Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Friday on a Wednesday

 Happy Hump Day! Today's post is going to be a little bit of a "catch all" since Thursday and Fridays posts are going to be birthday posts for Mason and Griffin :)  Excuse me while I go sob over baby pictures. hahaha

On Monday, Jack Bauer had surgery to remove his set of baby teeth (yes... he had a full set of puppy teeth that were yet to fall out on their own.... he'd lost a few, but couldn't close his mouth properly because of the two rows of teeth and so we had them removed) and be neutered and microchipped.  Dave, Mason and Griffin dropped him off on Monday morning and the littles were SUPER excited to get to spend some time in our vet's "nature center"...

 After school, Luke and I went to pick him up and he and I got to "enjoy" some time with the animals as well.... and by "enjoy" I mean not getting closer than 4 feet to the aquariums and watching the super creepy snakes.  EWWWWWWWW!

As expected, Jack stole the vet techs hearts and was schmoozing everyone in the office for lots of kisses and snuggles.  He's laying low, but is eating just fine with half the amount of teeth and hasn't messed with his stitches at all - so he's pretty much a rock star :)

On Monday night I was trying to get a video of GG saying "ewwwwwwwwwww" because it's the cutest thing EVER and instead I caught this...

I'm fairly certain we've watched it no less than 4 dozen times :)  Griffin is a "woman of few words" and she has a handful that she uses consistently, so her stringing together a list of words she doesn't use on a regular basis was AWESOME!

Dave has been KILLING it with some awesome "Happy Morning" pictures for me :) 

And last night I met up with some of my best girls for girl talk and some of THE BEST food ever!

We ate at a farm-to-table restaurant downtown McKinney called Harvest...

How awesome is their entry patio?!?!?!

We shared several entrees and appetizers and for me, the star of the show were these deviled eggs.  If you're local you HAVE to try them!

 But better than the food was the time with these girls.  You wouldn't BELIEVE the topics we can cover in under two hours :)  We make good use of our time!  So so so grateful for a mid-week break with these friends!

(PS - the above photos are from the Harvest website... I wish I was so talented!)

I blogged about this cute shirt on Monday and I wore it yesterday and it was PERFECT with white linen pants.  Look!  You were so distracted by the cuteness that you didn't even notice the sink full of bath toys and half eaten english muffin :)

Next up, I'm part of a SUPER fun giveaway with some other great bloggers and we're giving away a $500 Nordstrom gift card!  You can enter to win HERE and we'll be selecting a winner on Friday!

The giveaway got me thinking about what I'd buy with a $500 gift card and here are a few of my picks.  Keep in mind I'm throwing out my practical side ;)

THESE sunglasses would be my go to all summer long.  Pink glitter!!!

'sherrie' 55mm cat eye sunglasses

THESE espadrilles are totally speaking to me right now - the bows!!!  And they're by UGG so I'm thinking they have to be comfy, right? :)

This top would be perfection for Texas summer...
Lace Trim Trapeze Slipdress

And I love the color of this shirt for Spring!

Boyfriend Button Down Top

ANDDDD.... if I had money to burn, you know that G would have to have this pair of kitty shoes :)

Also, there's a Matilda Jane promo going on right now - and you get this ruffle backpack for FREE when you spend $150.  You can browse online and then send your wishlist to me ( and (she's the trunk keeper) and put Andrea M in as your Jane. Get your lists in my 10 pm tonight and grab a sweet bag for yourself of your girl!

Last up, I've been looking through lots of old pictures getting ready for birthday posts and came across this one from this time last year... look at my sweet baby girl!!! 

And this one from their joint birthday party last year CRACKS ME UP!!!

Have a FABULOUS day, friends!!! :)

PS - this post contains affiliate links... which means that if you click on a link and I purchase an item, I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU!!


  1. You can call me any time for a mid-week break and those deviled eggs!!! Wahhhhh to birthday week!! How can we make thm stop growing? :)

  2. Last night was so fun with you girls! And my goodness, we did cover a lot of topics. We are so thorough! ;)

  3. I love this red top you're wearing! I may have to buy one for myself :)

  4. Love spending time with my sweet friends. Have the best day girl!! xoxo

  5. Hi. My daughter turns 8 in two weeks and I will be found in the fetal position crying during her birthday week. I tried to click on the link for the giveaway, thanks so much by the way, and it said not found.

  6. 1. Lovin' the blog tabs in the side bar! Cute and helpful!? 2. those kitty shoes are adorable!!! SHESH $54! Hopefully they will be in the next Nordie sale! ;-)

  7. Great post. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner and microchipping Jack Bauer. I hope his recovery continues to go smoothly. Those deviled eggs look delicious and so clever to serve them in the egg carton too! Oh my Mason and Griffin are getting so big.

  8. I seriously am so freaked out my snakes and such that I scrolled by those pics as fast as I could! lol! Can't get over how big all the kiddos are in just one year! Looking forward to seeing how you celebrate for Mason & GG :)
    And Harvest sounds awesome! My husband and I stopped in a place called Urban Farmer (Cleveland, OH) over the weekend but only had time for a drink before a wedding reception. Sounds very similar!

  9. We had so much fun last night!! Love you!! :)

  10. We had so much fun last night! Love you!!

  11. Glad little Jack Bauer is doing well--he is just the cutest! Also love the kitty shoes :)

  12. Those UGG wedges are so stinking cute!

  13. Jack Bauer is the cutest dog ever! Wish I could adopt a dog just like him. Griffin is just hysterical!

  14. I was at Harvest this past weekend with some friends and YUM! And, I don't even live in the dallas area. So glad we stopped in!

  15. Oh man, I wish I was still in North Texas. I would be heading to Harvest! And that giveaway was the easiest I've ever entered !


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