Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Recap - Family Pics Edition

Friday was a special day for me - I have this one super cute floral sweater that is REALLY warm.  The first day that it's chilly enough to wear it is a good one :) 

We started the school day off with a pep rally celebrating our boys AND girls cross country teams who BOTH just won State!  How fun is that?!?!? ! So proud of our Mustangs!

Dave sent me this pic and I may have giggled out loud at our silly girl :)

We had pizza Friday and the boys watched a movie while I powered through a few more card designs.  Then we were up bright and early Saturday morning to meet Kelly at "our road" for our family pictures.  I thought that this session might be the one where no one cried.  I thought wrong.

Griffin was kind of a hot mess, but it is what it is.  I love pictures that capture real moments, and I have a feeling that's what we got :)

The road looks serene, but behind the scenes it's cray.

 We left the road and headed back to McKinney, Dave dropped Griffin and I off at her dance class, then he brought my mom back home and picked up the boys project aprons and came back just in time to pick us up after class.  We swung through Panera (can I get an amen?!?!) and headed to the Home Depot Kids workshop.

Admiring the jet he made.  And by made I mean he almost hammered my fingers and handed me the pieces :)

I wanted to grab a picture of them together with their finished projects and Luke decided to fly his jet directly in front of his brother's face :)  #brotherlylove

Saturday afternoon the littles all napped and then Griffin spent some time making food for her kitty...

... and then feeding her a bottle :)

Later that afternoon we picked up my mom and headed out to do something that we've been putting off for weeks and weeks.

 Back in the Spring a student gave me a red eared slider turtle and then after our CRAZY rains my mom found a teeny tiny baby one washed up in their yard trapped under a piece of sod (weird, I know) and so since then, Sharpie and Sally the turtles have been living in an aquarium in the boys room.  

They've been growing by leaps and bounds and our tank just wasn't big enough for the two of them so we consulted our vet who reaffirmed that releasing them into a local pond (that is FULL of other sliders) would be the best option.

We put them in the grass and watched them make a beeline for the pond and take off under the water.  It was sad because we loved the little guys, but we know that they're going to grow up to be big and strong and have so much more room to swim and play.

After the turtle release, we headed over the the playground and had THE BEST time enjoying the gorgeous weather.



We LOVE the cool crispness and plan on soaking as much of it in as possible!

On our way back to the car we stopped by to blow kisses to Sharpie and Sally :)

Sunday morning Dave took the boys to meet up with some families from our Sunday School class in a service project at Mission Regan.  Since Griffin was too little to help out and I was teaching the 3-year old class at the second hour of church anyway, she and I enjoyed a quiet morning at home before heading out.  I was putting laundry away in the boys room and when I came around the corner I found her and Jack Bauer having a picnic together.  SWEETNESS!

Meanwhile, look at these cuties!!!

After church she was all smiles because her brothers were home!

And they were excited to see her too :)

The excitement wore off as she waited for lunch :)

Poor, tired baby :)

Sunday afternoon Luke had a soccer game and then I got ready to run to the mall to do a few errands and pass out some Evys Tree gift cards to a few lucky ladies!  It was like a big scavenger hunt and was so fun!

We returned a few things, picked up some candles and hung out at Pottery Barn kids :)  PS - I now want to get rid of everything in her room and replace it with this bunk bed and all the play kitchen pieces underneath.  I mean!!!  And can we talk about how she's making tea?!?!  Love her!

People watching.  Girlfriend is nosy like her daddy :) hahahaha

It was such a fun afternoon and if you don't already, be sure to follow Evys Tree on IG as they're putting a new item on sale every day for the next week or so and also donating a portion of the sales from that item to different charities.  Awesome!


We ended the weekend with AWANAS, football and a dance party.  Perfect.

We're looking at a GORGEOUS week here in Texas and I can't wait to enjoy it with my crew!  I hope y'all have some fun plans to get out and enjoy Fall this week. 

Happy Monday!


  1. I can't wait to see the rest of your family pictures!! I'm certain Kelly used her magic and got something fabulous!!

  2. I cannot wait to see all of your family pictures! Your weekend looked nice and cozy :). I'm glad I got to hang out with you yesterday!

  3. I always love how your weekends are family filled!! :)

  4. Can I just say how much I love your blog..Your family is so perfect! One word.. FABULOUS!

  5. What a fun weekend!! The sneaks look amazing!! Kelly does an awesome job!! Xoxo :)

  6. Well, I'm thinking that your boys were definitely the best dressed at Home Depot! Looks like a fun and busy weekend as always!!!

  7. Where is your sweater from!!!??? I love!!!

  8. Started following Evy Tree, I have serious envy over all of there hoodies! Family pictures are always a favorite to see all the candid shots!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  9. Fun filled weekend:) Looking forward to seeing the family pics, they will be awesome, I just know it. Love GG's picnic with Jack Bauer, great little hostess just like her mama:)

  10. You have created a lover of Evy's Tree right here! I ordered my second one yesterday and have my calendar marked to remind me at 10am every morning this week to see what else is going on sale!

  11. The family picture struggle is real. My almost 2 year old will be eating a chocolate chip cookie in most of our shots because that was the key to get her to play along. Oy vey!

  12. I love that Texas Tee!! So cute. Glad you have the right perspective for family pictures and I'm seriously on the hunt for a road like that in my future. :) Have a great week Andrea.

  13. Griffin in her sunnies! <3 And that road for family pics...perfection!

  14. Hi Andrea! Can you clarify if you are an Evy's Tree brand rep ? You always have the latest hoodies before the regular public can get them, but I haven't seen it disclosed (and I apologize if you have and I missed it!). I hope this doesn't come across as intrusive or rude... but I take that into account when reading reviews and making purchases! Thank you!

  15. Oh my goodness, I saw the same bunk bed at Pottery Barn Kids this afternoon. I thought the same thing! That would have been my dream as a child and I know my girls would love it also! Plus it would free up so much space for playing in their shared room!

  16. Where are Griffin's shoes from? I have a 2 year old too and I would love to get her a pair!

  17. Those photos are going to be fantastic!! My girls want that PBK bed...........daddy saw the price and it's not happening.

  18. Reading about your weekends makes me tired, haha. Can't wait to see the pictures! That road, swoon! That picture of GG on the floor, she looks 10!!!

  19. Can't wait to see your fall pictures! I posted ours today! It was a hot mess getting everyone to cooperate, but we ended up getting a few good ones... after bribing the kiddos with marshmallows, of course. Hehe.


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