Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites - Homecoming Edition

Happy Friday, friends!
This week has been Homecoming and it's one of my most FAVORITE weeks of the school year.  I sponsor Middle School student government and always have so much fun dressing up and showing school spirit :)  

Monday was "Small Group Monday" and our small groups (it's a group of 9 girls from 6th, 7th and 8th grades that meets every other week to do a devotion, pray for and with each other and build each other up). 

The girls in my group decided to be "grandmas" and so I broke out the foam rollers, old lady glasses, green eye shadow, clip-on earrings and bathrobe :) 

Mason walked into the bathroom when I was putting the rollers in and he cried!  He said I "didn't look like his mommy!".  Sweet boy!  By the time we left he was feeling better about the situation :)

Other groups were Papa Smurf (the teacher) and other smurfs, animal heads, cast of Grease, etc.  It was such a fun day!

Tuesday was Tacky Tuesday and I was "pattern mixing gone wrong" :)

One of my coworkers graduated from TCU and several of our students are big Baylor fans.  They came as TCU Fans on tacky day and it was awesome.  Amy was wearing white after Labor Day... totally tacky! hahaha

Wednesday was "Ancient World Wednesday" and I thought I had something that would be "toga-esque", but when I couldn't find it I threw on a Grecian-inspired headband over my crazy messy bun and called it a day.  It way my lamest day by far :) hahaha

Thursday was Dynamic Duo Day and I went as one of my favorite duos... cheese and pepperoni :)

It was a full on pizza print onesie.  It is literally the ugliest thing I've ever seen.  But it was epic :)

Nothing like looking down during the day and being shocked by your pizza legs.

I've been heavily caffeinated all week, and have been using my new FAVORITE cup from our Fall exchange.  Narci picked a good one!

On Monday, Dave and GG stopped by school to bring Luke some extra box tops and she insisted on wearing her backpack.  I feel like I'm going to blink and my FAVORITE girl is going to be in Pre-K!

One of our boys FAVORITE moments from the week was seeing themselves in the school newspaper!  How fun is that?!?! 

On Monday after stopping by school, Dave met his mom and grandmas for lunch.  Dave's Grandma is one of GG's FAVORITE people.

This was one of my FAVORITE proud mommy moments...

... Mason has THE BEST teacher and I love that she's got his number :) 

School pictures came in and they are AWESOME!!!  I mean...

... this picture cracks me up so much!!! These sweet little boys are my FAVORITE!!!

This sweet, sweet smile is my FAVORITE too :)

This paper that came home in Mason's bag this week may be my FAVORITE to date.
#soclose  #exceptnot

Tomorrow night is the Homecoming Dance, and talented parents who can paint giant "vintage circus" posters like these are my FAVORITE!!! (seriously!  These are life size and AMAZING!!!)

Griffin's FAVORITE part of Fall so far is the candy corns (yes, they're plural in our house. hahaha)
Only getting to have two pieces???  Not her FAVORITE.

We've been going to Wednesday night church and Dave and I are taking classes (Dave is taking one about raising boys, I'm taking a Worldviews class) and Luke is enrolled in Kicks for Christ :)  He is OVER THE MOON about it and it's definitely a FAVORITE part of his week.

Silly selfies with this crazy boy are both of our FAVORITES.

One of my coworkers shared this this week and I almost peed my pants.  New FAVORITE meme :)

 Yesterday afternoon I loaded up some of our FAVORITE "carnival" foods for the dance.  Loading all of it into my van was NOT My FAVORITE ;)

It's October! We're so excited to break out some of our FAVORITE festive attire!

This boys FAVORITE after school activities?  Removing his shoes in the van and riding his bike around in his socks.  Sigh.

Last night was one of my FAVORITE events of the year.  It was our school wide Tailgate party and it's always a great time.

During this event is when we present our Middle School Homcoming court.  I had to park crazy far away and I had flowers, a blanket, bag, drink, etc. to carry and I was so happy that my FAVORITE stroller was in the back of my van.  hahaha  No kids, no worries.  :)

The weather was perfect and it was such a fun night.

