Thursday, August 20, 2015

Craft Questions Answered :)

 Happy Thursday, Friends!  After a very crafty summer, one of the questions I get A LOT is how I store all of our craft supplies and then what I do with all the crafts we make.  To answer the first question, let me introduce you to the craft closet . It's a built in in our office and we haven't ever figured out whether it was built when the house was first built, or whether the previous owners put it in.  Either way, we love it.

This is the space I store art supplies, old photo albums, party stuff, etc.


I think that half the battle with crafting is having the supplies on hand.  When a crafting mood strikes you don't want to have to run to the store and grab supplies.  Sometimes the kids will want to do a craft and we'll just open up the doors and I'll let them pick supplies and play.

 I dream about heading the the container store and spending hundreds of dollars on acrylic containers to house everything, but my hodgepodge of glass containers and shoe boxes has done me right for the last 6 years so it's not on the top or my priority list :)  hahaha

I have bins of mod podge and glues, baskets of paper plates, feathers, pom poms and popsicle sticks and lots and lots of scrap scrapbook paper.



Pipe cleaners, foam sheets, LOTS of stickers and construction paper, felt and extra crayons and markers.

I store extra party supplies, decorative accents and candles here as well.

These boxes are full of scrap fabric that I keep for projects like braided headbands and birthday shirts.

This is probably my favorite little spot :)  Glitter, magnets, paint pens, special scissors and googly eyes!

I reuse Bath and Body Works candle jars and use them to house glue sticks, pom poms, etc. They're free and I love that you can see what's inside and stack them.

My stash of acrylic paint and ribbon...

... curling ribbon, cute stationary and extra canvases. 

I know that having a craft closet is kind of unique, but if you're short on space and wanting to start a little stash of art supplies, here's what I'd suggest :)

- Construction Paper
- Googly Eyes
- Pipe Cleaners
- Pony Beads
- Chinet Paper Plates

The other question I get a lot is how I store all the crafts that we make.  Here's the truth... I don't!
We usually display projects on the fridge or kitchen window for a while and then sometimes I'll put a piece or two on the art wire in the boys room, but for the most part, crafts are photographed and then thrown away.  I do have a bin in our attic where I put special school work, projects and all of that and a few crafts have made it in there, but for the most part we enjoy it and then move on.

Let me know if you have other craft questions!  Back tomorrow with Friday Favorites!!!

PS - this is a totally random afterthought, but Zulily has Bitty Babies marked down!  If you're in the market for one for Christmas I wanted to be sure to pass along the info.


  1. Great post! My craft supplies could definitely use some organization.
    Also, I have that same pastel floral photo album on the bottom shelf! Lol!

  2. I'm not sure we can still be friends after this post. I have like a third of a kitchen drawer dedicated to craft supplies and that's pretty much a pair of scissors, construction paper and a pack of markers. #ifeelsoashamed Girl! That closet is amazing! The next time my kids want to craft, I'm just sending them to your house :).

  3. That craft closet is AMAZING. I would LOVE to have something like that with everything in one spot.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! That closet is like Hobby Lobby!! Amazing!!!

  5. Thanks for the heads up about the bitty babies !!!

  6. SOOOOOOOO FUN!!! You had me at google eyes ; )

  7. This post makes me me want to hide under a table and hang my head in shame. The Sims' house has scissors, markers, and crayons.....and that about sums it up. I need to step up my game.

  8. I'm hoping to get some inspiration from you this winter. I have an almost five year old and a baby due Feb 1 so it's going to be a long, cold winter in Cleveland and I need to step up my game for indoor activities!

  9. I love this!! The craft closet is fabulous!!

  10. How cute... I would love a whole craft closet... we have some cute baskets in our pantry and an area on in attic that hold all our craft needs... convenient but not as much as this.. thanks for sharing your home with us :)

  11. Love your craft closet. Jealous. Would you please come help me organize my beads? Would you please do a video tutorial on your burlap/seasonal wreaths? I'd love to make one but my spacial depth factor goes awry with just the photos. Thanks!

  12. Wow! Your closet is still plenty impressive without any container store bins. :) I'm also starting to gear up for the long winter with my little ones and I think adding to our small collection of craft supplies is in order. Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!

  13. Great idea about using the Bath and Body Works candle jars for organizers! How do you get all the wax cleaned out?

    1. Me too! I was just about to ask this same thing! Please tell :)

  14. My kids were always getting their feelings hurt with me throwing away art projects so I give them each one plastic bin. Then they get to decide when it is full what to keep and what to toss. We also take a picture with any large school projects and then toss. My mom is a pack rat so I'm 100% determined not to be.

  15. I'm so proud of you that the supplies are in boxes. The smell in that closet would give this mammas heart joy. #supplyjunkie #crayonsandcandles.

  16. I love the art wire idea and purchased the one you have in your boys room from Ikea to hang in my sons room too! I am waiting on my hubby to hang it but I just noticed the little clips you have on there seem to be able to move back and forth along the wire. What type of clips are they? I was still trying to figure out what would work best and was just going to go with mini clothes pins but I like those much better! Anyway....long time reader, first time commenter on the blog! I love following your adventures on the blog and on instagram! I have 2 boys...2 1/2 and 4 months.

  17. Even though we live in a small house, I don't get house envy very often, but this is putting me over the edge!! Jealousy would be an understatement. :) That crafting closet is heaven!

  18. Okay you just made me want to redo my craft Armoire - husband used it as his TV cabinet till we got married and moved. You have motivated me to organize all of my stuff...I can do this! Thanks for a look inside your closet, oh and using the candle jars, genius!

  19. The use of candle jars is genius!

  20. This is perfect. I must have a craft closet when I have children. I already have too many craft supplies and I'm not even a mom! Ha!

  21. Swoon!!! Craft closet envy going on over here!


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