Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites - Winner Winner Edition

Happy Friday, friends!
This week has FLOWN by and I'm left reeling just a bit from a full week of activity.  Good thing we have a restful weekend planned... oh wait... :) hahaha  We're excited to cheer on the Lil' Stangs soccer team, spend time with some of our favorite friends, watch GG twirl and tap at dance and hopefully get the Halloween decorations out. 

Monday was picture day and I snapped this of the boys before we headed in to school as evidence that they really were clean and prepped for pictures ;)  These handsome, smiley boys are my FAVORITE!

I talked about this shirt last weekend, but I wore it again on Monday and loved it with mustard skinnies, TOMS booties and a military jacket.

While the boys and I were at school smiling for the camera at picture day, Dave and Griffin were at home having the best time together. I think it's safe to say that Mondays are both of their FAVORITE day :)

Another FAVORITE time of this week has been listening to Luke read.  It really "clicked" for him this summer and he is loving reading anything and everything.  Both Gram and Papa Mac and Gibi and Haha bought him lots of new books from the book fair and he's been in HEAVEN!

Griffin has been rocking piggies this week and they are my FAVORITE!  Look at that sweet little face!!!

Her baby is her FAVORITE and I love that she refuses to put clothes on her :) hahaha

While baby is her FAVORITE, Griffin is Jack Bauer's FAVORITE.  Any time she sits down, he's immediately in her lap :)

It has been a busy week at our house, and catching a few zzzzs on the way home has been Luke's FAVORITE.  Here we are at Miss Lisa's house Tuesday afternoon...

And then letting him snooze a few extra minutes in the driveway at home on Wednesday after school and before church.  I was excited to have an iced tea and some quiet :)

It's no secret that I'm addicted to Mini Melissa's and I MAY have bought these from a mama in Brazil before they are released in the US :) hahaha  #noshame

They're sparkly and fabulous and are Griffin's second FAVORITE shoes (the pink kitties are still holding court in her closet).

On Wednesday morning my classroom door opened and Luke and a friend from his class poked their heads in.  I was surprised to see him and it only took me about 4 seconds to realize why he was there... HE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!  Yes, folks... he's 7.5 and JUST lost one and the excitement was palpable!  He was beyond thrilled and seeing his sweet little face so pumped was my FAVORITE!!!  (another FAVORITE is being able to see him during the day when exciting and important things like this happen!  Being able to be there for moments like this make the sacrifices we make to send our kids where we do totally worth it!)

I posted this FAVORITE picture of Griffin and I on Instagram and I received lots of inquiries about my poncho...

It's from Southern Trends and it's even cuter in person! I picked it up during their Labor Day sale and I am in love with it!  I wore it to school on Tuesday with some MJ pants and loved how cute and comfy it was.

My mom sent this to me yesterday, and I instantly laughed out loud and nodded my head in agreement :)

Mason has had two more color days this week.  Green Day was on Tuesday and Thursday was purple/pink day.  Getting to pick out his clothes and wear fun colors has been his FAVORITE!

Pottery Barn kids has their Halloween decorations on sale and I just ordered this cute countdown calendar.

Pumpkin Countdown Calendar

I think my kids will love moving the little ghost from pocket to pocket and it will hopefully help me avoid having to answer "is trick-or-treat tomorrow??" every day. hahaha

These plates may have made their way into my cart as well.  Ooops.

Halloween Plates

Another FAVORITE moment this week was this sweet one :)

And once again Dave killed it with my FAVORITE "Happy Morning" pictures.

These two watching their FAVORITE Cailou in the morning was the sweetest.

Next up is our FAVORITE Anna Grace!  Anna Grace is our official babysitter/big sister/Mason wrangler and we love her to absolute pieces.  She has a heart for kids and I wanted to share this from her:


"This past summer I was given the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Bolivia with my mom.  It was my first time out of the country and it was absolutely amazing!  I really enjoyed serving and loving on all the kids and sharing the good news of Jesus :)  At my school, during the week before Spring Break we have a missions week.  One of the choices is to go to Guatemala and I strongly felt God calling me to go on this trip to work with the kids.  I really love being able to love on them and show them God's great love for us!  I've decided to sell t-shirts to raise money to be able to go and I would absolutely love if you were able to support me and buy a shirt and/or donate."

Isn't she the best???  I have no doubt that Anna Grace is going to make a huge impact on the kids of Guatemala and if you're interested in supporting her, you can purchase a t-shirt for $20 (+$6.50 shipping if you're not local) by clicking HERE (and then click send), selecting friends or family and then sending the funds to  .  If  you're wanting her to mail your shirt, please put your address and phone number in the notes section.  

And since we're on the topic of Anna Grace, remember that one time that we all chimed in on her Prom dress?  Well... she's about to go to Homecoming and check out the super fun way her boyfriend asked her!!!

Last, but not least... my FAVORITE part of a giveaway is announcing the winner!  The lucky winner of the $50 Poppy Whitaker shop credit is......


Congrats, Hannah!  I can't wait to hear what you picked out :)  Shoot me an email today and I'll get you the code for your credit!

