Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites - DAY OFF Edition

 Happy Friday, Friends!  The boys and I are off from school today and I'm really hoping that I'm still asleep while all you early morning girls are reading this :)  

First up on my list of FAVORITES today is Griffin's new FAVORITE friend... Barkley!

Miss Lisa got a new puppy and Griffin is obsessed.  She talks about him, pretends to play with him at home and if you refer to Barkley she responds with a sweet, "so cute!!!"

 Speaking of so cute, this little man had orange day on Tuesday and he was decked out in one of his FAVORITE colors.

While Pre-K was sporting orange, first grade was learning all kinds of great things from a heart surgeon who came to visit their class.

 On Wednesday morning it was below 70, which warranted throwing on my new FAVORITE scarf.  I only wore it for the morning, but I loved every minute of it.  #hurryupfall

After doing tutoring and a meeting after school, I picked up the boys from ESS, Griffin from Miss Lisa's and then we headed home.  I whipped up meatloaf, got the kids fed, Dave got home and after we scarfed down dinner it was time to rush out the door to church. This is what my outfit looked like by the end of the day. hahaha

Probably my FAVORITE moment from the week was Wednesday morning.  Lower school had See You At The Pole while I was teaching...

... but then I got this picture!!!

Luke was picked to hold the Christian Flag for the pledge and I was so proud of my handsome boy.  Look what a great job he did!!!

Next up is the fabulous Gray Monroe!  Jenny started Gray Monroe and I love everything she stocks.  She has super cute taste and her price points are fantastic.  She sent me this flannel, which I am so excited about.  I think it was sized pretty small, so keep that in mind if you order!

I am so ready to wear my funky faux fur vest again!  

She also sent me these destroyed white jeans and navy top.

The jeans are a little out of my comfort zone, but the top is RIGHT up my alley.

 As always, Dave's "Happy Morning" pictures are my FAVORITES ;)  He nailed it again this week.

Mason also nailed it and he drew a picture of me and him that's my new FAVORITE.

He's on the far left standing on a box, there are daisies in blue in between us and then I'm on the right with the blue hair ;)

I've mentioned Farmgirl Paints several times, but in case you missed the memo, she makes my FAVORITE stamped cuffed bracelets.  You pick the cuff and the saying and she makes them custom.  I love them with sayings that my kids say  (Luke used to say "I love you to Maine and back"), scripture and personal sayings.  They make great gifts and you can get 15% off with the code MOMFESSIONALS.  Woo hoo!

These handpainted cuffs are being released TODAY!  I am in love with the top one!

Facebook reminded me about some of my FAVORITE pictures this week.

This sweet boy in PreK!

These three crazies from three years ago...

 And this moment from 2012.  Sigh.  Baby smell.

 Yesterday was dog day in PreK and I think it may have been Mason's FAVORITE day to date.  I snapped this cute picture of him after school...

And I'm glad I got a good one, because a sweet mom from his class texted me these. hahaha

she tried :) 

Last night Haha stopped by on his way home and we enjoyed a couple of our FAVORITES, Uno and ice cream.  A perk of living down the street from your grandparents :)

A couple of my FAVORITE pieces of art from this week (Luke on left, Mason on right)

And last, but not least, Crystal Faye sent us some Christmas jammies last week and when she needed a couple of pictures to use for promotions we had so much fun having a festive little pj party.

Happy Weekend, Friends!!!
PS - Thanks so much to Jenny at Gray Monroe for my cute tops and pants! Also, this post contained affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link and purchase an item I may receive a small commission.   THANK YOU!


  1. Oh my gosh! Barkley! (So cute) The family picture/drawing. The Christmas Jammie's. Love these favorites! 😍

  2. Dave nailed those early morning pictures! Enjoy your day off today!!

  3. Great favourites! Thanks for hosting this great link up party!

  4. I am DYING over the white jeans and navy top! Dying, dying! I love how the striped top transitioned from work to errand running #lovingit
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  5. Love GG in her Happy Morning pictures!! So sweet! Also, I love the boys' artwork!!

  6. I don't know which pic is my fave?!?! At first, I was going to say G with Barkley...but then Luke holding the flag melted me and so did the pics of Mason at school. And listen...the pj pics are too cute too! Happy Friday! Enjoy your day off :)!

  7. HAPPY DAY OFF! So I'm finally going to have to get one of those bracelets, but I'm having the hardest time deciding what it needs to say!!!!

  8. I don't think I can pick a favorite this week, such great pics:) Enjoy your day off with the boys today, Andrea!

  9. I don't think I can pick a favorite this week, such great pics:) Enjoy your day off with the boys today, Andrea!

  10. Elmer is one of our favorites! Watercolors too- I think my boys (2.5) would love to paint him. Thanks for sharing the great idea :)

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE that outfit you're wearing with the yellow scarf! SO cute! Happy (almost?) Fall. I know the feeling here in CA :)

  12. Love that yellow scarf!!! It looks gorgeous! Happy Friday, and thank you for hosting. <3

  13. Those Christmas PJs are adorable! And I really like your black and white striped shirt! And Barkley is pretty adorable. Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Love love love that flannel!! Also, girl, you've got style!! I'm gonna start modeling my attire after you! Love the Christmas jammies - so cute! Thanks for hosting this fun linkup!!

  15. I love, love, love, the navy top with the white jeans! So cute! And I love those braclets, I am going to order a couple for my sister for chrismas! Happy Friday!

    1. Woah, hello spelling errors. Just came back to click the link for the bracelets, so I can order them. And I noticed my comment with the errors, it was gonna bug me if I didn't fix it!


      Haha! Have a great weekend!

  16. Such cuties! And I am loving the white jeans and top on you! I need some new white jeans, and the distressed look is right up my alley :) I couldn't figure out which cuff I wanted this time around yet, but now that I see that gold one on you I think I am going for it! Love it! Now to figure out what to have it say....

  17. totally agree with Gray the styles she has been picking and really love the price point.

  18. those white ripped jeans look amazing on you! WEAR THEM!


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