Thursday, December 11, 2014

Boys Room - Decked!

Last week I shared our house all decorated for Christmas (click HERE to see that post!) and so today I'm going to show y'all some the boys room!  There's a cute little tree in Griffin's room - but apparently I forgot to take pictures - so I'll have to save that for another day.

Luke and Mason share a room - and while they REALLY wanted a big tree - it's close quarters so I opted for lots of twinkle lights and some festive little touches instead.

I filled a couple little jars with candy canes and ornaments and then displayed a few Christmas books on the shelves as well.  Dave laughs at me for doing this because he says it looks like the special books on top of the library shelves :)

I put a garland on their dresser (yes... that's an aquarium... we have a turtle named Sharpie. hahaha.  I'll blog about him another time) and filled it with ornaments and Hot Wheels cars.

The white trees I found at Target a couple of years ago...

Okay.... so last year I picked up this PEACE marquee sign at Target.  But then I had no idea what to do with it.  hahaha

It sat in the game closet for an entire year. The letters don't stand up and I didn't love how they looked propped up.  They were awkward to hang and I just got super frustrated.  A couple of weeks ago I was putting some things away in the garage and I saw this random board (I think it's leftover from when I made the Monster beanbag toss for the kids birthday last Spring)

I painted the entire board white using acrylic paint, then taped off stripes.

I painted the stripes black...

Let it dry and then peeled off the tape.  Then I just laid the letters out (this was the hardest part since the letters were wired together and so I was limited as to how I could arrange them).

I really wanted to hang it on the wall - but it was crazy heavy and so I used an extra table I had and propped it up.  Kind of jimmy-rigged, but it works for now. ;)

Arthur's Christmas Cookies was my book when I was little ;)

The small tree on their table is decked with classy ornaments like Spiderman and socks. :)

I think my favorite part of their room right now are the Dr. Seuss sheets.  They're incredibly soft and adorable and on sale at Pottery Barn kids right now.  I was pregnant with Griffin when I bought these and I MAY have bawled like a baby when I showed them to Dave talking about how I was going to put these sheets on their beds every year and that someday when they came home from college I was still going to put them on.  I sobbed and blubbered and then sobbed and blubbered some more.  It was a good time ;)

And at night ;)  And yes.... one of the beds is sheetless.  #reallife

I can NOT believe that Christmas is two weeks away!  The excitement at our house is palpable :) 

Have a FABULOUS day and be sure to come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!! It's going to be a great one!!!

Also, there are TONS of great sales going on right now and so I did a post below highlighting some items you may want to add to your list for Santa :)


  1. So so fun! I knot he boys are loving their festive room!!! Have an awesome day!!

  2. Their room looks adorable!!!! And the peace sign you made...genius!!!!

  3. I think the "Peace" sign looks fantastic!!

  4. P.S. And I love that coat from Anthropologie...I just may have to try that one. Thanks!

  5. Hi Andrea! Where did you find their beds? I'm getting ready to move our toddler into a big boy bed and I think your beds are just darling :) Thanks!

  6. I love the PEACE sign, and how it matches their blankets!
    The white trees and garland look so pretty on the dresser :)

  7. I just love their room - so well put together and the Christmas touches look great!!!

  8. That is just an adorable little boys room!

  9. I love their room! They are lucky little boys. You did a great job decorating their room [and not just for Christmas!].

  10. Love their room and the quick DIY you did for that PEACE sign. Great job!

  11. I'm headed to the barn to find some barn or pallet wood. There is hope for my JOY letters.

  12. Oh my goodness- this is so cute! I just thought you should know that my current bout of baby fever is directly caused by your adorable family. Also, can you come decorate my house?

  13. I never knew a little boy's room could be so inviting :)

  14. I was going to ask where you got that Peace sign as it caught my eye right away.. but you made it, and that's even better!!
    They boy's room looks great! Absolutely perfect for Christmas. :)


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