Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: This Ice Cream Is Too Cold Edition

Friday morning I took the kids to the Country Club pool.  We looooooooove this pool because it's super quiet and on most mornings we have the whole place to ourselves.

I let them each pick a treat before we left and Mason INSISTED on ice cream.  And then he pouted and refused to eat it because it was "too cold".  Sigh.

Meanwhile, this girl scarfed her weight in wheat thins.  #thatsmygirl

Dave was working and I tried to snap a picture of our three to send to him before we left.  Yeah, not so much. :)

So, we got Jack Baure back in January... and if you'll remember, he was pretty much totally bald.  He had been found outside, in the freezing cold, all alone and at around .  He was around 2 pounds and covered in fleas and mange and he was totally shaved.  Poor little man!!

We've had so much fun watching him (and his hair) grow and on Friday morning he looked like this.  Shaggy, muppety and crazy cute.  His poor eyes were totally covered and he needed an overall trim, so we dropped him off with the groomer with instructions to trim him up a bit.

When we picked him up he looked like THIS!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!
He looked great, but so not like Jack Bauer.  My kids laughed uncontrollably at our fluffy dog and we gave his fluffy self lots and lots of extra snuggles. :)

Saturday afternoon I was missing our shaggy dog, so I gave him a quick bath and got a glimpse of our little furball again.  We LOVE that he's cooler and trimmed up for summer, but we're excited to have our shaggy dog back this Fall.

Jack Bauer wasn't the only one who went for a swim on Saturday morning, Dave was off in the morning and so we headed to the club to swim again.  Griffin is a TOTAL water baby.  No fear and she LOVES it!

Mason almost always brings his heroes to the pool and this day was no exception.

Luke is a total fish and pretty much is constantly jumping off the side or diving board, but he did slow down long enough to let his younger siblings shoot him in the face with the water gun :) 

We ate lunch and Griffin picked out a strawberry shortcake bar, which she proceeded to eat as cleanly as she could.  As it dripped she wiped away the mess (on the bar) and no matter how many times we told her not to bother, her cleanliness could not be deterred :) 

Dave was doing something in the snack bar as we were about to leave (because even when he's not working, he's working. hahaha), and Mason decided to plop himself down on the stairs out front and chat it up with some sweet teenage girls who we didn't know.  Sigh.  He LOVES meeting and talking with girls.  Y'all, pray for me :)

This one cracks me up, between the stank face and the golf ball eyes :)

Saturday night my mom and I took the kids out for dinner and baby couldn't be left behind!

Saturday night was full of lots and lots and lots of Zingo...

... which apparently is exhausting :)

Sunday morning G was looking extra sassy for church, and the boys had already raced to the van and declared a "winner" :) 

Sunday afternoon was low key and quiet and then in the evening we twirled around in the yard before heading to Dave's youngest brother's house for dinner.

Dave's sister and her boyfriend were visiting from California (they live in Berkley where Elizabeth is finishing up her Doctorate degree).  We met up with them, Stephen and Cynthia, Dave's parents and both of his grandmas for dinner and Uno :)

Mason was IN LOVE with Stephen's electric guitar and declared himself a rock star.  He had the booty shaking and arm movements DOWN!  :)

We had so much fun visiting and hanging out and we loved getting to see Elizabeth and Aaron.

We're so blessed for having great, fun people in our lives who love our kids and can make amazing silly faces with them :)

 Monday morning was ROUGH because who wants to eat breakfast when you could be playing??? :)

They say dogs look like their owners, right? :)  #twinning

 We visited the library and then Luke wanted to set up a "display" of his Top 100 Lego mini figures.

We spent the rest of the day lounging, going to the library and cruising the golf course.  It was the perfect end to a great weekend.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!!  EXCITING news to share with you guys tomorrow!!!


  1. What a fun weekend ! Love the ice cream being too cold !

  2. I just love summers spent by the pool. What a perfect weekend.

  3. What sweet pictures of your kiddos at the pool!! See you guys tomorrow...at the pool ;)!

  4. Girl!!! Griffin can give that side eye!! Can't wait to see what that looks like when she's 14!!!

  5. Y'all have been soaking it up! I MISS YOU THOUGH! I opened your sweet card last last night (we were out of town over the weekend and didn't get the mail from the neighbors until last night) and it made me want to see you and your fam immediately! Love you friend!!!! xoxo, Sheaffer ;)

  6. What a fun weekend!! Jack Bauer is such a cutie, and I LOVE GG's stink face!! Haha! :)

  7. I love when your kids remind me of mine, like Mason pouting over cold ice cream and Luke setting up a Lego display. Enjoy Tuesday and I can't wait to hear the exciting news!

  8. Love the pictures of Luke with his Legos! The "guys" are my sons favorite part of Legos and I can totally see him doing this someday!

  9. Love the last few pictures! My brother was the same way, he had all of his GI Joes, Legos, Etc all lined up and God forbid anyone mess the order up! Looks like y'all had a great weekend!

  10. Oh my goodness....Jack Bauer has gotten so big!! Looks like you guys are soaking up summer!

  11. I can't believe how big Jack Bauer has gotten! Love Mason's reaction to the ice cream. #SummerProbs

  12. What a fun filled weekend! What kind of dog is Jack Bauer?? I really want a dog but my husband's conditions are small and non shedding! Thanks!

  13. We have a similar breed (and exact same color) dog as Jack Bauer. She's a Bichon Frise-Shih Tzu mix. The first time we had her groomed, I honestly didn't recognize her when we picked her up. I almost cried. But over time, I've come to prefer the shorter groomed version. Who knew they had eyes??

  14. Jack Bauer look so different but still so stinkin adorable. I don't think y'all could have a more perfect dog. He seems to fit in perfectly with all the personality! So much fun in one post! Hope the rest of this week is just as good! :)

  15. What a great weekend! My son is just getting into legos, pray for me.

  16. Please tell me where you get all the figurines!! My son wants to buy the $50 sets just for the guy that comes with it!! :/

  17. Hi there, Jack Bauer is identical to my Coco, who's a bichon frise/toy poodle mix. She's about 8 pounds now at 9 months. Aren't they so fun! My kids are totally in love, and other than the 7:00 pm frenzy she goes through, she's very calm. Enjoy!


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