Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gaylord Christmas

For the last 4 years we've been visiting the Gaylord Texan at Christmas time to check out the decorations and get our fill of Christmas spirit.  The place is AMAZING and the decor is out of control.  There's also a big ICE exhibit, but we haven't tackled that yet since we're not sure our kids are at the best ages to really appreciate it.  As of right now walking around, checking out the trains and getting giant cookies satisfies them ;)

One of the first things you see when you walk in is a big train display.  It typically takes us at least 10 minutes to get past this point ;)

Luke and Haha in 2011...

Mason in 2012...

Luke in 2013...

Mason in 2014...

And Griffin Joy soaking it in this year!

Sometimes I catch myself having a hard time believing that these three little hineys are mine!

Another special spot for us is this sleigh.  Look at my babies grow!!!



(so disappointing it wasn't the regular red sleigh that year! hahaha)



Look at how thrilled Luke is :) hahaha

And in typical Mason fashion...

There go my peeps! ;)

We attempted a pic - look how great it turned out :) hahaha

Santa wasn't there, but his chair was open!

Then the best part of the day... the cookies!

We always joke that they're bigger than their heads.  It's true!

They attempt to finish their cookies, but we typically pack up more than half to take home.

Kitty needs cookie too!

By this point they were getting tired and were ready to go!


Right down the road from the Gaylord is Bass Pro Shops and they typically have cute things set up for the kids so we stopped in to check it out.  The greeter suggested we take a pic of G up on the steer :)

They have the CUTEST Christmas carousel and since we were there on a weekday there was hardly anyone else there.  It's free which makes it even more fun :)

We played a few games and checked out Santa's Wonderland and then it was time to head home.

Can you spy Mason??? :)

This was about 5 minutes after puling out of the parking lot.  This is what I wanted to be doing as well!

We haven't ever been to the Gaylord at night, but that's on the calendar for this month.  It's so much fun during the day, but we can't wait to experience the magic when it's all lit up at night!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


  1. We love bass pro during Christmas and they always have the best Santa there ! Looks like a great day !

  2. We love the Gaylord at Christmas and we've already checked out Bass Pro! Slaughters are heading to the Gaylord soon!

  3. Griffin's face in like every.single.picture melted my heart! Oh my goodness! That girl! xoxoxo

  4. Mason in his first sleigh pic made me lol!!! Such cute pics from this year!

  5. So fun!! The Gaylord is so pretty during Christmastime!! :)

  6. I've always wanted to go to the Gaylord and walk around in all of that......does it cost?

  7. Love it all! The pics of the kids over the years are precious;)

  8. These are great pics! My father-in-law lives in Texas and we went to Gaylord Texan 2 years ago. It really is spectacular! My kids are older than yours are and they greatly enjoyed the ice display! It was crazy!

  9. I bet your kiddos would love ICE next year! We LOVE it but it is sooooo stinkin' cold. We've been a few times, and the first time my kids were 3 and 6...I think. We're Georgians, so we go to the Gaylord in Nashville, but I assume the ICE show is the same at all four locations!

  10. That looks just like Gaylord Opryland Hotel.....except minus the GAZILLION people!!! Maybe a week day would be better...but weekends are insane and just not fun!

  11. Love seeing your little family having so much fun!

  12. This looks so fun and these pictures are great. Made me wonder if you carry a separate camera or all iPhone pics? You see few carrying a separate camera anymore but I feel like my phone pics aren't great even with a newer iPhone. Help!! Thanks!

  13. We have the Nashville Gaylord Opryland Hotel about 1 1/2 hours away and I can't wait for my kids to get just a little bit older and enjoy it. They have ICE there too and this year the Grand Ol Opry house has The Grinch showing. There is also a Bass Pro right nearby and we have taken our son there once when he was little. It is a full day, I'm sure.

  14. What a fun place, I wish I lived in Texas too!

  15. What a fantastic place! So many things to see and do!

  16. Someone suggested Bass Pro to us at Christmas last year, and we went one evening on a whim. It was the best! All three of our kids had the best time, and they’re so anxious to go again. Who knew?

    Also, Luke in Santa’s chair? So cute.

  17. My family stays at the Gaylord Texan twice a year-once in the summer and at Christmas!! We love all they have to offer!!

  18. Happy Anniversary!!
    Will you be posting about teacher Christmas gifts again this year? I'm at a loss for my sons' kindergarten teacher. Help!

  19. The Gaylord at night is gorgeous!! I went wandering around at 1am to see the lights when the little ones were fast asleep. We LOVED Ice! and the Sledding was even more fun. The Gingy part is a lot of fun, too. It was like $30 for something we could work on together but I went overboard and bought one too many gingerbread homes. Next month the whole family is going to Gaylord National in Washington, DC. :)


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