Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up - Easter Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  This weekend was a GREAT one!!!  SO SO SO much fun packed into three short days.  Brace yourselves :)  Look how normal and calm Friday started off...

We were dressed and ready for a morning of birthday party errands and such.  There were flowers on my nightstand and all was well.  Then... the bottom of my day dropped out when Dave walked out of the front door and I was holding G and walking down the hall to grab a diaper out of her room to throw in my bag when I saw that I thought was a toy snake on the ground. 

I bent down and turns out it was a REAL LIVE SNAKE!!!!

It was in this moment that I realized exactly how deep and strong my fear of snakes really was.  I screamed the loudest, most guttural sound that has ever left my mouth and froze... did I dare take my eyes off of it to find something to catch it in?  How do you even catch a snake?  What if it was poisonous?   What if there were dozens of baby snakes crawling throughout my house at that very instance. 

I decided to beeline it to the front door in the hopes that I could catch Dave pulling out of the driveway and much to my relief, found him walking back in the door because he forgot his phone.  He had heard my screaming from the driveway and when I explained there was a snake in the hall his reaction was, "oh".

He calmly walked down the hall, saw the snake, and while I was jumping up and down, covered in goosebumps, smacked the snake with his shoe, picked it up and tossed it into a coffee filter.  Seriously.   Then he got out the dust buster to vacuum up the bits of leaves that came off of his shoe.  He was acting like this was totally normal and I was panicking enough for both of us (and the entire neighborhood). 

He set the coffee filter holding a snake on our front hall table and assured me it was dead, which I believed until I watched it attempting to crawl out of said coffee filter. This is when I burst into tears, gathered up the kids and got in the van.  We weren't sure what kind of snake it was or whether or not we'd need to know - so Dave put it in a ziplock bag and left it on our porch.  Again, totally normal.  #exceptnot

The kids and I headed out to do our errands while Dave stayed home to look under every bed, in every cabinet and behind every piece of furniture.  We talked with several professionals and felt satisfied that it was a "Texas Brown Snake" that slipped in through our sliding door or another opening.  They're non-venomous and we do NOT have a snake den in our closet :)  

In hindsight, I realize that the level of my freaking out was completely disproportionate to the situation - but apparently my fear of snakes is bigger than I knew.  Hopefully the snakes will get the memo to stay outside and I won't have to come face to face with one in my house again anytime soon.  UGH!!!!

This is the picture I texted Dave when we pulled into Hobby Lobby (my third errand of the morning) about an hour after said incident... still blotchy faced and disheveled from the craziness at home.  hahaha  And no... I didn't put any makeup on at all on Friday :)  #amen

A celebratory selfie in the bathroom mirror because we survived the morning!!!

We made 5 or 6 stops and I felt like by the end it was a game for my boys to use every restroom we encountered.  GG and I kept ourselves entertained while we waited on the boys :) 

After a rainy morning of errands we came home to set up for Luke's birthday party.

I'm going to blog party details on Wednesday, but I will tell you that it was two hours of totally awesome craziness.  12 boys, friends.  Twelve.  Boys. 

After the after party (aka mass cleanup, eating cold pizza and sugar detoxing my kids), I looked like this STAT and was passed out about 3 minutes after.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and were ready to hunt some eggs!

We headed to the country club and G participated in the under three hunt.  She had no clue what was going on.  She even put her eggs in other kids baskets...

... apparently she has my competitive drive.

Sidenote: I found baskets at Homegoods!!! WOO HOO!!!

While we waited for the 4-7 year old hunt we snapped a few pics of our cute crew :)

boys were READY!!!


And they're off!!!

So glad that a sweet private events coordinator offered to take a family picture for us since Dave worked ALL day on Sunday!  Also glad that everyone is kind of looking because she took ONE (as in a single one) photo of us #rookie :) hahaha

We met the Easter bunny and GG lost her MIND!!!  Cue the death grip and crocodile tears.

"Hey, everyone! Look at Daddy!"

