Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Non Patch Pumpkin Patch AND an ear update

Don't get me wrong... I LURVE me a pumpkin patch.  In fact, MCA runs a pumpkin patch in October and we'll be out at Pumpkinville volunteering and shopping several times this month.  BUUUUT.... we wanted pumpkins STAT And SAM'S Club doesn't disappoint when it comes to some serious value (no joke - $9/pumpkin)... plus we needed diapers and such so we headed out to the non patch pumpkin patch. hahaha

They were jumping with excitement over getting to pick out their pumpkins.... and at the samples.  Because isn't that the best part of every Sam's trip???  And yes... those pumpkins are all over the floor because sweet, sweet Dave hauled them out of the boxes so we could make sure that they stood correctly and didn't have weird flat spots and such... and then he put them all back. He's a keeper.

We held hands and wandered the aisles of the "patch"... but instead of looking at pumpkins, we picked out cheese balls and stocked up on Pirate's Booty ;)

While we waited on our soft pretzels (yuuuuummmmmmmm!!!) the kids checked out the Christmas toy aisle.

I swear I turned around for 3 seconds and Mason was half way down the aisle on this little bike.  He's a mad man!!!

Luke is seriously THE BEST big brother. ;)

Then this happened ;) hahaha

After pretzels and a slushie, we had to make a pit stop at the tire department. (DUH!)


 When we got home we found good homes for our new crew and test it out as a photo op spot. ;)


We seriously had the best time.  Which sounds ridiculous since we were at Sam's - but whatever.  ;)

Also, on Monday I posted on IG about Mason possibly having "cauliflower ear" and y'all left so many sweet comments.  On Monday afternoon Dave ran Mason by the school (he was at home for the day) to show me his ear.  He told me it was red, puffy and swollen and that he had texted a picture to a friend who's a PA and he had said we might want to have it checked out.  You can imagine my surprise when he showed up and his ear looked like this...

Thankfully his pediatrician was able to see him ASAP and he was super super super sweet at the appointment.

In the office the doctor noticed this weird white spot and determined that she thought he had been bitten by something (not a spider! Hallelujah!) and that is was NOT cauliflower ear (which we thought he might have got after being tackled at our Harvest party the day before. hahaha).

After a dose of Benedryl and some time at home, the swelling and redness hadn't changed, so he was prescribed an antibiotic and today it looks MUCH better.

Monday night we had a dinner planned for Dave's dads birthday, and Mason seemed to be acting fine despite the Benadryl, so we met up with Gram and Papa Mac.  Mason fell asleep in the car and was OUT like a light even after we carried him into the restaurant.

The Benadryl hit him HARD and he was out for close to an hour.  I literally ate up every single minute of it.  He was an infant the last time he fell asleep on my lap ;)

When Mason gets sick he gets sick big, so I'm thankful that this didn't end up being anything major.

Thanks again for all the kind words and well wishes for his ear ;) hahaha

Happy Hump Day, friends!!!


  1. Of course you know how to make Sam's Club fun!!! :)
    That picture of you holding Griffin and Luke's hand is so sweet and makes me laugh with Mason snaggin' the cheese puffs in the background. So, so happy his ear is better. Have a fantastic day!!

  2. Listen, I think an afternoon looking at Sam's pumpkins and eating a soft pretzel sounds like heaven! You picked out some gorgeous gourds girl! And poor Mason...I'm so glad it's getting better. Bless his sweet heart!

  3. Such a nice family! ! You make everything fun - even a stop at Sams Club :)
    Can you believe that the Walmart near me is selling the same size pumpkins for $3.28!?

  4. Agghhhhh we are a Sam's Patch family too!!!! I tell you, we can spend a few hours in there and everybody is happy (maybe its the food samples lol). So glad your little guy is feeling better, he's a doll.

  5. That EXACT same thing happened to my son's ear a couple weeks ago!!! We had JUST left the dr's office & I was walking him into school when I noticed his ear was red & huuuuge!!! The school's secretary & I were looking at it when she noticed a small spot on his earlobe, which was a bug bite...I saw later that night another bite up farther on the ear too. We tried Benadryl, but that didn't seem to do much so I used some essential oils & those cleared it up. I'm SO glad it was just a bite and not cauliflower ear for Mason!!!!

  6. I want to go to Sam's with you next time you go. Looks like y'all have so much fun there! :)

  7. I am glad Mason is feeling better!

    We shop at Costco, not Sam's, but we can have a great time there, too :)

  8. Poor Mason, also, we always get our pumpkins at SAMs or the grocery store, too. :)

  9. Hey if there a multiple pumpkins in one place its a pumpkin patch....and glad little man is feeling better

  10. G's outfit at SAMs is my favorite one ever!

  11. So glad Mason is feeling better! Love reading about your sweet family...I find my self smiling during the entire post. You're family is just too cute!! Have a blessed day!

  12. Poor Mason! Thanks for my dose of your mini!

  13. I love that you guys soak up the fun no matter where you are....even at Sams! Sweet Mason...glad you got antibiotics....I have gotten staff infection once from being bit by something and it was not fun.

  14. Absolutely love this little guys personality! He is just so sweet & cute to look at .... I am past babies....but he would make my uterus ache... if I had one!

  15. Ahhhh, I love your family! You guys are too cute!! And I love that you keep it real and let us see the wild and crazy and not just the photogenic :)

    I was looking at your North Pole breakfast post again because I am definitely planning on putting one together for my toddler and newborn. Do you happen to remember where you got your Christmas plates and cups? They are so cute. Thanks!

  16. Even the pumpkins at Sam's are "Family Size"! Glad Mason's ear is better and I love the colors in Griffin's headband!

  17. Andrea, you are so darn cute, even at Sams!!

  18. I am need of a trip to Sam's Club, and now that I see how fun you make...X will be joining me :)
    And I am totally with you on getting the cheaper pumpkins at Sam's or the like! Then just visit a real patch for fun if we have time :)
    Poor Mason and his ear! Glad he is doing better! Xavier experienced a similar swollen ear when he got a mosquito bite this summer. I felt horrible! Probably hurts us much more than them!


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