Monday, December 1, 2014

What's On... Your Calendar

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  
I am NOT happy that I'm not hanging out all day with my trio BUT I am excited to see my 100+ crazies at school.  I'm sure they're going to be nothing but super enthused to be in Math class :)  The good news is that we're in the final countdown to Christmas Break! WOO HOO!!!

When I created the "What's On" series I thought in December it would be fun to share what's on our calendars since December is typically packed with lots of fun.  I'm always looking for fun ideas for our family - so I'm excited to read about yours!
As I was looking through my calendar for the month I got SUPER excited!!!  It's packed with fun with friends and family and I can't wait for all the festivities.

First up on my list is The Gaylord Texan
If you're unfamiliar, The Gaylord is a huge hotel in Grapevine that goes ALL OUT for Christmas.  The kids love it, Dave and I love it and it is one of our favorite traditions.  Here we are last year...

They have a big Ice exhibit, but we haven't ventured into that with our littles just yet.  We pretty much just walk around, look at the trains, take a bunch of pictures and share the biggest, best, most awesome chocolate chip cookie of all time.

Another must for my boys is Bass Pro Shop :) hahaha
It's decorated and they have fun activities for kids and the kids love to sit on all the four-wheelers.  Cheap entertainment :)  Now please look at 20 month old Mason at Bass Pro.  SO SWEET!

Last year we had our very first Jammie Cocoa Christmas and it's on the calendar for this year as well.  It's a great, simple and memorable tradition that we can't wait to do every year.

Two of my very favorite parties of the year are coming up as well!  Shay does an annual recipe exchange with a group of girls and it's a BLAST!!!  She always goes all out and everyone brings a dish to share.  There are prizes and smack talking and lots and lots of cream cheese :)  It's the best.  Our Sunday School Christmas party is another one of my favorite nights - no kids and lots of fun!

McKinney has a Parade of Lights every year and it's one of my favorite nights of the year.  It's so "small town" and fun.  Last year Luke rode on the MCA float and this year he's decided he wanted to be a spectator.

We're just hoping that this year is warmer than last year - it was FREEZING last year!

We have Breakfast With Santa at the country club in a couple of weekends and I can't wait to see how much the kids have changed since our pics last year.  This is the Santa that we've taken Santa Pics with since Luke was 8 months old.

And something that was on the calendar that we crossed off this weekend was our downtown's "Home for the Holidays" celebration.  The whole square is shut down and filled with holiday fun.  Food, vendors, games, rides, a petting zoo, etc.

We went Saturday morning and it was super windy, but like 60 degrees and gorgeous!

I wanted to take the boys picture in front of this cute little Christmas tree vignette that was set up... they had other ideas...

We gave each of the boys two tickets for rides/attractions and this year they picked totally different things.  First up, Mason wanted to ride the "Frosty Train" - so he and I bought our tickets and hopped on!

Luke's first pic was the ferris wheel - which kind of shocked me considering he doesn't like heights.

It was REALLY windy and we were the first ones on which meant we had to wait at the very top for several minutes while they loaded everyone else on and he wasn't nervous at all.  He wanted to sit REALLY close to me though :)

A sweet girl offered to take our picture - so glad we got this, despite the Mason scowl :)

The boys made ornaments and then it was time for the petting zoo!

Oh, Mason...

There were even baby piggies nursing and Luke thought it was AWESOME!

Griffin observed from the other side of the fence.

There was a giant inflatable snowglobe that Luke was really excited about.  I went in with the kids, but G was NOT happy about being inside.

Mason's second pick was the bouncey slide...

... and then Luke picked the ice slide...

Walking back to the car we attempted a group pic :)

But sometimes even the outtakes are the cutest. hahaha

Whew.  That was a lot to look at - but my blog calendar is just as busy as my personal one :)  LOTS to cover!  I hope that y'all had a fun and relaxing weekend and I can't wait to read about what's on everyone's calendars.  Happy Monday, Friends!!!



  1. Yay!!!! Looks like such a fun month!!!

  2. I am so jealous everytime you post about doing something on "the square"..I live in a "small town" that had grown to be HUGE! We do have an annual Christmas parade though!! Looks like y'all have a fun month ahead!

  3. What a super fun month!!!!!! Happy Monday!!!!

  4. Tis the season! Yay!!


  5. Andrea, I have read your blog for a long time but never commented. I just wanted to tell you that your kids are so adorable! It looks like your family will have a fun December! :) Also, I am a teacher without kids and I'm truly amazed at what a hands-on mother you are! Enjoy the holiday season and thank you for sharing with us and brightening my day! :)

  6. We live 1.5 hours outside of Nashville where the Gaylord Opryland Hotel is. They go all out for Christmas too and this year is the last year for the Rockettes to be at the Grand Ol Opry House (right beside the hotel). I so wish I could take my kids to that but they just aren't old enough to appreciate it yet (4 and 1). I am looking forward to going in the coming years. The Texan looks like it's decorated very similarly. Looks like a fun-filled Christmas is planned.

    Are you having the Christmas decorations link-up tomorrow? I wasn't sure but I took pics and am going to do my blog post today for it just in case.

  7. I really just want to be y'alls friends. I start everyday with y'all....check my school email first...then check my favorite, Erica, Shay and Sheaffer. I will tell my friends or family about something I've read on one of your blogs and refer to you as "my friend". They make fun of me but I really do feel like we are friends. Your children are adorable and make me wish mine were little again. I have two in college. Enjoy every moment as they go by way too quick. Hope you have a wonderful day and month. I am a librarian at a very small school so I too am counting down the days until Christmas.

  8. Such a great list! The Gaylord and Bass Pro is on the top of our list.

  9. Woo-hoo! We're about to par-ty! Yay!!! I love it when you girls come to my house for fun!! Bring your A-game girl...the competition this year is fierce!

  10. GG steals the show but I can't help but notice how photogenic your Mason is! You make beautiful babies! Merry Christmas to you and your family...lots of love from Canada.

  11. How exciting! We went to the Gaylord Texan one year. It was a lot of fun; I can't wait to take the kids there.
    So nice that McKinney has a parade. We recently went to the town square, and McKinney did such a good job with it all. It's been over a decade since we've been there, so much has changed :)

  12. Aww I loved this post! It looks like y'all have a wonderful month planned. It's mine and my husband's first Christmas married, so we are planning to make lots of memories! Happy December!!! Eeek!!!

  13. Hi Andrea! Just wondering if you sent out all is the whatgriffinwore stuff? My mom got hers Saturday and she lives right down the road from me. I still haven't gotten mine. I had the navy and purple MJ three piece set!! Thanks! is my email!

  14. I love the activities you have planned! Not only is your home so inviting, but your town is too! I think I need to plan a visit to the Dallas/McKinney area! So much fun for the kiddos!


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