Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sleetmageddon 2015

Happy Thursday, Friends!!!  First off - a BIG congratulations to Kimberly Frazier!!! You won the Monogrammed Tee from Griffin and Grace!  Shoot me an email today and claim your prize!

Next - thank you so much for your input and feedback on my "updates" yesterday!  I'm hoping to make the blog even more accessible and functional for everyone and can't wait to share all of that!  And yes... there will be a "Pin It" option.  I'm redoing all of my Pinterest boards so I'll keep you all informed when that all goes down.  I know, you're on the edge of your seats :)

"Sleetmageddon" hit North Texas early, early Monday morning and we woke up covered in ice.  They actually canceled school Sunday night because it had been raining all day and was starting to freeze, so we were ready to sleep in :)

We started off the day with some snuggle time (including a unicorn and not one, but TWO calculators!)...

... and we practiced saying one of our favorite words!  See video below :)

Griffin is 22 months and she has maybe 4 words that she says clearly and regularly - mama, dada, no and shoes :)  Other words are random and inconsistent, but these are the ones we can understand loud and clear.  She understands EVERYTHING we say and I have a feeling that once she starts talking it's going to be non-stop.  Mason talked around 16 months, but Luke was about two.  I can't wait to start hearing her talk more and more!  Homegirl has LOTS to say :)

Apparently when your only job is to stay home and make a giant mess you work up an appetite (hahaha), so after breakfast AND a morning snack we busted out something that I had stowed away for a rainy day...

It was this playhouse and doghouse that we assembled and then they colored.  It came with markers and we busted out the crayons and stickers as well.  So fun!  They played with them all day long and then Monday night I collapsed them and put them away in the garage.  I figured that we'll get another morning/afternoon of play out of them another day if the novelty hasn't worn off :)  I linked to the house and doghouse above, but I picked mine up on HauteLook one day when ALEX toys was featured.

I think the whole purchase was worth it just to get to see Mason's "coloring face" for the morning :) #bluesteel

After lunch, Griffin went down for a nap and the boys bundled up in our mismash of warm clothes and headed out for an "ice-venture". :)   If it had been snow, GG and I would have gone, but I wasn't sure how well she would handle the solid sheet of ice that everything was covered in (you know, since 22 month olds are always so cooperative and great at listening) so she and I stayed home.

Here they are trying to catch snowflakes... aka ice falling from the trees :)

Luke I said, it was a total sacrifice - but someone had to "take one for the team" and stay inside where it was warm and drink hot tea and "watch" Jack Bauer :)

He's a handful, y'all! :)

I like the cold for about 10 minutes, but the boys were gone for a couple of hours and had THE BEST time!

Our neighborhood backs up to a golf course, so they headed out to the hills out there...

Yes... they're sledding on a tupperware container lid and the box from our draw-on playhouse from earlier in the day.  Because TEXAS, y'all! :)

This boy gets his rosy cheeks from his mama.

They came home wet, frozen and so so so excited to tell me all about it ;)

Yes, he's holding an icicle in his bare hands... because it was "easier".  

hahahaha.  Can you see that Luke is pretending to poke Mason in the head with his icicle??? 

Teeny tiny Jack Bauer was NOT a fan of the cold.

The rest of the afternoon looked like this..

Luke played Kindle on the couch and he fell asleep too!

While the boys napped, Griffin woke up and she and I played dress up with a few new things I picked up for Spring.  Doesn't she look excited??? :)

There's my girl!!!

Girl time!!! hahaha

Lots and lots of time that afternoon cooking for me...

and pretending to talk on Daddy's cell phone while he napped.

Later we made brownies (Luke was STILL asleep!), but I had two cute little helpers...

We ended the night with games and a movie and then I heard that school was going to be canceled AGAIN on Tuesday, saw this and about lost it I was laughing so hard!

We started Tuesday off with a power outage.  Seriously.
It only lasted a couple of hours, so we didn't get too cold.  

Dave went in to work and the kids and I decided to do nothing of any substance. :)  We laughed hysterically at Jack Bauer's affinity for GG's footy jammies...

... and rolled around on the kitchen floor.

My little engineer built his very own Ninja Turtle blimp (impressed much????)

and G decided it was a great day for rainboots, a Sophia necklace and tearing all the DVDs out of the drawers. :)

The littles hugged it out...

And we read no less than 4,200 books :)

We settled in for lunch...

... and pounded down some yogurt smoothies.  I thought this was so cute and funny until GG attempted it with her full one and it went EVERYWHERE down the front of her clean jammies.  hahahaha  #lessonlearned

Everyone napped (can I get an AMEN???), then we did some chores...

... Dave came home bearing sustenance and all was right with the world.  SIGH.

Tuesday night I spent WAY too long updating the blog layout and finishing up Season Nine of One Tree Hill.  I was a HUGE skeptic at first... the sheer amount of overly dramatic drama (is that a thing?) was almost too much for me, but I stuck it through and now I'm devastated it's over.  (One thought.... what the HECK was up with Lucas's hair when he came back in the last season to take care of Haley's kids when she was looking for Nathan?!?!?!  I was so confused!!!

