Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This and that...

So how fun was yesterday???  I had the best time thinking about my ultimate dinner party and lvoed looking through all of your guest lists as well.  I flipped through them all last night and here are a few conclusions...

1) Everyone loves Jimmy Fallon.  Everyone. 
2) Y'all all want to dance with Ellen.
3) Kate Middleton is as intriguing as she is gorgeous.
4) Chip and Joanna Gaines hung the moon.
5) The Pioneer Woman would bring the best dessert ;)

But seriously though,  I loved how some people were all men, others were all women.  Some were all family, others were all celebrities.  It was so interesting to see who everyone picked.  Some of my favorites as I was reading through were Tom Hanks, Mindy Kaling, the cast of Friends and the entire staff from The Office (in character). 

This week has been CRAZY!  Between soccer practice, birthday dinners, spelling words and life in general we've been running around like crazy people.  Which is why it was so nice to take the kids to meet Beau on Monday night and get in a few newborn snuggles.  

This was their first real hands on newborn experience and they all responded almost exactly how I predicted they would. 

Mason was SUPER excited to get his hands on Beau.  He was the first one up on the couch and was very enthusiastic... for about 2.5 seconds as the picture depicts :)

GG was immediately enamored.  She gave him his paci, rubbed his cheeks and stared lovingly into his little baby face.  

And then there was Luke :)  hahaha  He wasn't sure what to think, but he was super into his little hands and how he kept balling them up into fists.

Time for a cousin pic!

Apparently somewhere in the last week, my kids were able to pass the message along to Beau that it drives moms nuts when you avoid looking at the camera as all the adults are yelling, "look at the camera!!!"  He was a quick study ;)

This is pretty much when Griffin's little world was made ;)

And it was also at this point that my ovaries ached just a little bit.

I.  Mean.

When I took him away look what happened!!!

Okay, girl... one more snuggle.


Mext up, Farmgirl Paints is open again on Etsy and I have a coupon code for you!!! You can use the code momfessionals for 15% off your order.  You pick a cuff, plate and saying and she custom makes them for you.  They're so special and meaningful and make great gifts as well.  I've given my mom several for Christmas, Mother's Day and just any old day.  

I love being able to look down and see some of my favorite little things the kids say (Mason used to say lasterday, this day and nexterday instead of yesterday, today and tomorrow).

My gold sparkly one says "To Maine and Back" because Luke always used to say that he loved me to MAine and back instead of the moon :) 

And from one of my favorite quotes of all time, a reminder to relish the charms of the present.

I love the impact of the wide cuffs, but the skinny ones are fabulous for mixing and matching with other bracelets.  She has a HUGE selection right now, so shop while she's open!

Last night we celebrated birthdays for two of our favorite people... Dave's brother Stephen and his girlfriend Cynthia!

Griffin got in some snuggles from her great grandmas...

 ... and ended the evening helping them out to the car.  #sweetest

And last on my random little list today is a Matilda Jane Promotion that starts tomorrow!  When you spend $150 (pre tax and shipping) you get the adorable doll dress for FREE! 

The doll dress coordinates with the Cornelia Libby top as well as this baby dress that Griffin is wearing (she's wearing an 18/24 month)


If your little one's not in the baby sizes anymore, no fear!  The dress below that's on the left in the middle (with the scalloped bottom) will be released tomorrow as well!  If you'd like to include that in your order, make your wishlist online and then add a note that you'd like the new dress as well.  Kat will get in touch with you to finalize your order :)

And here are a few other pieces that wold get you to the $150 mark and make seven outfits!

I hope y'all have a delightfully random Wednesday!!!


  1. Oh come on Andrea! Have one more baby! Do it for Griffin ;).

  2. Glad you got some Beau time in! Loved seeing their little expressions! I agree with Shay. G needs a baby. :)

  3. There is nothing better than a new born...nothing at all!!!

  4. I love the four cousins photo!!
    I have always wanted a Farmgirl Paints cuff, maybe now is the time! :)

  5. So sweet Griffin with Beau and just put in an order for a cuff!! I love love mine!

  6. Those pictures with the baby are amazing!!! And if my baby is a girl(due March4th) , I'm going to go broke buying Matilda Jane - and I'm blaming you 😉

  7. I am a faithful reader and never comment but, I must know where you got that awesome sweater your wearing in this post?! Thanks for a great blog that I look forward to each morning!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Thanks so much for the Farmgirl Paints discount code! I have been eyeing one for awhile, now to decide on the wording! :)

  10. So today is my birthday and I just bought myself a little birthday cuff, so thanks a bunch!!!!!

  11. This is TOTALLY not relevant to your post, but I just listened to this testimony by a pastoral counselor about politics and particularly about Bernie Sanders. I'm not sure what I think exactly, but I thought other Christian folks like you might be interested because it's a really different perspective than the one that I/we encounter the most and it definitely challenges me to think about my faith differently! Link is: (promise it's not some shady virus link - if you're nervous about clicking just google "biblical argument for bernie sanders"). Anyway, just thought you might be someone who finds this interesting!

  12. So very cute how your kiddos embraced their cousin!! Love having cousins close to grow up with!!

  13. Baby snuggles are the best snuggles!!

    P.S. LOVE how you rock the cuffs!

  14. You could totally rock four kids!!! I want a bracelet, just trying to choose a saying.


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