 We spent all of Saturday afternoon outside doing this...

and lots and lots of this :)

 Saturday night we called it a night early :)

Sunday morning the boys were up early and were excited to look through their "Easter boxes"

The Snackeez cups were as big of a hit as I thought they'd be :)

 Griffin woke up later and we said bye to Dave (Easter is a HUGE day at the club) and got ready for church.

 It was POURING rain and icky outside which made outside pics impossible and I was soooooooooo glad that on Saturday, when it was bright and gorgeous outside, I'd had the forethought to put the kids in their Easter clothes and snap some pics :)  hahaha 

Even though Sunday was gloomy, these two matchy matchy girls were nothing but sunshine!!!

After church and lunch, there was a break in the rain and so the kids and I headed outside to crack open some confetti eggs...


GG, being the smallest, took on most of the confetti :)

hahaha. Being a big brother is hard work :)

Sunday afternoon, the boys played at Gibi and Haha's house while Griffin napped and I lesson planned...

... and they were home in time to hunt for eggs (inside... boo rain!) before dinner with my parents.

  It was a busy, busy weekend - but jam packed with fun as a family. 

Tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be sharing about our Favorite Vacations EVER and I can't wait to get bit by the travel bug through y'alls posts :)

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. My very favorite part was when you said that Griffin has your competitive drive. You're hilarious! Sad we missed you at church but your kiddos look darling in their Easter clothes.

  2. Such a fun weekend! And I'm soooo impressed you put them in their outfits on Saturday to snap pics. And that black and white pic of G laying down is the sweetest thing ever.

  3. 1. I would still be screaming over the snake incident. Like seriously, I would still be screaming.
    2. Smith had so much fun at Luke's party!!! He loved it!
    3. It was so smart of you to take pics of your kiddos in their Easter clothes the day before when it was sunny!
    4. I love the pics of G with the confetti!
    5. Happy Monday friend! Love you!

  4. What a fun weekend! Luke had an awesome time at the party!! :)

  5. I totally relate to Dave having to work holidays...Blake didn't have to work Easter but has worked on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, NYE, etc. It just goes with the golf territory : )
    And also..confetti eggs!!! I really need to have one of my Texan friends send me some next year for my boys-they would love!!! Can't wait to see party pictures Wednesday.

  6. I would have to go to a psychiatric hospital after the snake incident. I think you handled it pretty good.

  7. I totally would have reacted the same as you in the snake incident!!! AND my husband would have acted the same way as Dave did. I'm not sure I would have went back into my house that day. LOL!!!! Also, that black & white pic of Griffin laying bed: SWEETEST. PIC. EVER.

  8. The snake...... I barely survived one at my house two. I watched it slither in my front door and right by my daughter and heard it hit all our Legos under the couch. I did what a good Mom does, scream and stand on furniture. My husband did finally catch it or else I would have moved for sure. Lol

  9. What a fun, exhausting weekend. I'm so thankful that Easter Monday is celebrated at my school :) Have a good week!

  10. I belly laugh at Mason in almost every pic. He cracks me up!!!

  11. Ya so, the snake.. NOT COOL! Holy cow I woulda lost it! ...and it appears Griffin felt the same way about the Easter bunny as you did the snake! Either way your kids look adorable as always! Happy Monday :)

  12. My two fears, snakes and E.T.!!
    I'd be screaming and trying to get out as fast as possible too! Take goodness you had Dave to deal with it so calmly. I know I would be a hot mess!

  13. Your daughter, delightful. I enjoy seeing her expressions.

  14. I feel you on the snake, girl. Burn it down, hahaha. Loved this post! P.S. Can I get just a little bit of Griffin's hair volume?! Ha!

  15. I have a bird phobia, so I completely understand people who have any kinds of phobias....

  16. The pictures of G by the little red playhouse...... GORGEOUS!!! So much fun! Except for the snake! Ahh! I would have freaked out in equal measure!

