Thursday, March 12, 2015

Last Few Days

The last few days have been low key and perfect.  We were going to attempt an overnight trip - but it didn't work out, so we're just making the most out of hanging out around here. 

Tuesday morning started with footy jammies and kitty snuggles.  Is there any better way to start a morning???

Luke asked for a "real breakfast" (apparently Cheerios and toaster strudels weren't cutting it anymore) and so we obliged with eggs, english muffins and yogurt. :)  

We put away tons of laundry, built Lego trains and then packed up to head out to IKEA.  We switched GG to forward facing on Monday and she was still just as tickled facing forward as she was the first day :)

Dave had never been to IKEA and so his mind was a little blown.  The boys did what they do...

And GG and her friends (who have been going everywhere with us) hung out and watched :)

We picked up the piece of furniture we needed (it's a sofa table I'm using in GG's big girl room instead of a dresser... sounds crazy, but I have a plan) and then we fed them all lunch.  Because we're classy like that :)

See??? So excited to be able to see the Sofia the First movie!!!

This girly is loving her some Spring Break.  :)

One of her very favorite things to do is feed Jack Bauer :)

Tuesday night I had girls night at Erika's house and Dave texted me these pics while I was gone :) hahahaha

They have ZERO fun when I'm not there, can't you tell??? :)

When I got home Jack Bauer was needing some love, so he and I snuggled.  Sweet boy!!!

Yesterday morning I spent some one on one time with Mason and he worked on his "writing".  I write letters/words and he traces over them.

We cleaned out closets and purged a bunch of stuff and then the sun came out and we got outside in the backyard.  I'm not sure why the boys decided to go shirtless, but they did :)

Baths and naps were in order..

... and GG took it upon herself to wake big brother up...

We ate dinner early, Luke left for skating with Haha and we headed outside to play...

I caught an unprompted kiss and my heart pretty much almost exploded :)

And then as I was walking back into the garage I saw her finger in his face giving him what for :)

While we were outside I snapped a couple of pics of Griffin wearing her new shirt from Paperdoll Clothing.  I SQUEALED when I looked at the back of the camera!!!  Her shirt says "Superhero in Disguise" and so I thought the glasses were fitting :)

Luke and Haha got back from skating and showed up with two 1/2 gallons of Bluebell ice cream so we headed inside to enjoy that...

Griffin's feelings about ice cream are pretty much the same as mine :)

And now for a couple of announcements :) hahaha

I shared this preview pic of some great signs I got from Vine and Branches that I'm going to use in my Easter decor and I have a coupon code for y'all!!!

Use MOMFESSIONALS to get 20% off your order through this Saturday!!!

I brag on EvysTree often (I am a HUGE fan!!!) and they're running a GREAT promotion this week!

Now is the time to snag some goodies up with 20% off and FREE SHIPPING!  Think Mother's Day!!!

Some of my very favorite pieces are the crazy cozy Diana Wrap in blush and the Ashley Stripe Hoodie.

But I think my very favorite style of all is the Sophie.  I love that it's unique and fun, while still being comfy and totally functional for #momlife :)

I couldn't pass up passing along the sale info!  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!!!

Last up, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to one of my very favorite people EVER - my Oma!
We LOVE you, OMA!!!!

Happy Thursday, everybody!!!


  1. The expression on Mason's face while G has her finger pointing at him is PRICELESS! I laughed out loud!

  2. Griffin in those glasses is hilarious. And the unprompted kiss was too sweet! It took him a bit, but he's definitely come around! :)

  3. I love those kinds of Spring Breaks!! The pics of G in the glasses are precious!

  4. Love when my kids are sweet to each other without being told to ;)

  5. where do you buy her super cute ruffle leggings?

  6. Just a heads up, you spelled the coupon code wrong above. It wasn't working for me, I finally added an "I" and it worked :)
    super cute signs though, can't wait to add one to my house!

  7. Love Ikea! Looks like you guys had a great time. But oh my lands it is SO overwhelming the first time you go! Haha - it just goes on For. Ev. Er.

  8. My very fave was Griffin in those glasses!!!!

  9. Love love love those pictures of G in the glasses!!!!!! How cute!!! And the one where Mason is kissing her little head---frame worthy!!!!!!! Happy Thursday! Our spring break is in a few weeks-and I am so counting down the days because I will be relaxing ALL week. And I cannot wait. :-)

  10. Your kiddos are adorable! I love the picture of G feeding JackBauer...look at those little ankles crossed!

  11. Hi Andrea~ How do I purchase one of those Matilda Jane blankets, also what kind of dog is your adorable Jack Bauer?

    1. Hey, Cynthia! The MJ blankets were actually a promotion from last Fall (you spent a certain amount and got it for free). Unfortunately you can't buy them outright. And Jack Bauer was a stray.... we're thinking he's maybe a poodle and Jack Russel mix :)

  12. I have never been to IKEA either and I have always wanted to go! The kissing picture and the glasses - I die :) Happy Thursday!

    1. There's one about 20 mins from our house and he PRIDED himself on the fact that he's never been :) hahaha If you're near one you should totally go! And thank you.... those are two of my favorite pics as well :)

  13. Can I ask you what kind of camera you have? You always seem to capture the best shots!

    1. Hey! It's a Nikon something that I got on Craigslist :) hahaha I would LOVE to know how to use it better and at some point shoudl probably take the time to learn more about it. I will say that the one thing I've learned is that right after the sun comes up and right before it goes down are the best times for lighting and for me to get good pics. Hope that helps!

  14. Your kids are too cute! And I got your "announcements" ;-) but please don't change the format of your posts bc of a crabby reader. Your true followers get you!

  15. I ordered that sign from her and am SO excited! I'm the one who asked if you had a "sponsor code" or anything from her, and I really appreciate you asking her and getting one! It's a really great deal! She wrote a sweet note with my invoice and I'm so happy to support smaller businesses and handcrafted stuff like that. Thanks again for replying to my comment and getting a code -- really cool of you!

  16. Andrea, I was reading that someone asked you about your camera. You should look on pinterest for a few tips (your photos are great so you don't even need to to). They have great things on Pinterest for photography tips!

    I have a Nikon and my sister does also. She was an art major and took many photo classes. She taught me that if I shoot on manual and I make sure the bar on the main screen is at 0, that produces the best lighting! Was that confusing? I can try to explain better.

  17. I have that Sophie in jade from evy's tree and it is my FAVORITE! Seriously wish I had 17 of them!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Griffin in those glases is to die for! She is too cute!


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