Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Recap: Red, White and Blue OVERLOAD Edition

Consider this your warning... 9,000 pictures of our weekend coming up! :)

We had so much fun this weekend!  Our town has a super cute parade on the morning of The Fourth and we love getting to attend with Gibi and Haha as well as some of our friends. 

We grew up away from our grandparents and only saw them a few times a year and I am so grateful that my kids get to grow up down the street from my parents and share so many memories with them!

Every year we forget to take a picture until after the parade when everyone is hot, sweaty and D.O.N.E.  This year we wised up and took a couple before it started.

It only took 5 or 6 years of attending the parade for me to figure this out :)  #momfail

We got to our spot early, shady spots are PRIME real estate on parade day, and shared donuts with our friends.  Griffin had already had her donut and she was giving Ashby and her fresh one the STINK FACE.  Ashby looks really upset about it, right? :)

Griffin and Dave checking out the square...

Griffin LOVES puppies and this SWEET SWEET family let her pet theirs...

... and this happened :) 

Ashby was with G and Dave and had no interest in petting the dog, but she was mildly amused at the fit Griffin threw when it was time to leave. 

And it reminded me of the very first time they met :)

A wagon full of cuteness!!!

 Can we talk about Bowen's cheese face?!?!?! :)

The Christmas Parade has lots of floats and is a little more "professional"... the Fourth of July parade.... not so much.  It's this crazy hodgepodge of randomness and it's amazing.  See for yourself...

Ebby Lee wins the prize for most enthusiastic parade attendee (along with Narci) :)

Yes... that's a goat.

I can't even with these sweet girls!!!

Luke's bestie, Lincoln, was riding with his grandparents and they were so excited to spot each other.

Yes.  Just yes.  This amazingly patriotic couple had their dogs dressed up and walked the entire parade route.  Day.  Made.

Doesn't every Fourth of July parade have a Blues Brothers car??? 

And kids peddling bikes holding kegs???

This was right before the horse pulling the carriage behind this one started FREAKING and we all lunged and had to pull our kids away from the ropes.  We were THIS close from being part of the "parade gone wrong" story on the news.

I told you it was random!!!  I think I like the eclectic mix even better than I do the elaborate floats.

Since I forgot to snap a picture of just the kids at the parade we decided to attempt one when we got home.  Shoeless and sweaty.  Masons face kind of sums it up :)

After lunch and nice, long naps for everyone - my mom and I loaded the kids up and headed to the pool.  Dave was working and so we opted for an easy dinner poolside.

Another winning group pic.


Not so much :)

I actually picked up Griffin's patriotic suit on sale for next year, but thought it was too fitting not to wear it.  

The pool was virtually empty and we had a great time. 

This boy loves pizza!

This girl has NO fear and loves going under, getting her face wet and being thrown up as high as she can.  She even jumps off the diving board.  #thatsmygirl

Luke has improved his swimming (and jumping) so much since last summer!  And Mason (who I didn't get a picture of) has turned into an absolute FISH since swimming lessons.

They were KILLING it with the faces :)

YAY for Fourth of July!!!

Saturday night after Dave got home we donned even more patriotic attire and went to see fireworks.

And I'm using the term "see" very loosely because there was a lot of screaming, giggling and other shenanigans, but I'm not sure there was a lot of watching :)

 After fireworks we went home and did sparklers with Haha (he was at our house with Griffin - she didn't make it to fireworks... sleepy girl!).


We were laughing so hard because Luke was PARANOID about getting burned.  I don't think we have to worry about him playing with fire... EVER.  We had the worlds biggest sparklers and he would only let it go about halfway before he would start FREAKING that it was getting close to his hand.  Sweet boy!!!

Their favorite part was extinguishing the sparklers in the little plastic bucket.

Sunday morning we kept the party going and sported even more red, white and blue to church.

Congratulations if you made it through all my pictures.  It was a PACKED weekend and we are so grateful that we live in a country where we can celebrate our freedom and independence.

Have a FANTASTIC Monday and don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be sharing our beauty routines!  Spoiler alert... my post will be short and sweet. :)


  1. We had the best time with your sweet family!! And the Sunday pics of the three kids are SO CUTE!!! Love!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Could Mason's face in that picture be any funnier?! LOL!!!!

  3. Okay, so this is officially our "framily" holiday! I mean...BEST DAY EVER! We went to bed that night completely exhausted but totally excited about the wonderful day we had. Love you guys!! xoxo (And PS: I'm now officially ready for fall and pumpkins xo)

  4. I can't imagine the brain cells it must take to coordinate 3 kids so perfectly for a WEEKEND of red, white, and blue. Well done Mama. :)

  5. Be still my America loving heart.

  6. What a fun weekend! How great that your parents live so close! Do your boys complain about having you pick out their clothes? My boys do :(

  7. Where did you get Griffin's super cute firework dress? Thanks!

  8. LOVE all the patriotic outfits! You have a knack for coordination, Andrea :)

  9. Sweet Griffin looks adorable in her outfits. This may seem odd but she reminds me of Delilah from Little Rascals.

  10. I LOVED all of the pictures! You have the sweetest family!


  11. What a whole bunch of patriotic cuteness!! xo

  12. I love all the theme outfits. So cute. Loved all the pictures! Hope you have a fabulous week!

  13. So fun! And I saw on facebook or something that someone used a solo cup and poked the sparkler through it so they didn't have to worry about anyone getting burned. I thought it was genuius and will definitely be doing it !

  14. Luke's church outfit!! SO in love!

  15. Loving all the red, white and blue fashions!!! Darling kids!

  16. What a fun day! I am right there with Luke - I actually hate sparklers for the same reason! I'm always scared they are going to burn me! Hahaha :)

  17. Love all the pics! Your children couldn't be cuter and the red, white and blue all weekend is awesome! Makes me wish my kiddos were smaller and I could dress them again;)

  18. Love all the pics...and silly faces!! What a sweet family. Love , love, love your fireworks attire!!

  19. Am I the only one who LOVES that the store sign says "smitten" behind you? Precious - and Griffin's little thighs in her suits are TOO much!

  20. That looks like a really fun parade, I wish we did something like that in our town! Looks like y'all had a great weekend :)

  21. beautiful family!

  22. I have never seen a family with more Red/white/blue outfits in one day, I love it! :) You are the best/get great deals kind of shopper. We need to go shopping together, or you can just buy two of whatever you buy Griffin and you can just send it my way :)

  23. Thanks for sharing your weekend! Your pics are all so cute!! I love the one when Griffin gets to see the dog, she is just too adorable!


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