Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Recap - First Dance Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  I know LOTS of you are sending your babies off to school today... breathe deep, mamas!!!  :)  

Friday started off sweetly when I got this text before the first bell even rang.  One of our FAVORITE babysitters (and people in general) is a TA in Mason's class first thing in the mornings and I love that he gets some extra snuggles to start off his day.


I forgot something at home so Dave ran it by school before dropping Griffin off at Miss Lisa's and her favorite part of coming to my classroom is grabbing a dum dum.  She had to show Daddy her prize :)

 And then she gave him this face...

Friday afternoon I stayed late to wrap up some prep and the boys played at ESS.  We got home and unloaded folders and such and got back Luke's VERY first spelling test!!!  It's also his first numerical grade and to say he started off well would be a huge understatement.  #hegotitfromhismama ;)

It was pizza Friday (no shirt, no problem!) and we enjoyed an easy dinner and then snuggled up with Despicable Me. 

Saturday morning I took Griffin to a local dance studio to try out a two year old class.  
She LOVES to dance at home and so we would try it out and see how she did.  I was so proud of her!  She walked right in on her own, she paid great attention and had the best time.

 She was definitely a little reserved, but she did great.

Hopping across the studio...

A train of teeny ballerinas!

We're going back this Wednesday afternoon to make sure it's something that we want to commit to this Fall and then I'll be ordering her her leotard, tights and ballet slippers... oh my!

 I. Can't. Even.

After dance, she and I hit up the grocery store and she was THRILLED to get to push the cart, get a balloon and have a snack.

When we got home Mason and I made brownies...

... and Griffin painted (some on the paper, lots on her face... to match the sharpie she got on her tummy earlier.  sigh).

After naps we played with Jack Bauer and colored some more.

Wherever she is.  He is.

My mom stopped by that night and Chef Mason prepared us a tray of cookies. ;)

Sunday morning everyone was up early and cheery before Promotion Sunday at church.

Who me??? :)
She promoted into a two year old class and for the first time in years I don't have a baby in the nursery.

 After church, we swung by my parents house and Griffin got to see Haha (who was home before us and was mowing) and they were reciting lines from Brown Bear, Brown Bear to each other :)

The kids all took naps and Dave helped me grade papers and then we stopped by the Slaughter's lemonade stand.  Because when your friends start a business - you support it :)

Hard selling :) hahaha

I worked on school stuff the rest of the evening and then we played games before bed.  A relaxing and productive day!  

In other weekend news, Luke has his very first loose tooth!!!  (two, actually!)  
He is soooooo excited and I am sooooooooo not looking forward to his "look" changing into that of a big boy.  Nothing screams elementary school like a gappy smile!  

He's already talking about what he's going to purchase with his tooth fairy money, so whoever told him that the fairy is hanging out twenties, you can make your check out to Andrea McAnally :)

Happy First Day to everyone!  And if it's not your first day of school, you should totally go get a fresh spiral and pretend that it is :)


  1. I am dying over the You Make Me Happy outfit, I wish I had it in my size ha!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. My heart about burst yesterday!! You guys were all so sweet to come to the Slaughter Lemonade stand. Seriously...I have the best friends!!!

  3. Nothing sweeter than a little girl all dressed for ballet class!!!! Have a great week !

  4. What a great weekend!! That picture of your dad and GG is precious!!

  5. "Because when your friends start a business, you support it." I totally laughed out loud!!!!! Fun pics!

  6. Listen, my family was in the middle of swimming when we got the call that a lemonade stand was in progress...and you've never seen three kids scramble out of the pool faster! Our impromptu neighborhood get together for this lemonade was one of my favorite things from the weekend!

  7. Love Griffins "who me?" Look. I've got to say she looks a little older in that photo to me. Well done to Luke on his first spelling test. I love that Dave helps you with grading. My husband and I work together well helping each other out. He is doing his nursing at uni and we both work full time. Life is hectic but so good. I love helping him with his assignments with grammar and spelling, meeting marking criteria before he submits them. I feel like were a team.

  8. Your pup is just so cute! Every time I see him in pictures, I start thinking maybe we should get a small dog. You know...for the big one we already have ;).

  9. Griffin in dance class is just too precious!!! I'm a dance teacher/studio owner and this is the best age! Seeing those little ones on stage is super cute and they always steal the show!
    Prayers to you and your family in this school year! Have a blessed day!

  10. Love all of this! The little ballerinas might be the cutest thing ever.
    I'm curious as to how you hung your wreath over your stove? It's adorable!

  11. What a fun weekend! I always look forward to your recaps. Great job on the spelling test, Luke! And I always shed a tear or two when my babies lost their teeth, one more step out of babyhood:( Here is to another great week for the McAnally family!;)

  12. okay, you aren't the first person I've seen this with and I'm dying to know-- HOW do you not cringe with 42 unread text messages?!?!? Maybe I'm just crazy strange but I can't have anything displaying a notification or it drives me crazy hahaha

  13. Um, Luke's handwriting is SOOO good! My 3rd grader has awful handwriting. Great job Luke!

  14. Fun weekend recap! Here is my question on your photos - even candids you just get great shots....and while adorable children are 95% of that, do you just take a gazillion photos at a time and hope one turns out or seriously do your kids just pose that well???

  15. Griffin is so precious @ dance!!! I'm so glad to know she did well...Greer will start class in a couple weeks...hope she loves it, too!!! Have a great week!!!

  16. We started dance at 2 1/2 and it has continued from that point on. Enjoy. And the dance clothes for little ones are to die for. Tutus galore.


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