Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

Woo Hoo!!!! It's Friday Favorite's Day!!! And I'm EXTRA excited  today because after 2:00 p.m I'll be on break for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!  Don't get me wrong - all 100 of my students are sweet, adoring, pre-adolescent angels - but exam week is BRUTAL for all parties involved.  Hormones, exhaustion and tests covering 18 weeks of material.  It's a fantastic combination. ;)

 First up today are a few of our Elf on the Shelf antics from this week.
On Monday we caught Buddy and his reindeer friends repelling from the big tree to the small one on our buffet table.

The boys got a HUGE kick out of this one ;)

Tuesday, Buddy was hosting "Elf School" in front of the tree...

Wednesday, he was making snow angels in a pile of sugar.  Some slobbery fingers found the sugar before I snapped a pic.

Thursday might have been my FAVORITE Elf on the Shelf moment to date...

Two rolls of toilet paper and about 5 minutes and our kitchen looked like this:

The excitement in the morning was so much fun!!!  All three kiddos were in awe ;)

The TP hanging from the ceiling was calling the boys names, so we decided to tear it all down...

An epic, 7 a.m. toilet paper fight ensued...

This may just be my FAVORITE Christmas memory from this year.  The joy was palpable.

 Next up, Griffin has sported some of my FAVORITE outfits this week.

I will never forget the day I picked up this leopard coat at Old Navy.  I had JUST found out that GG was a girl and I popped in to pick up some things for the boys and found this on sale.  I grabbed it, paid, walked out to my car and bawled.  I WAS HAVING A GIRL!!!

She sported this festive rainy day ensemble on Wednesday and I may have squealed when Dave texted me the picture.  I typically lay her clothes out at night and then Dave gets her dressed in the morning.

Thursday she wore this super cute knot dress ;) 

And since we're talking about FAVORITE outfits - these Christmas pj pants and slippers are going to be my outfit of choice over the next two weeks :)

I've had my pjs for several years, but if you're looking for something cozy and fun, here are some cute options!!!

One - Two - ThreeFour


Griffin's FAVORITE spot to watch TV???? Standing on the step stool, of course!  Because sitting on the comfy Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair directly behind her makes way too much sense ;)

One of my FAVORITE school events was last night - the Lower School Christmas program ;)

Luke sang his little heart out with his classmates and he "kind of" stole the show.  The microphone in front of him was just way too tempting and he kept getting REALLY close to it and then being the only one you could hear. hahaha

And after his performance??? An unprompted and unrehearsed bow. hahaha

Some of our FAVORITE people came to watch Luke sing and check out his art - Uncle Stephen, Gram, Gibi...

And Haha!!!  And yes, thank you Gibi for the high quality photos :)

This weekend is sure to be full of even more of my FAVORITES - relaxing and pjs mixed with wrapping presents, looking at Christmas lights and a trip to the Gaylord! I'm also meeting one of my favorite soon-to-be-mamas for breakfast and hopefully doing a bunch of baking! YAY!!!

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  1. The leopard coat, fabulous! Luke taking a bow, priceless , and girl I'm with you I'll be spending the bulk of the next two weeks in my jammies. Have a great weekend

  2. The bow might be MY favorite moment from this week! What a ham!!!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure this is the last year for the elf at our house. My kids don't care about it at all. Even when we do big things, they're bored with him. I hate that it's the end of a "little kid" tradition.

  4. So i think G has the best Christmas wardrobe. EVER. Also, P had that leopard coat, and I may have cried like a baby when I saw your sweet girl in it. Our babies are growing up! :)

  5. Luke at his program is hilarious!!! Love that he bowed. Hahaha!

  6. I LOVE Luke's boldness and how cute he is singing into that dang microphone! I think all girl moms have a leopard coat type meltdown moment, at least I did! Have a great weekend Andrea and a fab two weeks with those precious babes of yours!

  7. I love, love her pink Hunter boots and her pink headband!

  8. Your mimi made my day again, Pink Hunter boots!!! YAY!!

  9. The pink and green on Griffin ! Precious!

  10. The way you dress Griffin is the best! Now can you please come pick my outfits out? :) Have lovely weekend, gal!

    p.s. All of your family posts get me super excited for a family of my own!

  11. First of all...ENJOY! 2 weeks off with those adorable kiddos sounds fantastic! At this point I am just hoping the 3 of us can be healthy at the same time and stay that way for the holidays!
    Luke is adorable singing! And that bow! Oh my! So cute!
    Maybe some day I will get to experience that excitement of a little girl, but for now #boymom it is! :)

  12. You are seriously the most creative person! I'm jealous, I feel like I'm getting lazy with our Elf! I may have to borrow some of your ideas. Your kids are lucky to have you! You're little girl's outfits kill me..LOVE them! Enjoy your time off! :)

  13. Such a cute post! Luke is hilarious and I love everything Griffin is wearing!

  14. You are so creative with Elf on the Shelf! Love the TPing! :) Griffin is too cute in her leopard print!


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