Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Recap: We Got Dirty Edition

Friday was our last day with Mustang Bear and Luke finished up his pages for the class scrapbook before we left for school...

The Jack Bauer page is my favorite :)

Friday I sported a super fitting shirt from TaraLynns because TGIF!!! ;)
(Cardi is from Target, jeans ON SALE!, monogrammed converse, bag)

When we got to school on Friday morning I had a flashback to my elementary school days when I had a KILLER key chain collection.  You can hear him coming down the deck and I love it :)

Friday morning Dave sent me this pic of G adn I died laughing.  The jacket, the crazy hair, the chucks, the squinty eyes... it's all perfection :)

My staff meeting ran short and Luke wanted to hang out with his friends at ESS, so I came home with intentions of folding laundry and ended up like this....

... chocolate cream pie and Real Housewives.  Amen.

Dave picked up all the kiddos on his break and, like every other day, this girl needs her mama snuggles and her paci for a solid 20 minutes every day when she gets home.  I LOVE that she "needs me" :)

Dave headed back to work and the kiddos and I had our normal Friday night "pizza night".  My favorite night of the week :)  We eat too much pizza, they fight over the Papa Johns garlic sauce, and then we snuggle up and watch movies.  

Before movie time, Gibi stopped by and we read books...

And then we were up bright and early on Saturday for Luke to head to the ice skating rink and to get started on our yard work.  Mason thought he was HOT STUFF on top of the first load of mulch!

Dave picked up Sam (one of my former students and one of my co-workers sons) to help him get all the mulch and Mason was SMITTEN!  This is him trying to talk his way into getting Sam to live with us :) hahaha

While the boys unloaded mulch, G and I hit up the grocery store and as we were about to leave I looked down and realized why she loves goign to Kroger so much.... feet up, shoes off, munching on a FRESH tortilla (seriously... they're the BEST!) and sipping on ice water.  It's good to be Griffin! 

When we got home she tried on the sweetest, girliest handmade flower crown from The Fierce Chipmunk.  Her work is AMAZING and so so so special!

Mason was a MESS after mulching a bit and so G helped me get him all cleaned up :)

These two were CRACKING me up.... look at their feet!

Saturday afternoon I worked out front, trimming, mulching, moving stepping stones, etc. and the boys had Carter over to play!  They had a blast playing outside together and then came in and made a huge mess :)  The messier things are, the more fun they had, right!?!?! :)

Dave came home before the dinner rush and surprised me with my first Green Tea Lemonade with Peach of the season!!!  I have GOT to figure out how to make these myself! :) 

Anna Grace stopped by to hang with the littles during dinner when Dave went back to work and I was finishing up in the yard and I was DYING because she drove herself over!  My Anna Grace is growing up!!!  When she left Griffin threw the biggest fit and I felt like chopped liver :)

It was an early night for everyone... especially this kid who was too wiped out to even enjoy some dry cereal in his Snackee cup :)  The kids got Snackeez in their Easter baskets and we are all OBSESSED!!!  How did we survive before them?!?!?!

My crazy crew (plus baby) ready for church on Sunday morning!

Sunday morning I busted out my very favorite flare leg jeans.  (Mine are from GAP from before Luke was born (Eeek!), but THIS PAIR looks GREAT!) and paired them with this SUPER cute top from Anthropologie (and it's actually a pool coverup... but it's way too cute to be worn to the pool! hahaha)

 And speaking of way cute... my favorite white shirt showed up in red and I'm LOVING it!!!

My bedroom gets awful light for pics, so I moved my mirror into the bathroom... but then I couldn't get my head in the pics.  #selfie problems. hahaha

There's my face! hahaha  
The color isn't a true red, and I think it will be super fun with white linen pants and turquoise jewelry for summer.

Sunday afternoon I put Griffin down for a nap and the boys and I headed out back to get a TON of work done.  We LOVE our yard, but the trees that we adore for all the shade and character also drop a CRUD LOAD of leaves :)  We're having some "ground cover issues" that I'm trying to remedy (i.e. our larape grass is taking over everything!) and are doing all the general trimming and all of that as well.  

