Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Recap: I took a fabulous nap edition :)

Friday morning came EARLY after being gone Wednesday and Thursday, but I had a really fun service project planned for my eighth graders (I'll share about it this week - so easy and great for kids!) so that helped me get up and at 'em.  And then when I was at school I got these pictures of my girl from Dave and my morning was made :) 

I'm sorry, what?!?!?! hahaha

When I got home GG did this and my heart SOARED! 

She's jabbering all the time, but is just starting to put together actual words.  LOVE this one :)

After a day at school and a huge Sam's run and a busy dinner hour... I was WIPED and so was this kid.  G was in bed and Luke was building a Lego boat so it was just this kid and I for some snuggles.  And silly faces.  Because when you take pics with Mason he INSISTS on crazy face.

I ended the night with some food that wasn't prepared in a food court (thanks, NASA trip! hahaha) and some Mindy Project.

Saturday morning started with some drama when Miss Independent decided she wanted to drag the little chairs around the kitchen and get her own fork, water, bowl, etc.  We discourage this simply because she does it when we're not around and we're afraid she's going to fall so Dave and her were having a "moment" to discuss it.  She finally said "please" and let Dave pull the chair over and help her wash her hands.

Luke finished the Lego boat he was building the night before and had to show me all the details.  Including the prisoners who were forced to put their heads over the edge of the boat in case they were seasick. hahaha

Things went downhill when I wouldn't let G drink out of Jack Bauer's water bowl.  #meanmommy

Thankfully her mood was quickly remedied with some Pinkalicious and Amelia Bedelia :)

Dave and Luke went to Luke's skating lesson (yes... he's taking ice skating lessons.... more on that another time) and I took Mason to a birthday party.  We dropped Mason off and decided to take advantage of the sunshine and G and I stopped to snap a few pictures on our way to the grocery store.

Her coat I picked up at a consignment store last year and it looked so cute with her St.Patrick's Day headband from Jameson Monroe.

Her Cupcakes and Lace collection is my absolute favorite when you want a big impact and the combinations are endless!  

We hit up the grocery store where G helped me pick out a fern for the front porch...

... and then she flirted with all the employees and got water a fresh tortilla and lots of smiles :)

Meanwhile, this was happening :) hahaha

These three sweet boys hang out at Miss Lisa's together every day and Mason loves them as much as I love their mamas :)

Signs of a pretty perfect morning :)

We got home and ate lunch, followed up by cinnamon rolls and G's feelings toward the deliciousness that is a cinnamon roll pretty much mimicked mine :) hahaha

How cute are these signs by Vine and Branches?!?!?!  I can't WAIT to show y'all how I plan on using them in my Easter decor.  Bring on SPRING!!!

After lunch, Dave and the kids took naps (hahahaha) and I headed out to run a couple more errands.  I'm looking for a new full size mirror for our bedroom  and loved this one at Hobby Lobby.  I think I can do better (in terms of price) at HomeGoods so I left it for now - but I tested out it's selfie capabilities and it passed the test :)

We ended Saturday with a burping contest because we like to keep it classy up in here.

Sunday morning we sprung forward and were all dragging a bit in the morning.

Griffin was cracking me up because she had to take both the piggy AND the kitty and her cheerios and her old iPod :)  And no.... she wouldn't put her things into her purse. #diva

Everyone was looking more awake by the time we got to church.

After church we got into some comfies and pulled our hair up :)

Mason had a timeout and after she enthusiastically yelled "NO NO NO" at him all while waving her finger...

Griffin opted for "solidarity" instead and joined her brother in timeout :)
I'm in trouble with this crew.

We all took naps and then it was time for some Disney Junior...

... and some more vacuuming :)

We did nothing special Sunday night - it was rainy and cold and we just hung out and acted silly at dinner :)

Our weekend was boring and low key - just how I like it!  Today we're headed to the Perot Museum and then we all have dentist appointments in the afternoon (UGH!).  Our plans aren't set in stone for this week - but include lots of little house projects and fun day trips.  We're crossing our fingers that the weather is nice and that we all stay healthy!!! hahahaha

And I'm going to leave you with what might be the best video ever.  It's from last week, but it has yet to get old :)

Happy Monday, Friends!!!

Big thank you to Jameson Monroe for the headband :)  Also, this post contains an affiliate link - which means that if you click on it and purchase the item, I receive a small commission.  Thanks for supporting my blog!!!


  1. Griffin...I feel the same way about cinnamon rolls. ;)

  2. More Canadian roots shining through for Luke! I hope he enjoys skating :)

  3. I'm so glad you had a relaxing weekend after that crazy week of yours! I can't wait to see you this spring break! Love you girlie!!

  4. There is so much to love in this post! But I think my absolute favorite pic is Dave sitting in the chair talking things over with Little Miss! :)

  5. I love G'a church attire! The Hello Lovely collection is so pretty. Where is her cute top from? Love your blog!

  6. We are doing the dentist and Perot museum tomorrow :) It'll be our first time at the Perot museum (shocking, I know! ), so let me know if there's anything that can't be missed! Enjoy your spring break!

  7. Cute post!!! And, I love GGs hair in the piggies! Precious!

  8. I just watched that episode of The Mindy Project last night. Loved it. Mason's dancing is awesome!

  9. How come your weekends that y'all really don't do much seem fun???? :) Love it!

  10. Cute post! Your mini is too cute!

  11. Love Mason's dancing video, it made my Monday!

  12. Loving Mason's dancing. Made me giggle.

  13. I JUST got that mirror for our bedroom at HL last week. I've been searching for one everywhere and I'm glad I held out for that one. I LOVE it!

  14. You need someone to make you the helper stand for G... We LOVE ours (my husband built it).

  15. That mirror is gorgeous! We need a full mirror in our downstairs bedroom...have yet to find one that we like...Love all the videos! Hearing your littles talking and seeing them being silly, love it.

  16. I have that mirror in my bedroom lol, must be popular! I can't even handle G in that aqua wrap! Swoon!!

  17. I LOVE all of G's necklaces, but unfortunately can not spend the money that sprinklings charge.... Do you know if they are anywhere else for cheaper???
    My baby girl is 18 months and I also have a 4 yr old girl and theyd both die over them!! They are very into accessorizing already!!

    1. Hey Stephanie - not sure if Andrea will post this since she does business with Sprinklings, but Tammy Child's Beaded Beauty Boutique on Etsy has some beautiful little girl necklaces with great chunky beads. She does lots to match Matilda Jane outfits. The most I've spent on a necklace is $12. Super customer service, too.

  18. I love the way you let each one of your children do their own thing. You celebrate their uniqueness!

  19. I love love love your blog! I read three daily without fail and yours is one of them!! Precious family, I have a big, middle and little too and our little keeps us on our toes!! Love the video of Mason dancing, can you bottle some of his energy and send my way?!

  20. hey is Mason's star shirt white and gold?

  21. We loved having sweet Mason over for the party!! I went to Baylor with the owner of Vines and Branches and we were in the same sorority together. Such a small world! She is making me a couple of custom pieces and I cannot wait to see them!!


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