  17. I felt terror about that snake and that is just me reading about it. I'm so glad your husband was home!

  18. I never tire of seeing pictures of your beautiful kids (and you too, of course)!! I love the pictures of them with the confetti eggs. Just pure joy! I was wondering if you could give some wedge sandal recommendations sometime? I am looking for some that are cute and comfortable and don't break the bank.

  19. My reaction would have been the same and I would be packing up to move now. Lol. Looks like a great weekend

  20. Everyone looks so spring-y! I love it. Glad you had a nice Easter!!

  21. Love the confetti pictures--pure joy and happiness!

  22. Girl...we seriously just had a snake discussion yesterday! I When I was pregnant with #4 I walked out to leave for work and a bait bucket was sitting by my car with a note from my husband (who obviously didn't know my extreme aversion) reading show this to Dillon. It had an itty, bitty snake inside which was non venomous but nevertheless equally as terrifying with that little tongue flicking! I was huge pregnant kicking that darn bucket across the yard! Your babies look precious as always...and go you thinking ahead with the Easter pics!

  23. I feel you on the snake situation! I've never had one in my house, but I can't even see a picture of a snake without screaming. On a different note, your family is beautiful. Many blessings, Andrea!

  24. So precious! Also, I am insanely jealous that your country club allows jeans. Ours has a no jeans policy, so my hubby usually rebels by humiliating me with some sort of gimmick...such as a CAMO button down!!! hehe.

  25. 1. The snake. I would have died. I don't feel like you overreacted. I would have cried all day long and wore my rainboots inside all day {and maybe while I slept} so that another snake wouldn't have had the opportunity to touch my skin. haha.
    2. I can't wait to see all the details of Luke's party!
    3. Griffins jacket for stinking adorable.
    4. I wish I would have thought to do confetti eggs. so fun!!
    Have a blessed week!

  26. I loooove your pj's, where did you get them???

  27. I would have died (fainted) with the snake incident, Yikes!! Your little G looks so darn cute in all that confetti!!

  28. OMG! Snake in the house, I might have moved...seriously, not even joking. You're #rookie hilarious! Like why do people only take 1 picture, you need to take quick successive pictures...everyone knows that :) It's not like you're taking pictures with film and it wastes money, digital people, it's digital...

  29. Your kids are so precious! Girl I think I would have reacted the same way with the snake situation! That gives me the creeps! So sorry that happened!

  30. That snake story is terrifying. I'd have lost my mind. Luckily where I live in Canada, snakes are rare to be seen. And one entering my house is pretty much guaranteed never to happen! Phew! I hope you don't have nightmares about this!!

  31. I'd love to know what the boys are playing with?! My son would love the fighter jets, tanks and landing pad!

  32. Your family is too cute! It looks like you had a great weekend, apart from the snake! I would have freaked out too! Certain things are not allowed in my house ... and I don't like to see them even when we are outside. So fun that you were able to enjoy a fun Easter egg hunt and some time with family.

  33. No joke, I scream over a spider. The other day there was a spider in the shower and I full on woke up my husband to come kill it :) so I totally don't think you were overreacting!
    Glad your weekend ended better than it started! Sounds like you all had a great Easter and birthday celebration!

  34. Bless your heart in that pic you sent Dave after the snake incident! I'm the same way about spiders.
    Those pictures of Griffin by the playhouse in her Easter dress look straight out of a storybook! Just breath-taking! She looks like a sweet "vintage" baby to she stepped straight out of the illustrations on the pages of a Little Golden Book, with her perfect little button-nose features and rosy cheeks.
    I made the pineapple casserole you posted about last week, for Easter, to go with our ham, and even though I went in skeptical, can I just tell you that I'm already looking forward to next Easter to eat some more of that deliciousness?? Oh. My. Word. It was scrumptious, and my whole family loved it, and there were no leftovers. So fun to put such "crazy" dish on the table, and have it be such a big hit! Thanks so much for enlightening us!:)

  35. What a happy Easter weekend! Minus the snake. If it makes you feel better, I found a snake in our AZ house when husby WAS IN LONDON. Not the time you want husby out-of-the-country. Also, your floral pajams are darling.


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