Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Roadfessionals Recap - Part 3 - Day 5

Saturday morning started with biscuits on the deck.  Perfection!

Everyone got dressed and then snuggled in bed for an episode of Sofia while Dave and I got ready.  Rough life these three have :)

We headed to Beaver Creek and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Chloe thought so as well :)

Time for some mini golf!

After we played a round of golf Luke got suited up and set out on the ropes course.

He did so well!!!

Then it was time to pan for gems!

They both left with a couple bags of stones and were so proud of themselves!

We cooled off in the Children's Museum which was almost entirely empty.

They had a HUGE dress up collection and I was laughing so hard because Mason came around the corner with these pieces on.  He picked them himself and was so proud!

I seriously almost peed my pants.

Costume change and sword fight!

A quick shuttle ride back to our car...

... and then we tried to get a picture.  Tried is the key word.

Luke's face!!!

We hadn't been taking naps and these two were GONE when we got back to the townhouse.  I sat in the car with them for about an hour and a half so they could catch some much needed sleep.  Cool breeze, sun chips, Starbucks and sleeping toddlers - it was greatness.

A storm blew through and we had movie time...

... and then headed to Lionshead for dinner.

Mason was NOT into having his picture taken.  He's actually crouching behind the stroller :)

We explored Lionshead and played on the playground a bit before heading to dinner.

She was having an "Elsa Moment" controlling the fountains :)

I'd read great things about Blue Moose Pizza and it did not disappoint!

While we were waiting a wedding party was being photographed outside our window and the funny part was that it was the same group that had been rehearsing at the park the day before!

The pizza was AMAZING!!!!  If you're headed to Vail I HIGHLY recommend it (so does Luke) :)

We promised that at some point we'd come back in the winter and ice skate here.  

When we do we'll have to recreate this picture of Griffin - but on skates.

When we got back home there was still a little light left, so we ran to the creek to throw more rocks.  Seriously - we could have skipped all other activities and just hung out there the entire week. 

This is where I'm about to post WAY too many pictures of my cuties.  #sorrynotsorry

The rain earlier and freshly washed hair made for some epic curls :)

Luke asked to take a picture of me and Dave and this is what we got :)  #awkward

The perfect ending to our day!

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  1. Those last 4 pictures. Oh my goodness!! So sweet!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Well. I cannot believe that you aren't picking up and moving the family to Colorado. I'm GLAD you aren't, but a part of me IS a little bit surprised! :)

  3. Awwww! Your babies are so adorable! That picture of Mason holding the flowers is just toooo sweet! Colorado is definitely a beautiful place!

  4. Ah! Love it all! Looks like the perfect family vacation, thanks for sharing!

  5. I think you've done it!!! These pictures spoke tonm and now I'm thinking we should skip the beach and head to the mountains!!!

  6. Love these pics, looks like the kids loved all the large open places to run and have fun, we haven't been to Colorado in years but my kids loved it too. And that pizza looks fantastic!

  7. These are the cutest pictures!!! You and G in the last heart!!!

  8. So fun - best pictures! Our preacher referred to "light and momentary" troubles Sunday and I was so thankful to have a person to pray for and relate to when I heard this!

  9. We vacationed in the mountains about every other year (beach on the other years) as a child and still as an adult! We always go to the same places you went and it is giving me the itch to get back to Vail/ Breckenridge! We have been in both summer and winter and ice skated outdoors at Breckenridge! I HIGHLY recommend going back in the winter months and doing winter activities there. SO much fun and it just gives a warm cozy feeling walking around all the little shops bundled up and going back and snuggling by the fire with the mountains as your view! I've enjoyed your recaps! Have a good one!

  10. sweetest pictures! and you gotta love starting your day with a biscuit, yum! Colorado looks beautiful, do you think it would be a good trip for someone with no kids or is it better to wait till we have children?! Just wondering if we should add it to our list!

    not a mom

  11. So much fun! Random question - did the altitude bother any of you? We used to go skiing every year and I would always get a nosebleed!

  12. Ok, these posts have officially convinced me that we have to spend next August planning and taking a trip to Colorado! It looks beautiful and looks like a great break from the brutal Florida summers! I'm so glad yall got to make such great memories together :)


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