Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: I need another weekend edition :)

Happy Monday!  I can not believe that the weekend is already over and, honestly, I could use another one right about now :)  

Friday, Luke ice skated for the first time at his friend Iris's birthday party.  I only took one picture (Luke and his buddy Trae), so I'm thankful it turned out cute!!!

After my staff meeting and then picking Luke up at the party, we rushed home to meet Dave and the littles.  We wrestled, built a Duplo tower and pretty much ran around like crazies.

Then we did this.  Because Friday :)

Saturday morning this girl was up bright and EARLY (like 6 a.m. early), so we snacked on cereal and watched Sophia together. 

After picking up the kiddos rooms and getting ourselves organized for the day, we decided to divide and conquer.  The boys and Dave headed to the library and G and I hit Wal-Mart and the grocery store.  I feel like she and I drew the short straw, but her smile proved otherwise :)

Balloon and a kitty :)

and yes.... she's wearing my necklace... she wore it pretty much all weekend :)

We regrouped at home for lunch and for some sibling pestering :)

And Luke practiced being baptized :) hahaha

Saturday afternoon Carter came over to play and Mason and I headed to MCA for his PreK evaluation.  Mason will be at MCA next year for 5 day PreK and Saturday was his developmental evaluation and admissions testing.  I have no clue how he did (parents don't go with the kids), but when he was done and I asked him if he used his good listening ears he shrugged and said, "maybe".  Sounds promising. 

This sign went up fairly recently and I'm pretty sure I'm going to start taking their pics by it every year to watch them grow.  I'm a total sucker for stuff like that. hahaha

 Saturday night, Haha came over and we had a movie night.  We ate popcorn and watch Pocahontas!

Sunday morning at Church Luke decided it would be a good idea to carry his baby sister around :)

Yesterday afternoon I hosted a Matilda Jane trunk show for Preview Day (ordering begins today!!!  If you'd like to place an order go to and add items to your wishlist and then email it to and (the trunk keeper) and put Andrea M in as your Jane)...

... and despite POURING RAIN in the morning, the sun decided to pop out just for the show :)

I made about a million mini cupcakes and then just served pink lemonade and cheese and crackers.  Easy peasy.

EEEEEEK!!! Spring MJ!!!

The fabrics were awesome, the colors were GORGEOUS and the patterns were FUN FUN FUN!

We had LOTS of friends stop by and shop and there was ALMOST too much cuteness :)  Almost.

G was in the cupcake zone while the mamas shopped :)

Do y'all see my little fashionista sporting the cardi and carrying around hangers??? hahaha

She can make an outfit with the best of them :)

 Kat and I put her to work writing orders :)

She is sooooooooooooooo left handed!!!

 This might be my favorite pic :)

The clothes weren't just for the little girls - there's a new tween line AND some cute cute cute pieces for moms!  I loved this peasant top!!!

And this new style of pants was RIGHT up my alley!


G and her baby doll spent lots of time in the "trunk" ;)   LOVE!!!

The MJ party wrapped up around 5 and our Sunday School class "Guys Only Superbowl Party" started at the same time :)  Remember my pretty display???  Gone... hahaha  On Saturday morning I told Dave I was going to run out to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things for the Superbowl party and I was informed that NOTHING necessary for a Superbowl party could be purchased at Hobby Lobby.  It wasn't pretty - but everyone seemed to have a good time.

My pretty and pink girly kitchen was replaced by crock pots of queso, pizza and deer sausage. :)

I was laughing that there was a "leeeetle" bit of girly left :)
While the guys watched and ate, the kids and I hung out in our room. hahaha  The boys DID hang out with the big boys for a while, but Mason kept trying to sword fight everyone so we moved th eparty to the bedroom. 

Jack Bauer hung with us too :)

It was a PACKED weekend, but Dave and I love opening up our home to friends and creating fun memories.  Hosting things like this used to stress me the heck out - but over the years I've learned that no one really cares if the carpet in my boys room is vacuumed or if my bathroom mirror is wiped.  I mean - is it awesome if those things are done? Sure.  But it's also not the end of the world if they're not. :)

I hope y'all have a FANTASTIC day!!!  Don't forget that tomorrow is "Show and Tell Tuesday" and we're going to link up and share about our "Groundhog Day"... a day that you would repeat over and over and over again.


  1. Kensington and I had so much fun yesterday!! And last night, Ashby and Smith enjoyed their cupcakes from you too :). Happy Monday girl!

  2. Ok the lollipops in the M and J favorite

  3. Look like a fun weekend! The pictures of the kids are so sweet!

  4. I hope you got that blue MJ top. It was so cute on you!!

  5. What a fun and busy weekend you all had! Hosting stresses me out big time! I need to work on letting that go. Hope you have a fabulous week!

  6. Happy Monday Andrea! Your are definitely the hostess with the mostest. Two parties and two food displays. In one day. Wow. Would your please post the cupcake recipe if you haven't already? I loved the apple spice ones from last summer. Thanks

  7. It was a fun time, thank you! Can't wait for spring to wear these adorable clothes!

  8. I am DYING that you were going to go to Hobby Lobby for the Super Bowl Party. DYING!!!! Not surprised. But still, DYING!

  9. I love how Dave informed you nothing for a SB party needed to come from Hobby Lobby! You are so cute and such a party planner! Right now I am dreaming of one those cupcakes, DREAMING as I sit here starving for lunch. Ha! Happy Monday!

  10. I just love reading your posts about your sweet little family! My hubby and I are not ready for kids yet, but your posts make me look forward to the fun family days we have ahead! I love that Mason said "maybe" in reference to his assessment - haha! Hope you have a great Monday!

  11. Looks like such a fun weekend!! Love the girly cupcakes / decor...and I am that person who would be trying to get cute stuff for a super bowl party and my hubby would tell me it's totally unnecessary !! Haha

  12. Would you know if the "Blue Me Away" tote has a zip-top? Unfortunately the website doesn't give any details about the size/opening (or an aerial shot of the bag ;])

  13. Mason's "maybe" response... Laughing out loud right now!! He reminds me of my four year old nephew. That twinkle in his eye is the BEST!!
    Great job learning to not stress about parties/get-togethers. Yours look flawless anyway!

  14. i love your blog. can you post the cupcake and icing recipe please?

  15. Girl......I am so tired just reading your posts! HAHAHA but as an older Mom (quite a bit older) with 2 grown babies out of the nest......I so remember these weekends and I don't miss them but I did love being just like you! Busy! Busy! Busy! Memories are what these days will become and you will love looking back!!! You go girlie! Now let me kick back in my recliner and watch my Real Housewives....LOL Happy Monday!

  16. Wow Monday Already !!! Your weekend looks SOO fun. I'm glad you can let it go when entertaining guests. I used to be the same way... So not worth it. Friends are there for fellowship and memories. Looks like everyone had a good time and your food looked amazing too ! Looking forward to tomorrow's link up !

  17. Kensington and griffin look so sweet together in their little mj outfits!!

  18. Love the new MJ collection and seeing your daughter model it also! I'm hoping you will post your favorite Ruby Blue wraps that match! Maybe she'll do a code for your readers again?!?

  19. I think you have the prettiest kitchen. I am also excited MJ makes clothes for mommas too. I have 1 little boy so no fun shopping for little girls. :(

  20. Your house is amazing! Where did you get the curtains in your living room? I have same kind of windows and would love something like your window treatments. That trunk show looks like sooo much fun! Is there ever a sale on these clothes ?
    The lollipops in the M&J cups look soo festive and pretty :)


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