Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life Lately

Happy Thursday!!!  We made it through humpday!!! hahaha

Today I'm going to round up some random happenings from life lately.

Mondays are Dave's day off - and so he stays home with the littles.  Sometimes, when the weather is nice, he brings them to Miss Lisa's house while he works outside - but for the most part he keeps the two of them at home and they play, run errands and send me lots of pictures :)  Monday morning, Mason and G were both sleeping when I left for school, so Dave texted me this pic of our little motley crew watching Sofia the First.  Luke had been on a playdate on the weekend and his extra booster seat was in the front hall - and it's HOT PROPERTY when that happens.

Monday night I had a meeting at school, but before I left my little Mustang soccer fan was running around like a wild woman. :)  She refuses to keep bibs on, so we usually just throw her in one of her big brother's big t-shirts at meal time.

Everyone was in bed by the time I got home, but this sweet boy was up and excited to see me!
Hard to believe that we've had him for less than 2 weeks!  We're enjoying him so much and he is such a great little guy!

Tuesday morning came EARLY and when I was looking for Luke this is what I saw...

He told me it was too cold and too bright outside of the covers.  Amen, dude.  Amen.

Tuesday afternoon I picked everyone up, got them all settled in with snacks and a movie and then indulged in 10 minutes of Candy Crush while I waited for a tea.  #momlife

G sported her FIRST Valentines outfit on Tuesday and I thought she was looking ADORBS!

The typical after school crazies ensued once we got home...

and G bossed everyone around :)

After dinner G got in touch with her Dutch side :)

My moms parents immigrated to Canada from Holland after WWII and my mom's first language was Dutch.  My grandparents brought these wooden shoes back from a trip to Holland for me when I was a toddler and I love that my kids now get a kick out of wearing them around.

She got the hang of them really quick and Dave and I were laughing at how this is probably the beginning of "dress up shoes" :)

Tuesday night we went in to check on the boys and found this...

He's crazy and I love it :)

Wednesday afternoon I left school during my planning period to go let Jack Bauer outside (since Dave and I both work so close to home we haven't had to leave him all day yet, one of us has been able to run home and let him out), and I decided to throw him in the car with me while I ran a quick errand at a friends house and then we zipped through our favorite drive-thru :)

His hair is starting to come back in and it cracks me up.  I can't wait to see what he ends up looking like!

After our caffeine fix, we headed back to MCA to finish up some copying, grading and planning and then I picked up Luke and let him show Jack Bauer to all his besties in the after school program.  As we were leaving the middle school girls soccer team was finishing practice and the "oooooohs", "aaaaaaaaahs" and squeals were so cute.  Jack Bauer was quite the little wingman :)

When we got home, I asked Luke to watch Griffin for about 45 seconds while I ran to the bathroom and when I came out I found Griffin with a piece of cold pizza, a nutrigrain bar and a Capri Sun.  She has her big brothers wrapped around her little finger!

Wednesday night the littles had a fireplace dance party.  Because apparently this is the best location for getting your groove on...

and then we were SOOOOOOOO excited that our Anna Grace stopped by after soccer practice to pick out some fun jewelry to wear to winter formal this weekend.  A girls gotta sparkle!!!

And today is the day!!!  We've been praying and counting down as a family and can't wait for our friends to get home with Ashby!  We've missed them bunches and can't wait to lay eyes on her adorable smile in person.

Hope you enjoyed my little bit of "life lately" today!  Tomorrow is Friday Favorites - get your posts ready, girls!!! :)


  1. Why do kids love sitting in car seats when they are in the house??? My Hudson hates sitting in his car seat in the CAR, but bring it inside...he is all for it!! Love all the pictures!! Such a cute family! Have a great Thursday!

  2. Love, love, love!!! We can't wait to meet Ashby, too!!!

  3. Hahahahaha!!! It sounds like Luke already knows how to keep the ladies happy. :)

  4. Life lately seems just perfect!!!! And yay that ashby is coming home. It has been wonderful reading about their journey.

  5. My (almost) 2 year old will not keep bibs on either. Like he will not even eat a bite with one on but if we take it off he eats. So we are in the no bib zone too and it's a pain.

  6. Loved this post!! That Griffin is too cute for her own good (well, they all are)!! Happy Thursday, Andrea!

  7. I adore your blog- it's so fun and one of my favs. I LOVE your little dog. So cute and fun. I love his spikey hair. I mostly love that he once was lost, but now is found. :) He has a great little family and happy home.
    Kelly in Michigan

  8. Love G's adorable Valentine's outfit!!! She's just so darn cute!!
    Have a blessed day!

  9. Your mini -me pics made my day.......Again!!

  10. You should try Snap Bibs! I know she's on Etsy and Instagram. We have a gold sparkle bib (right up GG's alley!) They snaps are heavy duty, so GG won't be able to pull them off and they just wipe clean!

  11. Make sure to take lots of pictures at the airport tonight! Love both of your blog and reading the Shull's journey!

  12. Next time you take Jack Bauer to Starbucks, ask them for a Puppy Whip! It's just a little cup of whipped cream, and it's complimentary for dogs. My Lucy loves her Starbucks just as much as I love mine!

  13. The picture of your puppy in the drive thru, almost looks like he could have some Yorkshire Terrier in him?! Love that your house looks as crazy as mine! :)

  14. We just bought a new car seat and as soon as it came in the mail both of my kids wanted to open it and sit in and play with it. That picure of G with her wooden shoes and cheese face is adorable! The pizza, caprisun and nutragrain bar, hilarious!

  15. Every picture in this post makes me smile! What a beautiful family! -Jess

  16. Hi Andrea, can I reach you through email? We specialize in flower girl dresses and would like to send one of our new collection for Griffin! you can email me at Thanks!

  17. HI! This is my first time visiting your blog (was "sent" here from Mixandmatchmama's blog) and LOVE it, and I intend to visit here often, too! What a journey the Shull family of five have had but Ashby is surely precious and adorable and truly worth the wait. AND I suspect that your little Jack Bauer furbaby has some Yorkie in him and maybe some Maltese too; they are called Morkies; (I owned one or should I say HE owned me LOL!) and I just LOVED my Dukey so so much ... Morkies are a combination of both breeds (I had both breeds and Dukey's parents), mostly the intelligence of the Yorkie and the "loves to snuggle" and get lots of attention from the Maltese breed! I am guessing he is a rescue dog ~ congrats to you AND Jack Bauer on that ~ have LOTS and LOTS of fun with him ; he will tug on your heartstrings every day of your lives together and be THE BEST little companion to your family (except, shhhh don't tell him he is LITTLE)! Have a great week! nfm


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