Monday, November 24, 2014

Favorite Things Party! Teacher Gift Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!
Before we start - let me tell you one thing - I'M ON THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!
Can y'all hear me giggling and doing a happy dance?!?!?!  Don't get me wrong - I luuuurve my middle schoolers - but I am so looking forward to some serious family time and a week without grading papers.  Amen.

Today for our Favorite Things Party I'm going to show you some of my very favorite Teacher Gift Ideas that are all under $10!  Knock out your teacher gifts this week and check it off your list! :)

These monogram mugs are my absolute favorite!  They will sit on the couch next to you (trust me!), have a perfect handle and look super cute!  I have about 8 of them (in the regular - not the gold) and I reach for them constantly  The monogram is fun because it's personal and if the teacher isn't a coffee/tea drinker the mug would look adorable filled with pens on their desk.  Also, this would be really cute with a cellophane bag filled with goodies (homemade or otherwise) tucked inside and tied with a big ribbon.  ORRRRRR, if you have a bigger budget, throw a gift card inside!

Are you sensing a monogram theme yet???  
If your child's teacher has a tree in their classroom, this could be really cute with their initial or with your child's initial.  If you give your teacher an ornament, be sure to write a sweet note on a little piece of cardstock and tie it to the ornament.... when kids have given me ornaments over the years, I've attached their little notes to them so I remember who they're from and get to read the notes every Christmas.  This would also look sweet attached to a gift card :)

I am a total sucker for note pads, and I'm pretty sure that 99% of teachers feel the same way I do :)  I write TONS of notes all day long and these super pretty sets would be an awesome gift to receive.

Because what girl doesn't LOVE some fuzzy socks?!?!  I wear mine with boots all the time :)  
These would be cute with a note saying something about "Thanks for all your hard work this semester, hope you get to put your feet up during break."  Or something like that.

These 4" monogram acrylic trays are so fun!  They would be great to hold rings at night, paper clips, etc.  And again - the monogram!!!

These might be my favorite of all the favorites!  I LOVE Rifle Paper Co. and these notebooks are GORGEOUS!!! The set is under $10!!!

I am aware that this is random - but I sanitize my hands A LOT throughout the day, and as much as I love Purel - I REALLY love the great smelling hand sanitizes from Bath and Body Works.  If you can find the Beautiful Day scent it's my absolute favorite.  

So! There you have it! My Favorite Things for Under $10 teacher gifts.

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas! I am going with the mug or the notepads! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love it all girl! Thanks for the ideas! And enjoy the week home with those sweet kiddos!!! Xoxo

  3. I'm not sure how a notebook can be gorgeous but I'm pretty sure those are!! Ha!

  4. Good picks! Fuzzy sucks for everybody! And those monogrammed trays are precious!

  5. I am excited to read all these links. My daughters first grade teacher is a man and SO tough to buy for! She looped with him so this is our second year of gifts. Any suggestions for guy teachers?

  6. Andrea, Great Ideas! Question… my 4th grader has a male teacher for the first time. Any suggestions on gifts for Male teachers? Do you have any at your school that could tell you what their favorite gifts are to receive? Thanks!

  7. Great ideas!!! I was happy to see antibacterial soap on there because I just sent my boys' teachers a thankful bag with a Kind bar and some Christmas "squirt" (as we call it around here). I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break with your sweet family.

  8. So jealous that you're on break already! I have to make it through today & tomorrow!

  9. Thank you! I have 5 kids and 2 are in high school and 1 is in jr. high, so teacher gifts rack up. Our 2 smallest have ONE teacher so I tend to load up on a few presents thru out the year but the big kids usually don't get to spoil the teachers as much. These are great (along with Sheaffer's santa alerts, I have ordered all the teachers something.

  10. Thank you for these ideas Andrea! I am always trying to come up with something cute for the ladies at Xavier's daycare/preschool. Those mugs and such are perfect :)

  11. For your monogram gifts - do you prefer to display things with the first letter of your first name or last name? These are great ideas! Thank you! Heather

  12. Girlfriend! Such good ideas!!!! I can always count on you for the BEST ideas!

  13. Great post!! Thanks for the cute ideas.

  14. I love the scent Beautiful Day too!


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