Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekend Recap: Jam Packed Edition

So I realize that today is supposed to be Recipe Club... BUT I've been serving up a whole lot of sandwiches and scrambled eggs the past few days, and I'm assuming you all have a favorite egg recipe of your own :) hahaha

That said, I did make something super yummy last night, but the post will have to wait until tomorrow.  So, if you blogged a recipe today, come back tomorrow to link it up.  Sorry for the confusion/delay!

Our weekend started on Friday since the boys and I had the day off for State Fair Day.  After a quick check up from Dr.GG, we all enjoyed breakfast and then I got to get Griffin dressed.  She's typically still in PJs when I leave and so I relish the days I get to get her dressed and fix her little ponytail myself :)

The boys and I played in the backyard for a few hours (sans camera, I know - shocking! hahaha) and since it was technically Pizza Friday I asked them what kind of pizza they wanted for lunch.  They both agreed that they wanted the "pool pizza" that we enjoyed at the pool all summer, but since the pool was closed we ate in the restaurant instead.  I wasn't upset about it :)

It was so much fun to hang out just with these little guys!!!

After lunch we went and saw Hotel Transylvania II and it was so good!  I honestly think the last time I was in the movie theater was to see Frozen... and I think the last time before that was before 2008.  No joke.  I'm not really a "movie theater" girl, but the boys and I had the best time.


 When we got home the boys and I dragged all the Halloween decorations out of the attic...

... we had a great time pulling things out and they had fun finding spots to put different decorations.

When Griffin got home Mason came running out of the office covered in tape (#momfail) and her reaction mimicked mine.  What the actual heck, dude???

After dinner I spent the rest of the night pretty much tearing the house apart.  I'm switching up the decor from last year and there was a lot of trial and error involved.  It typically gets WAY bad and then I somehow manage to pull it all together.  But around 11 pm I sent this picture to Dave with the words, "What have I done". hahaha

I did eventually pull it all together and after I finish a few finishing touches I'll photograph it and show you guys!

Saturday morning I took Griffin to dance, but not before we had our kisses :)

She loves bringing her little bag with her ballet slippers and tap shoes ;)

After dance we swung through Trader Joes to pick up some mini pumpkins...

... and then ran to Hobby Lobby to grab a couple of things.

I was excited to show her the Christmas trees... she was unimpressed. hahaha

After all of our errands, we met up with the boys at home who had turned our giant Amazon box into a playhouse complete with doggy door.

These two played my favorite game ever, "nap time".  They tuck each other in, say prayers, giggle a bit and then pretend to sleep.  They wake up, say good morning, and then do the whole process over again.  Best.  Game.  Ever.


When the single box started to get cramped, we brought out another one for sister bear.

They were so sweet playing with each other!

And even Daddy got in on the box decorating.

Meanwhile, I was still putting the house back together, thankfully in some awesome comfies...

Dave went in to work, Griffin took a nap and Mason made a huge mess :)  He actually ended up sorting all of these tiles into color piles, which was awesome!

My parents stopped by and, of course, Griffin talked Gibi into giving her a "horsey ride"...

... and Haha enjoyed a full circle moment reading to Griffin while she was wearing moccasins that he bought for me on a trip to Alaska when I was two :)

Sunday morning church wiped this girly out...

... and while she napped, Dave took the boys to a birthday party for one of Luke's classmates.

Yes... that's an 80 foot inflatable zipline in front of their house.  

Mason loved the inflatable wrecking ball...

... and both boys had a great time with the pinata.

After pizza, snow cones and a stop at the balloon artist it was time for them to head to AWANAs.

While the boys were at AWANAs, Dave, Griffin and I had a chance to visit with Baby Beau at my parents house.


JUST in case our weekend hadn't been busy enough :), I headed to our Sunday School class's Girls Social (I'm the "social director" for our class) and had the best time eating appetizers and doing a big "Fall Exchange" complete with jewelry, scarves, home decor and candles.  It was tons of Fall fabulousness.

While I was at girls night, Dave took the kids to the park for dinner and playing with friends... because he's Super Dad :)

That night my dad came over to eat dinner with Dave and watch football and we attempted to watch the Super Moon.   Unfortunately, our view wasn't nearly as great as this one from downtown Dallas...

Isn't that the coolest time lapse ever?

I wrapped up the night grading papers and finalizing some plans for our Homecoming Dance and spirit week.  Luke told me it was the BEST WEEKEND EVER and I would tend to agree ;)

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!  Back tomorrow with Recipe Club!

Also, for all my MJ girls.... today is the Third Release of the Friends Forever Fall collection and it is TO DIE FOR!!!

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  1. Griffin's reaction to the tape is priceless! I would have felt the same way!!

  2. WHOAH! That slide and zipline was impressive! Griffin is SACKED OUT in her car seat and looking oh so sweet. And the naptime box game is so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness! The pictures of Mason and Griffin in the box together is just about the sweet thing I've ever seen!!

  4. All so fun and cute! I love that your parents get to spend lots of time with your kids, believe me that is so wonderful and I know they love it too. We are all certainly blessed to be able to do that, there is nothing better than precious grandkids. My favorite picture of G in this bunch is her reaction to the Christmas Tree~ha-larious! xoxo

  5. There is not a picture on this post that I don't love. :) You have the sweetest family!!

  6. Griffin's facial expressions, crack me up! :)

  7. Wow, you get a lot done in a weekend! Super cute pictures :)

  8. I can't even comment on which picture was my favorite because they were all too cute. But GG in her dance outfit, I die. I can't wait for my little girl to get to that age!

  9. Where did you find Griffin's adorable Halloween jammies with the masks and striped pants?

  10. Mason's adventure with the tape... Griffin's reaction to Mason's adventure with the tape... I thought it was a surgical scar! What a kid he is! But, I loved playing with tape as a kid and even now... Never a dull moment with him, huh?

    And I love the "box beds".

  11. Love Griffin's expressions- Mason's tape and the idk face with the Christmas trees. She's too cute!

  12. I am totally the same...I get all that stuff out and it takes me awhile to figure it all out. All the while my husband is trying his best to stay out of my way!

  13. Haha, Griffin's reaction to the tape had me laughing!! You have to be stopped constantly after her dance classes with comments on how cute she is in her leo!!! Love it!

  14. Mason and Griffin in the boxes? Holy cute! Griffin's face when she saw Mason covered in tape? Priceless! The party? Go big or go home :)

  15. Seriously. You are the best. Mom. Ever.

  16. wait, what's State Fair Day!?!?!

  17. Hi Andrea! I have a few questions about Matilda Jane... Would I be able to email you about it? Love the pics of your little ballerina :-)


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