Court went well and it was one more event off my checklist. ;)

Last, EvysTree hoodies are my go to for cute and casual and she just released two new hoodies in my FAVORITE style, the Sophie.  If you buy them both you get a discount with the code SOPHIENATION.  I can't decide which color I like more!  The elbow patches and plaid hood on the black have me swooning, but the vintage camo lining on the brown are to die for!  Decisions, decisions.

This has been a fantastic week, but I'm ready for "normal" to resume again :)  This weekend Luke has a soccer game and I think that's it... we're ready to hang out and relax!!!

Happy Friday, Friends!!!



  1. Andrea! I cannot get over how cute you are a an old lady :). I mean...absolutely adorable! And that pizza onesie...I about died when you texted me the picture yesterday. Hysterical friend! Happy Homecoming!

  2. You are the best teacher!!! I've gotta know...did you have the cheese and pepperoni onesie just lying around your house?! We need some details! Hahaha!

  3. Girl!! What a crazy week!! So glad you get to rest this weekend!! Xoxo

  4. Haha! The pizza onesie is so funny! Yes, I want to know too - did you just have that laying around? Do tell! :) Love reading your blog! It seems you are a wonderful teacher and an even better Mama!

    1. It was an inspired moment during a late night WalMart run :) hahaha

  5. Love that plaid scarf! And now, I want another scarf, which I need like a hole in the head!

    1. Right?!?! Except you can NEVER have too many scarves! hahaha

  6. As a Baylor Bear I got quite a chuckle out of the tacky/TCU picture! Ha ha! Sic 'em Bears!
    I love your blog! My sons school (Reicher Catholic) played MCA last Friday in Waco where we live. We lost, but my nephew did score a touchdown, so all was not lost! Ha ha! Have a great homecoming!

    1. So fun!!! I couldn't believe that we had a game all the way in Waco! And yes... the rivalry is REAL around here!

  7. You are one busy lady! I don't know how you do it all. :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh goodness! This week is exceptionally busy, so I just have to hold it together for another few days until it calms down a bit :)

  8. What a fantastic, busy week!!
    I am loving those handsome boys in their school photos! :)

  9. Girl! Any idea where she got the mug from!? It's adorable
    Mason has the BEST faces :)

  10. Love the photo of Griffin and her Great-Grandma!! It reminds me of when I was little and my Great-Grandma. :)

    You may have pushed me over the edge with the Evy's Tree hoodie. I love the Sophie and I've been trying to resist, but I may have to get the black one. Happy Friday!

    1. The fabric is AMAZING, too! Thick and stretchy and awesome! Let me know what you think when you get it!

  11. Those pajamas...I mean so fabulous! Love the cheese and pepperoni

    1. My kids have already been asking if I'm going to wear them on our Pizza Fridays :)

  12. Those circus poster are amazing!!!!!

  13. You deserve a relaxing weekend - you are a busy mama and teacher! Quick question, do you mind sharing what size you wear in the Evy's Tree hoodies? I'm going to order the black one and I'm on the fence between XS/S - thanks!

  14. So many things! I love the school pictures - Mason's eyebrow is too funny and Luke looks like he's over it! :) The pizza onesie is fab and I have to admit I noticed at In 'n Out cup in your pic at the tailgate party and I'm a tad jealous! I LOVE In 'n Out but we don't have them here in OK! Have a great restful weekend!

  15. THAT PIZZA ONESIE!!!! That is by FAR the ugliest thing I've ever seen! Hahahaha.

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  16. I am so tired for you - but you seem to do everything with such energy and enthusiasm!! Now go rest mama!!

  17. Whew busy week! Btw I thought wearing white after Labor Day is ok now. Doesn't Schaefer have a post on how to or maybe it's Cassie from Hi sugarplum

  18. That is definitely a busy week! So many fun things though :)
    Hope you get some R&R this weekend!!!


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