Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap: Whirlwind Weekend Edition

Happy Monday, friends!!! This weekend has been a whirlwind!!!  TONS of  activity and lots and lots of fun.  

Friday morning the boys were off to their last day of VBS and Griffin and I headed out for a full morning of errands.

She picked her dress and accessories - Holy pink, Batman!  Girlfriend knows what she likes.... and it's pink :)

After a stop to pick up some signs and a trip to Whole Foods we stopped in at Trader Joes.  She made herself at home.

Apparently it's the end of peony season, so we stocked up!

I was hauling around all kinds of pretties.  
Typically Griffin is in the middle and Mason and the boys are in the third row, but she and Mason switched seats last week and they've gotten a huge kick out of sitting in each others carseats.

Last stop was our neighborhood store to pick up a bunch of produce for the shower, our daily lives and a 5K that some of our friends were hosting this weekend as well.  

After running around like crazy people all morning and then picking up the boys, it was naps for everyone and then our last day swim lessons!

 Look at these three cuties!  Even from the back they're stinkin' precious :)

All three kids made so much progress this week and it was so much fun to watch them.  On Friday the boys worked on diving...

 And G worked on shooting cute glances at the boys and her daddy :)

Medals and suckers - success!

 Friday night I worked on shower prep and my dad came over and hung up my new sign.  I am IN LOVE!!!


 Saturday morning I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law (which I'll blog about on another day), and while I was getting everything ready, Dave took the kids to a Princess Breakfast going on at the Country Club.  Griffin looks a little confused, but she talked about "pincesses" all day long.

 Dave dropped Griffin back off at home for the baby shower and he and the boys went to the park and to Pet Smart.  Apparently they were doing a "reptile handling" day and they got to hold Walter the bearded dragon. EEEK!


Saturday afternoon the Heaven's opened up, angels started singing and everyone in my house was asleep for close to two hours.  AAAAAAAH!!!!

 Saturday afternoon this cool kid made a skateboard out of Legos...


... and then my dad and I took the boys to see Chuggington Live where I attempted to take a picture of these instead :)

We had so much fun and ate way too much popcorn.  It was a great night.

Sunday morning Mason brought home the BEST Sunday School craft ever! His teachers went above and beyond to create something super special.  Isn't it the best???

Sunday night we had dinner with the Shulls at the pool - our favorite kinds of dinners!  These two girls are going to be TROUBLE! :)  The big kids were too busy swimming, playing tether ball and running a muck for a picture. hahaha

After dinner, our party of 5 loaded up in a golf cart to "cruise" the course. 

Dave wasn't looking, but majority rules :) hahaha  #sorrydave

When I moved to Texas in 1997, we moved into a house on the golf course that looked right onto these two HUGE trees. We took prom pictures under these trees, I would bring a blanket and book out there on days when the course was closed, we ran through the golf course sprinklers ALL THE TIME and would chase lightning bugs underneath the big tree.  Last night we took the kids by the tree and had a "full circle" moment.

I'm not sure when my parents bought that house almost 20 years ago that they thought their three grandkids would be running around underneath it :)

I thought it was only appropriate to get an updated pic of Dave and I by the tree considering the last time we did this was probably my Senior Prom in 2002.  I'm fairly certain that the last time I stood under this tree for a pic I looked a LOT cuter :) hahaha

Looking for turtles.

We stopped by Gibi and Haha's backyard and the boys wanted to show them how fast they are.  Because boys! :)

On our way back to the clubhouse we stopped and watched a flock of geese.  The kids thought they were hilarious!

 A quick pic on the putting green and we headed home for baths and bed. 

It was a perfect summer night!

Here's hoping that your weekend was filled with your favorite things and people. 

Don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell: Yards and Outdoor spaces.  I may show pictures of our yard from last year since it is kind of a hot mess after all the rain we've had.  Or I may show pictures of our mulch bags that still haven't been spread and sandbox that is a disaster and a half :)   I need some outdoor inspiration, so be sure to link up and share!


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Can't wait to hear more about the shower!!

    Happy Monday!


  2. Like the BEST Sunday night EVER! Can't wait to do it again really soon! Love you girl!!

  3. Girl!!! G rocked this swim lessons! Swimming, dinner at the pool, and a drive around on the golf cart? My kind of night!!

    1. When you get back we need to swim and drive around ASAP! :)

  4. So fun!! It really was the perfect summer night!! :)

    1. Yes ma'am!!! HAve the BEST time on your road trip, girly!!! We'll miss y'all!

  5. Y'all had such a fun weekend! And I LOVE the tree story!!!!!

  6. Love the story about the tree!!!

  7. Hey .... I thought for sure you would post the prom pic in front of the trees.

    Just wondering if the pool is at the same country club your hubby works at.

    1. I totally will! I just need to locate and photograph the prom pic first :) It's not the clubhouse he works at - but is part of the same company if that makes sense. There's The Ranch golf course and club house (which is where we typically go for the pool) and he works at The Dye Course clubhouse (which has it's own pool, tennis courts, golf courses, etc.). The two clubhouses are probably less than 2 miles apart. I prefer the pool at his clubhouse because it's typically less crowded, but it's being refinished right now and it's been delayed a ton due to all the rain.

  8. Can't wait to hear about the always do such cute and creative parties...I like to steal your ideas😉

  9. Lovely post. Your daughter and her expressions always make me smile. Just love it.

  10. Yay Trader Joe's! I work there so I loved seeing it included in this blog post. Happy Monday!

  11. I had to share this with you. Luke would die!

  12. What a perfect weekend of family and friends. I pretty much had the same weekend, I loved it!

  13. looks like the perfect weekend!! When i was pregnant with my first and found out she was a girl, I was going to be SO anti-pink clothes and accessories... just because I don't like the color THREE girls later.... I've given up on that idea - haha!
    ♥ Jen
    A Splash of Life Blog

  14. Hi Andrea!
    Do you have any suggestions on where to buy cute signs similar to the one you just got? Thanks!


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