Friday, December 26, 2014

Loads O'Fun

So, we're foregoing Friday Favorites this week because 1) I am EXHAUSTED and 2) I am EXHAUSTED ;)  Anyone else feel me???  Between the wrapping and the eating and the eating and the opening ;) hahaha

On Monday night, we got together with Dave's parents, his grandmas,  his brother Stephen and Stephen's girlfriend, Cynthia, for our annual McChristmas celebration.

 I made Shay's Cranberry Orange Bundt cake and we were ready to get jolly!!!

We stuffed ourselves with appetizers and then it was present time!!!

 Excitement was an understatement :)

G got in on the excitement too...



Tuesday we woke up bright and early to rock Hoho's in her new doll cradle that Gram and Papa Mac gave her the night before.

Then it was off to the hospital to meet the newest (and cutest!) little member of the family.  Lucy Griffin was born on Monday afternoon and Griffin and I couldn't get there fast enough (with a giant pink sparkle bow in tow, of course!)

Griffin brought her own baby doll, but it paled in comparison to the real baby :)

IN LOVE!!! I love love love newborns!  The snuggles, the little noises, the newborn smell.  I love it all.  Is there a job where you just hold newborn babies all day long??? If so - sign me up for that!

To take our minds off the fact that there's not a newborn baby at our house (hahaha) we stopped in at Target to pick up some last-minute wrapping supplies.  Griffin was being especially "coy" and was blowing kisses (and raspberries) to fellow shoppers ;)

The best part of wrapping??? The paper roll fights!!!

Tuesday night we surprised the kids with "Jammy Cocoa Christmas!!!"  Shay has talked about her family's tradition of putting on PJs, hitting up starbucks and then driving around to look at lights for YEARS and I've always loved the idea.  Last year was our first year to load up and go and it's definitely one of my favorite traditions.


The boys were already racing out to the car, fighting over who got there first and was declared "the winner", but I managed a pic with G!

And in case you're curious - my super cute hat is by Laikyn Leigh.  She handmakes them and she sent one to me and Griffin.  They're super soft and warm and cozy and I can't wait to show y'all G in hers!

We hit up our favorite Starbucks - it's in the Kroger grocery store about 30 seconds from our house and we LOOOOOOVE our baristas there :)  Doesn't everyone have their family's Christmas card on the bulletin board behind the counter at Starbucks??? :) hahaha

The ironic part about this being Jammy Cocoa Christmas is that no one actually drinks cocoa.  The kids aren't huge fans of hot chocolate and when presented with the option, they all opted out of it.

They did dig in to some cookies, though! :)

PJs in the grocery store. The end. :)

The boys were taking a bathroom break, so G and I took selfies :)

We made our way through some fun local neighborhoods...

... and concluded our night at this house in a neighborhood right by ours.  A++ for enthusiasm, but Mason was NOT A FAN. hahaha :)

Yesterday was a FABULOUS day filled with tons of fun and lots of family and I can't wait to share it all with y'all next week!  Enjoy your weekends and we'll be back with Friday Favorites next week!!!

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  1. Starbucks in our jammies is on my new traditions to start list for next year! And seriously I am with you on newborns. I mean I would sit in a hospital nursery all day and just hold babies, even screaming crying ones. Have a fabulous weekend my friend

  2. You rock the hat so well! I'm so excited to see Griffin in hers and look forward to sending you more pieces in the future! Jammy Cocoa Christmas sounds like such a fun tradition. I hear ya on the "exhausted"!

  3. Do you have a hospital with a NICU in your area? They are always looking for volunteering to rock those sweet little preemies, if you really need a baby fix.

  4. you guys are the cutest family! i'm pretty pooped today too after hosting. thanks for sharing!

  5. i'm pooped today as well after hosting a fun filled Christmas evening. your family is just the cutest. thanks for sharing!!

  6. I love your kitchen and dining area! So pretty & cozy! :) Great job hosting, everything looked wonderful!

  7. Beautiful photos and blog post Andrea. I love family traditions too. We look at Christmas lights too but it's summer here in Australia so we are usually in shorts and t shirts.

  8. I need to start that next year. So fun!!


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