Those of y'all on IG had TONS of great suggestions for what I should watch next and the overwhelming favorites were Friday Night Lights and Parenthood (I watched both of those as they aired on TV) with Greys Anatomy, Dawsons Creek and Scandal (all of which I've seen as well) in the running.  I think I may have to check out Gossip Girl next because lots of y'all recommended that.  I'll keep you posted. 

Tuesday night the forecast was saying we'd be getting 4" or so of snow and, honestly, I was really looking forward to a delayed start.  So much so that I didn't even set my alarm early enough to take a shower. hahaha  Surprise, surprise we only got a light dusting and school started on time :(

I didn't get a single pic of Luke in it before school because, "Mooooooooooooooooooom, I need to get to class!", but Dave sent me these of of GG checking it out before walking in to Miss Lisa's house. 

And seeing these pics of G made me think of this picture of Mason at almost the exact same age seeing snow for the first time :)

They're saying we could get more snow tomorrow morning - and I don't even want to think about it because I'm taking a group of students to our Area Level Math Olympics competition.  You read that right, ladies.  Math Olympics.  :)

I hope that you all are staying warm and cozy, and if you're snowed/iced in that you're having the best time with your family!

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!!


  1. Our power was out on Tuesday morning too. So glad it didn't last long! Your kiddos looked like they had so much fun in that ice. I'm with you...a fan for 10 minutes. :)

  2. Okay, those play houses are AWESOME! I need to get some for my kiddos! So fun mama!

  3. I always say a snow day at home with your kids is fun. Two snow days...ok. Three snow days and we are all begging to go back to school! Ha!

  4. Your snow days look exactly like our snow days in coastal NC! We have all kinds of boogie boards and surf boards but nothing to sled on! Also: random fact. One tree hill was filmed in my town! My triplet boys played baby Lydia (lol!!) in season 8.

  5. I love how you find joy and laughter in the hectic snow days. That Maury card lol!!!!! When I saw that on IG, I instantly sent it to all of my girlfriends and we cackled. In Louisiana, we were out of school Monday and Tuesday as well!

  6. When I was in college, we got six inches of snow (unusual for central MS), and we used the storage tops as sleds too. So fun! And Gossip Girl is a definite yes!

  7. What a fun few days!! Those houses are so fun and the pic of G and M making brownies is so cute!!

  8. I have an eight year old girl. When she started talking, she never stopped. Lol. Girls love to talk and talk and talk and talk!!! Your kids are adorable!!! This FL girl is jealous of your snow day!!

  9. Those baby Wellies are too much to handle!! Loved this post!

  10. I love YOUR DOG so much. It makes me so happy to know he has a warm and happy family. Keep the pictures coming of him. He is so cute and it looks like he loves you all so much (and you love him).

  11. Oh my gosh! Lucas's hair was CRAZY weird! Love that show! You should soooo watch gossip girl!

  12. Love your snow day! Oh to be a kid again...

    I was hooked on OTH when it was on TV, but it got too weird for me after the high school years. Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? That's a cute, funny show with much less drama ;-) I got rid of my cable last month, so I might start binge watching some other shows recommended to you. Maybe Nashville, too.

  13. Another show to try is Reign. It is about Queen Mary of Scots in the 1700's, so you have to like that era slightly, but it is also full of teenage problems! ha!

  14. Those houses are awesome! Will have to keep that in my back pocket of things to buy when the kids get older. Funny you say that one of GG's favorite words is Shoes, my daughter is obsessed! We could take away all of her toys, as long as we kept her shoes she would be happy for HOURS! Love having a girly girl!

  15. OK...You made my day again, the hunter boots with no so cute!!!!

  16. We had two ice days last week. They called school last night because we were supposed to get 4-7 inches...we woke up to nothing....not a lick of snow. Crazy!!!!

  17. Love the sleeping picture-so cute!

  18. Your family is so adorable. Little G's hair just kills me. THE CUTEST! And can we talk about how your little pup fits right in with everything??

  19. So, this is an odd question....In the photo with Mason licking the brownie batter spoon, are those windows under your kitchen cabinets?
    And the pink boots?! So cute!

  20. Andrea, you NEED to watch Hart of Dixie on Netflix! You will love it! It's such a cute and funny show and the clothes.... Jaw dropping gorgeous with LOTS of color. You'd love it! I promise you!

  21. I'm ordering the play houses...I've seen them online, and thought maybe...then today while reading your blog...I was like those are awesome!! seeing them in "use" makes a difference =)...also excited about the "pin it" option coming

  22. Looks incredibly fun! You seem to be such a fun mom! Very inspiring:)

  23. I won!!! So excited! Thanks for the giveaway Andrea! I shot you an email earlier today. I LOVE that your boys are sledding on a tupperware container lid!! Hey- whatever works!!! So cool your kids got to experience some snow!

  24. Griffin with no pants and rain boots. Love. It. Your kids are so adorable. And now I want pizza and a yogurt smoothie :)

  25. What fun! Makes me want to come over to your house and play!! Love the diapers and boots on your little girl. Reminds me of my granddaughter.

  26. We have a child who didn't REALLY talk until well after his second birthday. He's just turned three this month and I'd say it wasn't until last summer that he really started talking. Sometimes he's still tricky to understand, but he NEVER stops now. He has an older brother who was talking (almost) at birth so it was hard to get a word in. :) Also, I recommend Blue Bloods on Netflix. I looooooove it. I'm a big fan of crime shows, but this one is my favorite.


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