Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Holiday Hop

Today I am SUPER excited to be teaming up with some fantastically fabulous bloggers to share a TON of Thanksgiving inspiration and ideas.

I'm going to share a kids craft, but then at the end of my post there will be a list of the other blogs and their topics so you can hop on over and check them out!

I like to craft with things we have on hand, and love doing projects that allow the kids a lot of creative freedom.

I planned out the basic idea (silly turkey hats) and then got out all the supplies, gave them some guidelines and then let them at it :)

I took Chinet paper plates (my favorite to craft with) and cut them in half.  I also cut brown half circles and yellow circles out of construction paper.

Griffin decorated her plate with lots of markers.  The boys weren't home when we did this craft, so I'm excited to see the creative liberties they take with it.

 She picked out feathers and insisted on gluing them on herself and then I glued on the brown half circle, yellow face circle, beak and the gobbler (I know that's not what it's called... but that's how we always refer to the red hangy thing) ;)

Then I cut two strips of paper and stapled them to either side.  I wrapped them around her head to measure and then stapled them together.  We also folded some long strips of orange paper to make the turkey legs.

Before I show you the finished product, here was my inspiration... whenever my parents come over to eat we have a big bucket of silly hats that everyone pulls from and we eat looking crazy :)  I thought it would be really fun to make silly hats for everyone to wear during Thanksgiving dinner next week!

PS - no one should be surprised that she picked ONLY the pink feathers :)

While Griffin was making hers I made my silly turkey hat as well.  I cut out feathers and wrote things that I'm thankful for on them.


Checking out each others hats :)

We look ridiculous, but we look ridiculous together which makes it fun. :)  

When the boys got home they LOVED our hats and are itching to make their own.  I'll be sure to grab a picture of them them in theirs as well as my parents in theirs (that the boys are going to make) and the whole family during Thanksgiving.

If you make a crazy turkey hat be sure to send me a picture!   Happy crafting, friends!!!

Now hop on over and check out a whole plethora of Thanksgiving fun!


  1. You don't look ridiculous! Y'all are Precious! I'm sooooooooo excited about these posts! Yay for today and it almost being Turkey Day!

  2. Those hats are precious!!!!! I was thinking we needed a day of Thanksgiving craft!! We may have to do this!!

  3. Those hats are so cute! I love the idea and would even be fun on Thanksgiving for the kids to do while they wait for the food to be ready :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the turkey hats, we're making our own right now! Wanted to ask... Where did you get your arts and crafts caddy from... LOVE it!

  5. Such a cute idea! I so wish I was crafty- my crafty or art supply stash is pathetic! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. this is SO precious! need to do this with my kids! we aren't going anywhere for the holidays so will have all the time in the world!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. These turkey hats are too cute!! I think I'll be making them with the five little "turkeys" ( aka grandchildren) that will be at my home for Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks, Andrea;)

  8. You're kids are just the sweetest! Seems like you guys have the very best time together :) Can't wait to make these ADORABLE turkey hats with my nieces. And I think the funny hats at Thanksgiving dinner are the best idea I've seen in a while! Can't wait to make that a tradition in our home! Thanks for sharing :)

    -Rachel at

  9. You are the queen of easy and DARLING crafts!!!!!!

  10. Fun fun ideas!!! Thanks for the linkup!
    Linds @ Not A Mom


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