Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best. Morning. Ever.

So yesterday we had the best morning ever.  We visited the Gaylord Texan hotel with no agenda other than wandering and taking it all in.  Before we could start Luke asked to "sit by the fire for AT LEAST ten minutes". ;)  I'm pretty sure they hasted about 23 seconds before the trains and decor lured them away. hahaha

We put the kids on this little bench to take a pic and this happened.  TEAR!!!

My boys LOVE the trains - it's fun because you can really get up close and check them out...

Our annual sleigh pic :)  Not sure what the bubble mouths are about. hahaha

And just for kicks, Here we are in the sleigh in 2013...


And 2011.

I hope that you are appropriately impressed with how photogenic and cooperative my kids (especially Mason) have been right from the beginning.  #exceptnot

This looks sweet, but they pushed her out and were then refusing to let her back in.  Little sister problems ;)

While Luke and G were taking a photo-op break, Mason was doing his own thing.... 

That's my boy!!! :)

And can we talk about how much she's grown this year????? 

Griffin insisted on wearing her mini backpack pretty much the entire day and was running after her big brothers the entire time...

Be still my heart!!!

And since we're talking about growing... he's bigger, but not much else has changed ;)

 Only one is looking - and his eyes are half closed - but I'll take it! ;)

This tree was MADE for her outfit...

 Next up was the best part of the morning - the giant cookies!!!  When we told the boys that we were going - the first thing they asked was whether we were going to get a big cookie :)

After the big cookies, we checked out a few more trains and then headed to Bass Pro Shop where we practiced our shooting skills :)

And tried out some ATVs :)

After the ATVs was the carousel where Mason pretended he was Santa Claus...

Luke pretended he was a jockey...

... and apparently I was REALLY excited about GG's first ride ;)

I look RIDICULOUS, but I love that Dave snapped the pics because I think they capture one of the awesome things about having kids... the excitement you get to experience when your kids experience new things.

GG was pretty excited, too.

Then this happened and we decided it was time to head home :)

When we got home, some of us changed into costume while other of us prepared lunch.  As I was flipping through pics on my camera, Luke was being "Luke" and I snapped a few. ;)

The rest of the day involved baking anything and everything that involved a crescent roll in preparation for our Christmas celebration with Dave's family - but I'll share that tomorrow since this has been lengthy enough.

Today's agenda includes a TON of baking/cooking, visiting a sweet new member of our family abd Griffin's new BFF (YAY, Lucy!!!) and Christmas Lights!  Let the fun continue :)

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!!


  1. The photo of you and G is amazing! You don't look ridiculous, you look like you are fully in the moment, which is real and incredible.

  2. We love the Gaylord this time of year!! What a fun, fun, fun day!!

  3. Loved everything about this post...but the pic of Luke kissing Griffin? That one totally did me in!

  4. What a perfect day. Loved all the pics

  5. So fun!! We are going both places today! So fun!!

  6. These are so good!! Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!!

  7. I love your daughter's outfit. Looks like you guys had fun 💗

  8. Isn't the Gaylord beautiful at Christmas??? You need to frame some of those!!!

  9. I wish we had somewhere like that around us! Great pictures and it looks like you had a great time!

  10. luke is sooo handsome! :) his adoring look is just to die for! have a great day!

  11. So fun!!! The pictures of all three are darling! Griffin wearing her backpack has inspired me to let my Griffin try wearing his. He has an adorable new Stephen Joseph gator backpack, but I haven't let him wear it...perhaps because I know it will automatically make him look that much older ; )
    Merry Christmas to your whole crew!!!

  12. That looks like such a neat place to visit. Merry Christmas!!! :)

  13. Those pics of the kids in the sleigh are great. The oldest one just cracked me up with your cooperative comment. I mean I cried I laughed so hard. Some things just crack me up.

  14. Looks a fabulous place. So many moments to treAsure. I'm glad you've so many photos of your day :/)


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