Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites - Ornament Giveaway Edition

YAY for Friday! Can I get an amen?!?!  This week has been a long one - I feel like my students (and me!) are all in need of some Thanksgiving break right about now :)  One more week and we'll be home free! WOO HOO!

First up on my list of FAVORITES is this sweet picture of Luke from three years ago.  He was four and was playing soccer for the first time.  How stinkin' precious is he?!?!?!

I've been working LATE on cards this week and walked into the family room to find these two guys passed out on the couch together.  They're two of my FAVORITES. :)

On Tuesday night our FAVORITE two month old came to hang out with us!!!  Griffin was ecstatic to see her cousin although the excitement quickly turned into jealousy and BIG tears over wanting me to hold her and not Beau.  She got over it pretty quickly, but it was super pathetic and funny. hahha

These boys can rock some mustard!

Boy cousins!  So cute!!! 

 After dinner Luke read Beau a few books.

It was his first time to be left and he obviously hated it. :)

Look at my little helper! :)

This is my "Hey, Dave! Look how easy this is! We could totally handle another one" face.
It's a good thing that ship has medically sailed because I'm a pretty good sweet talker.

I mean!  Is there anything better?  Mark and Diana got back to our house and I MAY have been snuggled up under a blanket on my bed just like this soaking in the newbornness :)

I get asked often about my clogs - and unfortunately both of my pairs are sold out...

But I think both of these pairs could help you achieve a similar look.  They're all from Nordstrom and I think they would look great with tights this Fall/Winter and could easily transition into Summer with rolled up jeans and white flowy tanks.

'Amber Orchard' Cutout Bootie (Women)'Smile' Wooden Platform Leather Sandal (Women)'Zoran' Platform Clog (Women)

On Wednesday I loved seeing pictures of some of my FAVORITE veterans come across my Facebook newsfeed.  

This is my Poppa (my dad's dad) who flew 19 missions over Germany as a navigator in a Halifax bomber.

And how cool is this?!?!  Read my Aunt's caption at the bottom.

Dave's Dad Charles...

And then my Opa (my mom's mom) who was part of the Dutch Army during WWII in both Europe as well as Indonesia.

And since we're looking at pictures of Opa, let's go ahead and have a collective sign as we look at this picture of my mom with her dad :)

Our sweet photographer, Kelly, took some style inspiration from GG this week and I think she pulled it off beautifully.  This was one of my FAVORITE IG posts all week :)

I ordered a few Thanksgiving books last week and here are a few of our FAVORITES.

My boys LOVE Pete the Cat and the rhyming and great illustrations in Ten Fat Turkeys are adorable!


I'm a BIG fan of Nashville...

and when I Saw this picture of Clare Bowen yesterday my jaw dropped - and when I read her story I couldn't help but tear up.

I mean!!!  She's my new FAVORITE!!!  So so so inspiring!

I snapped this picture of Griffin and Dave earlier this week and it's a new FAVORITE.  I'm thinking of printing new pictures for the gallery wall in her room and this is on my short list.

I made one of our FAVORITE meals this week and it didn't disappoint.  (Recipe HERE)

 Last up is a super fun company, Feel Good Frames.  She is local and hand paints these amazing keepsake ornaments and picture frames.

I knew that there were going to be three frames in my package, so when I opened it up and there were actually four it was such a fun surprise.  Jack Bauer's FIRST ornament!!! And such a special one :)

Aren't they the most precious things EVER???  I think they would make a great gift for grandparents, teachers and yourself :)  

And they're BIG!  It's hard to tell from the pictures above, but they're a great size and are so well made.  I had the year put on mine, but you could easily have that left off and switch the pictures out every year as well.

Through next Friday you can get 15% off of your order with the code ANDREA15

And I'm also kicking off a whole bunch of upcoming giveaways (seriously... A TON!) by giving away a custom Feel Good Frames ornament!  Enter below for a chance to win!

You can also check out my Instagram Post to find out how to earn a few extra entries!

I hope y'all have a FANTASTIC Friday and a wonderful weekend!" title="click to view in an external page.">An InLinkz Link-up

PS - Thank you so much to Feel Good Frames for providing me with the PRECIOUS ornaments both for my kids and to give away. YOU ROCK!!! Also, this post contained affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!


  1. That picture of GG and Dave is SO cute, a framer for sure!

  2. Those frames are super cute! Can't wait to dig out all of the Christmas stuff.. A few more days!! :) xo

  3. Wow, that is such an inspirational story behind the Nashville actress. Love that show, and now love it even more. Have a great Friday! :)

  4. Amen!!! Thanksgiving can not get here fast enough! I need a break.

  5. Those ornaments are so cute!! I want to order one for my baby but we don't have a name yet!!! (Or know if it is a boy or girl 😂)

  6. Do you think Mark and Diana will let me babysit? I want to sit around and snuggle sweat Beau!

  7. Happy Friday, Andrea! What sweet stories and snapshots of the vets dearest to your heart!! I'm also Nashville glad that you shared Clare Bowen's story today! How touching!! Wishing you and your precious family a lovely weekend ahead!!
    xo - Brenda //

  8. The ornaments are so cute!! Love them

  9. Love the ornaments. And seriously there is nothing better than a newborn!!! Nothing !!!!

  10. I LOVED Clare Bowen's post as well! It was such a pleasant surprise to see her new look on my feed and even better to read her story. Another of my favorites?? GG's style inspiration...beautiful! :)

  11. That picture of Griffin and her dad is PRECIOUS!

  12. LOVE how your photographer took inspiration from Griffin for her outfit! And love her hashtags too :)

  13. Oh. My. Sweetness. Beau is about the cutest thing EVER!!!! Your quiche looks yummy, too! I think I'll try making it this week! Thanks so much for always sharing, Andrea! And for allowing us to link up with you! xo Angela Banae

  14. Are the ornaments wooden? I searched the website for sizes and materials but it's nowhere!

  15. It's a good thing our ship has medically sailed as well. I have baby fever all the time. :)

  16. LOVE the picture of Griffin and her daddy! You always snap the best pictures!

  17. Those ornaments are darling!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

  18. So many favorites in one post!! Isn't Claire Bowen stunning??!!?? And what a great story! I love the large basket/tray on your ottoman!!

  19. My ship hasn't sailed! lol! I just need to get my husband on board! :) Loving those ornaments! So cute
    Oh, the pic of GG and Dave is just precious!

  20. Beau is so sweet! I can't believe Clare's story... Adorable frame ornaments!

  21. Love the kid books you recommend, you should check out: Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems. We totally love those!

  22. I love those shoes. I am () close to ordering a similar pair from Free People. I love your style so much!


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