right now!!

  12. Oh my!! I am cracking up....totally wore the troll earrings and bell around my neck!! HILARIOUS!!

  13. I just love this story! I can just imagine the squeals of delight when you found your keyboard! :) Thanks for continuing the Show and Tell Tuesdays. I love participating and reading everyone else's! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

  14. I had completely forgotten about that jingle bell necklace until now! Hilarious!

  15. Those troll earrings! So funny! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  16. This is hilarious, the other week my brother and I were down in my parents basement and we found our old keyboard, we plugged it in and started jammin, it was so funny, we were all like "goin back to the good old days" lol

  17. I love seeing old school pics!

    Not to get nit picky, but there is an error in your April 5 post. You're missing a y in fantasy. Just in case you are using that again in a future post.


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