Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIWW - New Fall Matilda Jane

 I've pledged my love to MJ multiple times over the last year.  Like, a lot.  But I got my shipment of goodies from the second release last weekend and I've been LOVING mixing and matching pieces with items already in my closet.  Three of my pieces were backordered (boo!), but that just means another post next week when they're here :)

Sunday morning I paired the Ari Swiss Dot Top with a floral patchwork scarf from Anthropologie and the new Juniper Berry Big Ruffles.  

The shirt is pretty sheer, so I wore it over a black maternity cami.  Yes - I said maternity.  It's long and stretchy and I love it. :)  #sorrynotsorry

Monday morning was still a bit chilly (I'm telling myself that) and so I decided to sport a "fallish" ensemble to school.  I paired the gorgeous Henna Crochet Cardigan with a Free People dress I picked up at Nordstrom Rack, my favorite black cowboy boots and a fringey scarf.  The scarf I have on is sold out - BUT THESE are the best scarves ever and you could achieve the same kind of look.

Yesterday I was wanting C.O.M.F.Y and so I paired the Tyndal Tank from Anthropologie (only available in yellow now) with the Sweetest Maple Finn pants.  I wore my denim jacket in the morning and my Toms Ballet Flats all day :)

I picked my bracelet up from World Market a long time ago - did y'all know that they have super fun and inexpensive jewelry???  THIS bracelet is only $6.50 and I LOVE IT! 

And while we're talking about World Market Jewelry, how awesome is THIS BRACELET???  I love the colors, how it looks stacked and the chain detail!

 Even though my tank is sold out in this color, I wanted to show y'all the back - because how fun, right?!?!  I love Anthropologie tops for the unexpected details like different fabric on the back, embroidery, etc.

My last outfit is actually from last week, but it's still available so I wanted to share it again.   The GORGEOUS floral top is the Finley Top by MJ and it's FAB!  The weight, color and fit are perfect.

And since I get LOTS of questions/comments and compliments on my bracelets - the ones on the wire are from Hippie Chick.  She posts new bangles all the time and will give you a heads up on Facebook - so be sure to follow her!  The loved cuff is from Amber Zaccagni and the "To Maine and Back" cuff is by Farmgirl Paints on Etsy.  Her shop is currently open and you can purchase a cuff and then pick what you want stamped on the metal plate on it.  I "may" have ordered 5.  hahaha  They make GREAT gifts, too!!!  I think I picked up my crystal bracelet on GroopDealz and I'm searching for a great one to share with y'all next week :)

Last - since we're talkin' MJ - I wanted to encourage y'all to pick up the Barn Party Knot Dress for every single little girl in your life :)  The colors are AMAZING, the lace detailing is to die for and it is just overall gorgeousness.  We own LOTS of Matilda Jane and I think this might be my favorite piece yet. (and look how well it coordinates with my Finley Top!).  Knot dresses are great because girls can wear them layered (or not) for multiple seasons.  Leggings and a layering tee for Fall, add a jacket or sweater for winter and then lose the layers for Spring/Summer.

If you're interested in ordering any of the pieces I talked about today - now is the time because there's a promo going on today!   Check out THIS POST for details on how/when to order.

Thank you all for your kind words on yesterday's post.  I kind of put my heart out there a little bit and the response was so encouraging!  I appreciate each and every comment!!!

Also, check back tomorrow for my thoughts on potty training.  I have A LOT to say and it's probably not at all what you're thinking it will be :)  

And last, yesterday was hard.
Today is going to be hard.
My mom somehow ALWAYS knows just what I need to hear and last night she posted it to FB :)
I thought that I'd share it here in case today (or tomorrow, or the next day or the day after) is hard for you as well.   

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!


  1. What can I say?? MJ was made for the McAnally girls!! :) Love you friend! -Erika Slaughter (I couldn't get my profile to work.)

  2. Love every single outfit!! And the anthro top is darling- I wear my black ruffles one that you recommended (you have in white I think) and get so many compliments!!!

  3. I love that verse...and I hope today is a good day!!! Xo

  4. Love you friend. I needed to read what your mom posted too.

  5. I love your ruffle pants! They always look so comfy. Moms always seem to know exactly what to say. How do they do that? haha. Loved it. I hope you have a great day!!

  6. Ooooh...that Anthropologie scarf is amazing. And no shame in wearing a maternity cami after baby....all maternity wear is so cozy!

  7. Love your style!!! Those wire bracelets are so pretty!
    Have a blessed day! :-)

  8. You are so cute!!! I love that you mix and match and the MJ line is super cute!! Those cowboy boots - SWOON!!!

  9. I really needed to read what your mom posted today. Dealing with a lot in my personal life right now so thank you for posting. I love reading your blog!


  10. So many cute looks! I love the Anthro. scarf with the eyelet top-very pretty! I'm visiting from the WIW link-up:)

  11. Love all those looks, you just have the most awesome style, don't know that I could pull it all off but you always look fabulous!!! Plus I am happy to know that the Farmgirl Paints shop is back open cause I really want one of those to think of what to have stamped on it is the problem!

  12. I love your boots!! I'm sure you have posted pics with those before but I missed them. And those Farmgirl Paints bracelets are so cute! Def need to hit up her shop!

  13. Such a great reminder from your mom! Moms just know what to say, don't they? :) Hope your day goes ok.

  14. I so needed to read that verse your mom sent! I'm struggling with scheduling speech therapy 2x week for my son & still working full time what a great reminder that I am not alone. Thank you for sharing!

    Now I need to know what size Sweetest Maple Finn pants you are wearing?

  15. Thank you for posting what your mom shared with you! I also am going through a hard time right now and needed to read those words. You and your family are so cute :)

  16. Such a wise momma! I use this verse as my mantra when things aren't going great. Give Him your ALL, all of your love and all of your stress, or pain , or worry, e can handle it

  17. Love this! thank you, thank you for keeping it real!

  18. Love those comforting, encouraging words. I need those everyday!


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