Mason wore green for the occasion :)

And Luke hunted slugs :)  EWWWW!!!

Mason and I were completely grossed out, but this kid has yet to run across a creature that he doesn't love ;)

Dave got home from work and Griffin woke up from her nap just in time to come outside and get COVERED in mud, dirt and sand ;)  
(Yes... that's naked Mason in the background. hahaha)

I love that she's a total girly girl, but also love that she loves to get down and dirty with her brothers. 


No idea what this crazy kid was doing with his weapons. hahaha

After hours outside including the boys getting completely soaked with the hose and jumping naked on the trampoline and so it was no surprise that after baths and dinner I found them passed out in my bed in less than one episode of Ninja Turtles ;)

It was a whirlwind weekend and I am SORE SORE SORE, but it was precious times with my kiddos. 

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD............ the winner of the two pairs of Monogrammed Converse from Crystal Faye is.........

Sarah C (Foxy Domestic Side!)

Shoot me an email, Sarah!!!

Happy Monday, Friends!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness topless G and the pizza just made my day!

  2. What a great weekend!!! And I bet your front and back yards look amazing!! Hilarious that Mason wanted him to move in! Love it!

  3. Oh what a fun weekend! And the weather was gorgeous for all of the outside activities!! Happy Monday friend!

  4. Carter had SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for having him over! Other thoughts: that flower headband on Griffin is like a piece of art.... OH MY at the mulch.....and I bet Mason might end up being on a debate team at some point in his life! ;)

  5. What a fun weekend!! The kids look like they had the best time outside!! Love!

  6. You just made my entire week finding out the peach green tea lemonade is back!!! I have been that annoying customer that asks every day!! Yaya for spring/summer drinks!

  7. You're gonna make me buy that shirt! I just know it. Red is my favorite color. I love weekends spent all day outside. I want after pictures of your yard!! Looks like the perfect weekend.

  8. Tazo makes an iced green tea that is amazing. I've made a pitcher of this, then mix up a glass with lemonade and a couple splashes of peach syrup.

  9. I definitely said "ew" out loud when I saw that slug pic! hahaha.

  10. We mulched this weekend as well. I hear you on the soreness. G's headband is beautiful.

  11. Love the G snuggles when you get home! She is ADORABLE!

  12. Love your yard workday pix! I was seriously too excited for the Starbucks girl at Target yesterday when she confirmed the peach was back! Had my first one yesterday and it was so darn good.

  13. I would be dying around that slug! I hope Xavier stays away from bugs, worms, etc. for as long as possible! lol! After seeing GG in the cart at the grocery store, it makes me want to bring X with me...on second thought, no it doesn't. lol! And I so glad to hear I am not the only mom that lets her littles watch TMNT :)

  14. Luke and The Slug are priceless. He is so sweet. Awesome pictures.
    Your weekend reminds me of "yard work weekends" with my parents when I was little. Isn't it fun to think the happy memories from this weekend might be with them in their 30's, like they are for me? Y'all are the cutest!!

  15. Yay for snugly girls and dirty, tired kids :)

  16. That flower headband----eeeeeek it is gorgeous!!!!! My staff needed those Happy Camper shirts- we have Literacy Night tomorrow night at our building and the theme is Camp Out! Have a great week! :)

  17. Love your cute red top and G's flower headband--so pretty!

  18. I love the iced peach green tea lemonade! Since I can't afford Starbucks everyday, I make my own version. I brew the Tazo iced green tea that the reader mentioned above to make the green tea concentrate. Since I like my tea strong, I don't add water or lemonade to the concentrate. Instead, I add some Crystal Lite lemonade powder to sweeten it and give it the lemonade taste. Starbucks sells their syrups by the bottle if you ask for it at the register. I usually buy one bottle of peach so I can add it to my ice tea in the spring/summer. On another note, I absolutely love your blog! :)

  19. How does the happy camper tank fit? What size are you wearing? Love it - want to order one. Thx!
    Erincyoung (at)


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