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  1. You have got so many great pictures of the kids!! You have more in this post than I take in a week. I need to do better. I'm curious, how old is Luke? My oldest is almost 5 and he's really starting to learn his letters and read them off of things. I don't think it's terribly far for him to start reading and I can't wait! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! So many favorites! Puppy cuddles, baby doll kisses, that shirt, a few moments of sleeping/quiet, littles reading, Halloween plates (yay fall!) them all! 😍😍😍

  3. Luke is just so cute with his missing tooth :). I know he's been wanting to lose that baby for a while now! And those sparkly gold shoes for Griffin...I love them!! Happy Friday friend! xoxo

  4. Thanks for hosting this linkup! Once again I have totally loved reading your Friday Favorites post. It's one of my FAVORITE Friday activities! :)

  5. You always have the best pictures! Also, I didn't lose my tooth until about second grade (for the first time) but it's okay because the tooth fairy made up for it by buying me a razor scooter. Those were EVERYTHING then. Yay for Luke!!

  6. YAY LUKE about the tooth AND the reading! I'm afraid Carter is going to be just like his mama and only read when he has to! :( We only check out books he's interested in (fyi, the library has HUNDREDS of dino books), but he still thinks of it as a chore. Fingers crossed it will change soon!

  7. I just love, love, love Pottery Barn's Halloween decorations - those plates and the sign are adorable. It's my FAVORITE holiday and I could probably go broke buying every little cute and creepy item out there. #SelfRestraint Cute poncho, too!
    ~ Love on the Lake

  8. Love those Halloween plates! Went and ordered some! Have you ever heard of They are having 40% off their plates. Love them for my 3 kids!

  9. Love the adorable picture of your pup that found a happy home in your daughter's lap. So sweet!! Have a great weekend. =)

  10. Being able to be there for moments like this make the sacrifices we make to send our kids where we do totally worth it! Seriously? Griffin as new Matilda Jane outfits every week and you have new clothes every week. That is not a sacrifice. Sacrifice is not having enough money to put food on the table this week. Maybe some of your "Friday favorites" should include empathy and not "oh we have to make so many sacrifices".

    1. I'm sorry if you took my comment in a way I didn't intend, but I never once discounted the sacrifices that other people make. Do I live a privileged life? For sure. But that doesn't mean that we don't make sacrifices to send our kids to a Private Christian school. I DO pay tuition and I make much less than I would make teaching in a public school and am not working toward retirement. Are my sacrifices the same as others? No. But I never said or even insinuated that they were and they're still sacrifices for our family.

    2. Andrea, I seriously don't know how you put up with the audacity and rudeness of some of these "anonymous" comments. I would NOT likely be as gracious in my responses.
      That being said, let's just for a moment define sacrifice : " to sacrifice means to willingly give up something of value for something else deemed to be of higher or greater value." . By your own example then you are perfectly correct in saying that you are willingly making sacrifices in order to gain something that you value more than a higher income or accrual of years for retirement.
      Frankly, not having enough money to put food on the table has nothing to do with sacrifice - I wonder what anonymous would consider worthy of 'higher value' that someone would be willing to 'sacrifice' putting food on the table? People say the most poorly thought out things sometimes - just never mind - always enjoy peeking into your daily life :-)
      Jolene - Newberry, Mass.

  11. What kind of sacrifices do you make, don't you teach for free tuition??? because the way you get new clothes on a daily basis where do u sacrifice?? u need to live in the real world lady!

    1. This is completely unfounded and harsh. First of all, you are not in my home to see what I do or don't get on a daily basis and you are not privy to every detail of what goes on in our home in finances. I NEVER discounted the sacrifices that other people make and I totally understand that I live a privileged life, but we DO in fact make sacrifices to send our children to private school. We pay tuition, I make about 60% of what I would be making at public school and am not working toward retirement like a teacher in the public school system. Are my sacrifices the same as someone else? No. But that doesn't mean that we don't make them.

  12. Love this week's favorites! I just ordered that calendar from pottery barn too. And love those little gold shoes!!

  13. Those little gold shoes are absolutely darling!

    I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  14. Love that necklace with the pink stone. Where is it from?

  15. I love reading your blog. I read the judgmental and catty comment that you receive often and I'm afraid that one day you will decide it isn't worth it and you will take it down, and I can't say that I would blame you. Please know that there are those of us out there who love reading about your precious family. Just because you choose to put yourself out there doesn't give others (always anonymous, by the way) the right to be cruel. Thank you for sharing a small piece of your life with us!!

  16. Keep your head up, girl. Like you said, your sacrifices may be different than someone else's, but that doesn't mean it isn't a sacrifice! Have a good weekend and enjoy your precious family!

  17. I love the "Happy Morning" pictures that Dave always takes of GG! I've always wondering though, how does he manage to do her hair so cute everyday? Most fathers struggle to do their daughters hair! :) I'm very impressed!

  18. The "Who would Win?" books are favs in our house too! :)

  19. Love your Friday Favs. Especially the sweet AG and her hoco proposal. ;)


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