Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap - Wilson Wedding Edition

 Happy Monday, friends!  How on earth is it May???   Can we please talk about how after today I only have TWO MORE MONDAYS of school?  EEEK!!!  I am so not ready and so ready all at the same time.  This year has FLOWN by!!!

After my staff meeting on Friday, Luke had a Toys-R-Us gift card from his birthday that was burning a hold in his little Lego-loving pocket, so I surprised him with a trip to one of my least favorite stores on the planet :)  

Originally, I told him that he HAD to spend his money on "toys" since he always picks Legos and then he and Mason end up fighting over Mason's action figures, etc.  We spent an eternity looking at Ninja turtles, Marvel figurines when he let out a huge, expressive sigh.  I asked him if he wanted to go to the Lego aisle and he BEAMED.

Excited much???

We headed home to meet up with the Littles for "pizza Friday"... the most delicious night of the week.  Because it tastes better when you don't have to cook it :)

Saturday morning we met up with Kelly at our very favorite road to have our family photos taken.  My mom typically tags along with us to help wrangle kids and keep everyone laughing/smiling and she snapped a couple of us "doing our thing". :)

Griffin was a HOT mama-clinging mess during 99% of the session, but the boys were FANTASTIC!  I can't wait to see and share the images!  

After pictures, we stopped and picked up our "bribery donuts" (the donuts we promised throughout our photoshoot - hehehe), Luke went to skating lessons and Mason, Griffin and I hung out and colored.

After skating Luke went to his besties birthday party and then after lunch Griffin hung out with my mom (napping) and Mason and I went to pick Luke up.  Luke was so sweet and he snared the balance of his arcade card with his brother. LOVE his sweet heart!

Saturday evening Dave got home from work and we all got dressed and ready to head to Amy Jo and Drew's wedding.  Amy Jo is Dave's cousin (on his mom's side) and we were so excited to celebrate with her and Drew.  Luke took a picture of Dave and I as we were on our way out the door and he managed to get a good one despite us not following his artistic direction to "just wave these branches around like you're sword fighting!" 

There was PLENTY of sunshine for the ceremony...

And yes.... that's Luke with the program/fan blocking his little brother :)

The kids did GREAT during the ceremony (which was short and sweet!) and Griffin was the perfect little guest courtesy of her paci and Papa Mac :)

Beautiful bride!

Waiting for the reception to start, we decided to snap a few pictures.  I'm fairly certain that this is the exact moment when Mason's sesasonal allergies started acting up...

The reception was in the event center on the same property and was decorated with kind of a "country chic" motif.  Amy Jo did a great job and everything looked beautiful.

They had coloring books and crayons for the kids which was so thoughtful and awesome...

Both of Dave's grandmas were there and I love this picture of Dave's maternal grandmother (Minnie Fae Griffin), his mom, Dave and Griffin.  :) 


They had lots of glow necklaces and bracelets and fun sunglasses out for everyone and my boys thought they were awesome!

Serious faces :)

My kids TORE UP the dance floor...

This girl!

 We love us some Cynthia!!!

And Griffin LOVED Amy Jo's necklace :)  #duh


 The wedding was only about 15 minutes from home, and this kid made it all of about 3 minutes before he was gone.

We didn't make it until the end of the reception, but I snagged this awesome shot off of Amy Jo's Facebook. ;)  Congrats to the Wilsons!  We had so much fun celebrating with you!

Sunday morning we headed to church (and yes... we wore shoes... just not for our photo op)


 Sunday afternoon looked a lot like this...

The rest of the afternoon we spent working in the yard and eating breakfast for dinner ;)

Last up - be sure to check out Erika's blog today if you're local and interested in finding out more about opportunities with Rodan and Fields!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! ;)


  1. What a fun weekend! Amy Jo's wedding was darling, and I love the picture of the boys in the sunglasses. :)

  2. The wedding looked so pretty!! Love that they had glow necklaces and sunglasses. That wedding was designed with Mason in mind. :)

  3. That wedding is completely adorable! I continually bemoan the fact that we got married pre-Pinterest! And Griffin's got great taste! That necklace is gorgeous! Happy second to last Monday before summer! :)

  4. What a fun wedding! Looks like a big ole party :)

  5. My Anders is Lego obsessed like Luke! And my boys are sweet best friends, too, 95% of the time ;) Looks like you all enjoyed the gorgeous wedding!

  6. You only have two more Mondays left?!?!? Oh how that excites me!! I can already see our summer ahead...and it's going to be FABULOUS! Love you friend!!!

  7. What a fun weekend. The wedding decor was fabulous!! And Mason is a rock star in the making. I love Luke's Lego face too! Pretty perfect weekend. I have 4 more weeks of school. I can't wait. Bring on summer vacay!

  8. I seriously want to be a member of your family b/c you guys always look like you're having so much fun! Congrats on school almost being over, too! The countdown is on!! :-)
    The Busy Brunette

  9. Super fun weekend! Loved that last shot of the couple with the sparklers. HELLO, CANVAS! And HELLO SUMMER!!!!!

  10. What a beautiful wedding! And I'm so glad we aren't the only family who has "bribery donuts" ;)

  11. That wedding looked awesome! I love Texas weddings...the cowboy boots and hats, the southern décor!! I love it! I swear I'm completely misplaced in where I live. And the Jersey Shore and Texas are so polar opposite!
    Awesome pics!

  12. Such a fun weekend and great pictures. Hope you have a great week!

  13. Haha that video, so cute! That wedding reception is so pretty! She did a great job with the decor!

  14. I must know where that street in your family photos is!? Would you mind sharing? I'm local to the DFW area and love it as a family photo location!!

  15. What a great weekend! My brother's wedding is in less than two weeks and I hoping Xavier dances the night away like Mason :) And I can't wait to see more of your Spring photos! What I saw on instagram looked amazing!

  16. What a busy, fun weekend!!! Can't believe you have two more Mondays! We have 18 days, and I am counting down!

  17. Her cake was incredibly elegant! Love it. I look forward to seeing your family session!

  18. Random cowboy hats and cowboy boots means you know you live in Texas! Haha. What a beautiful reception! And I love Amy Jo's necklace too!

  19. My oldest is the exact same. He likes to play with his siblings toys, but given the opportunity to buy anything...and it must be a Lego. Part of that may be that he knows I'll never make him get rid of it??? #legofamily


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