Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites - Poppy Whitaker Giveaway Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

Before I dive into my Friday Favorites, I thought I'd share this...

I spent lots of time thinking about and remembering details of 9/11 in preparation for the "where were you post" a couple of weeks ago and, honestly, I'm glad I did.  I've been rewatching documentaries and TV specials and have been more prayerful for the survivors, lives lost and for our country.  May we never forget.

My first FAVORITE of the week was getting to meet my new nephew!  My brother, Mark, and his wife, Diana, welcomed their sweet little guy on Tuesday and he is PRECIOUS!  His name is Beau Andrew Buchanan and he weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 7 oz.  I had the chance to meet him on Wednesday and I'm smitten :)

He can already make some epic faces, so he should fit right in with my crazy crew :)  
I feel like in the right picture below he looks like he's practicing his "blue steel" face!

 I asked for Aunt name suggestions on IG and I'm pretty sure I've decided on McAuntie and McUncle :)  hehehe  Although another top contender was "Auntrea".  Ultimately, Beau can call me whatever he wants and I promise to answer :)

We're hoping that we'll be able to introduce the cousins this weekend and Griffin is EXCITED!

While I was visiting with Beau (oh yeah, his parents were there too... but whatever. hahaha), Mason was busy at school and another mom who was volunteering sent me this picture.  It looks like we may have another little engineer :)

It's common knowledge that Dave's "Happy Morning" pictures are my FAVORITES, and this weeks did not disappoint!

It's a real shame she's not a morning person :)  #insertsarcastictonehere

Earlier this week was one of my FAVORITE nights of the year.  For the last several years our group of girlfriends has been meeting the week after Labor Day to kick off Fall with a scarf exchange.  We meet at Starbucks, drink Fall drinks and do a "Chinese Christmas" style swap.

Starbucks, scarves and SWEAT!  It was HOT that night :) hahaha

The scarf exchange will always be extra special for me because in 2012 I stuck a onesie with "Coming April 2013" in my bag along with my scarf.  When the bag was open, chaos and finger pointing began (since no one knew whose bag it was) and since Dave and I were "done" having kids, I was low on the suspect list :)  It was such a fun moment to get to surprise all of my best friends with the news in a super unexpected way.  Then in 2013 I had a sweet baby girl at the exchange with me!

I ended up with this pretty plaid infinity scarf.  I love the two different plaids! 

And since we're talking about scarves, this fringed beauty arrived yesterday and I think she and I are going to be great friends this Fall :)

And how great would that scarf look with this jacket?!?!?!  I'm drooling!

The new Starbucks cups were a fun Fall surprise this week, and since the heat is preventing me from breaking out my Fall clothes, it's been my FAVORITE Fall Accessory. hahaha

Tuesday was Red Day in PreK and Mason was pumped because he got to wear his FAVORITE shorts. It doesn't take much to put a big smile on his face!

Luke's teacher has a creativity center with tons of random art supplies and kids get to just create.  No instructions, no prompts - just complete creative freedom.  She posted this picture of Luke and I couldn't stop giggling.  His imagination is one of my FAVORITE things.

 All that creativity will wear a boy plum out!  Waiting for me to read him a book after I cleaned up in the kitchen and he fell asleep in my bed.  Watching my big boy sleep was a FAVORITE moment.

Another FAVORITE is this girls goofy smile and fun little personal style.  She insisted on those boots!

Another FAVORITE moment from the week was seeing this girls sweet face on the MJ Instagram feed.  

And last up on my list is Poppy Whitaker dresses.  I came across them on Facebook a while ago and instantly fell in love with their sweet styles and whimsical appliques.  

I ordered Griffin a mermaid dress and was immediately impressed with the quality and Griffin was enamored with the mermaid on her dress :)  Poppy Whitaker sent Griffin their new ballerina dress and she wore it to church on Sunday and I can confidently say it's one of her new FAVORITES.

I mean!!! Look how fun!!!



Be sure to follow Poppy Whitaker on Instagram and Facebook so you can get sneak peeks of items and release dates of exciting new dresses (like a HALLOWEEN DRESS! EEEK!) that are coming up.

So to end the week - Poppy Whitaker is going to give one of you a $50 shop credit!  Use it for one of the new upcoming dresses for a special little girl in your life!  Enter using the rafflecopter below...

We're so excited for the weekend... dance class, first soccer game, church activities and a birthday party!  I'm tired already ;) hahaha  Have a FANTASTIC weekend, friends!


PS - This post contained affiliate links, which means that if you clicked on a link and purchased an item I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!


  1. I just found out about Poppy Whitaker a few weeks ago and I'm totally loving it! I think we'll be adding a couple to our collection very soon!

  2. Oh Andrea! That sweet Beau is just precious!!! Congratulations to your precious family :). Happy Friday friend!

  3. Thanks for hosting this link up. Congratulations to your brother and his family on their precious new baby, Beau.

    Have a lovely weekend collecting more favourite moments!

  4. I love McAuntie! That's hilarious!! And sweet little Beau is so cute!! Happy Friday!

  5. So many FAVORITES today, that cute little nephew (congratulations), those dresses on Griffin, and that first so true! Happy Friday Andrea!

  6. My baby! :) he can't wait to meet his cousins!!!

  7. Griffin looks presh in that MJ dress!! I want to frame that in my house! :)

  8. Oh that sweet girl - she is TOO cute!! I love Mason's red shorts too! Being an aunt is the best and I love the names you have picked!!!

  9. I LOVE the onesie idea. That's so cute!!

  10. Congratulations Auntie!!! He is too cute!
    Random question, do you happen to know where the scarf that you got is from (or the brand?). I LOVE it and would love to ask for one for my birthday :) Thanks! Happy Friday!

  11. Where did you get the stripe shirt you are wearing in your pictures showcasing the plaid scarf? I love it!

  12. Those scarves, that Starbucks cup...fallelujah! Happy weekending!!

  13. Congratulations on your adorable nephew! My husband may come by and comment here later *thanking* you for introducing me to Poppy Whitaker! Happy Friday!

  14. Congratulations on the birth of your nephew. He's adorable! I love the scarf you got at the scarf exchange!

  15. My son has the same Pottery Barn backpack as Mason :)

  16. I really really like Griffin's yellow rain boots. And I'm envying that plaid scarf! What a super fun tradition!

  17. I love the dual plaid scarf! Your nephew is adorable!! Love those newborn squishy faces. :)

  18. McAuntie & McUncle!! Yes yes yes!!! Also- our starbucks do not have fun cups yet!! jealous!

  19. Would you please post a link for the stripe shirt you are wearing with your scarves??? Thanks! :)


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