Monday, September 1, 2014

What's On - Your Project List

Happy Labor Day, friends!

I am PUMPED to be at home with my sweet kiddos today.  There will be lots of wrestling, lots of UNO playing and probably lots of chips and queso.  Because yum.

Today's link-up is all about Whats On... Your Project List...

My "At-Home" project is long and boring.  It contains things like cleaning out the linen closet, touching up paint in my kitchen and moving our bed to vacuum behind it.  Awesome.  Since all of those things are mundane and no fun - I decided to share a couple of Halloween DIY projects that have been on my project list for a while.

Up first, a new style of burlap wreath!
I made a Halloween burlap wreath last year - I cut little strips of burlap, ribbon and fabric and tied them on to a wreath form and then I made my fourth of July wreath in the kind of "normal" way... but for this I had a totally different (and REALLY CHEAP!) idea.

I took lots of pics as I made this... BUT then I got a new phone on Sunday (after my last back-up) and lost the pics.  Boo! 

I bought 2.5 yards of regular burlap at Hobby Lobby.  NOT the ribbon (because that has finished edges and I wanted this to look shaggy), but 2.5 yards of the "burlap fabric".  I cut it into strips that were 4" wide and then length of the width of the fabric.  They weren't perfect at all - my favorite kind of craft. 

After I cut the strips I took two coat hangers and twisted them together.  I took the strips and folded them (like an accordian) and then stuck them through the coat hanger...

I made a big fat bow, added a felt spider and called it a day!

I don't love it against the natural stone back splash, but I have a fun plan for it when I get all of my decorations out... I may even add some fake spiderwebs to it.  We'll see.  

The burlap was $3.99/yard and cost me $6 (with 40% off coupon), I had the ribbon and the spider was $1.50.  I used hangers we had and so the whole thing cost $7.50!

Apparently I was on a spider kick because I changed my original plans of appliqueing "boo" onto this pillow (I'll probably do that on another one), to make a SUPER easy spider web pillow.  

This super cute pillow cover was $9.99 at Hobby Lobby and was on sale for $6.

I steamed it a bit and then sketched out a rough idea of what I wanted my spider web to look like.  Then I started going over it with Sharpie...

I was going to paint it, but I was scared the lines wouldn't look straight and then I was going to hand stitch it, but ultimately I decided on Sharpie because it was easy. hahaha  #lazygirlproblems

Not perfect, but cute!

Cute, right?

 It was easy, festive and cost me a whopping $6 (because I had the pillow insert already).

So.... what's on your project list?!?!  I can't wait to see what fun things y'all have planned!



  1. I'm linking up to this tomorrow!! make those crafts looks so simple. I am always super, super impressed!! Have the best day with your babies!

  2. You know I never decorate for holidays other than Christmas. HOWEVER. That's going to be different in the new house. I can't wait to decorate for fall!!!!!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Homegoods has some crazy cute stuff right now! Because girl, even though I'm going to decorate, you know I won't DIY anything. Baby steps.

  3. That pillow looks so easy and it turned out great!!!

  4. Hello, Ladies! I find all of your blogs really a pleasure to read. I started reading Mix and Match Mama, first and linked up to Sheaffer's and Andrea's later. You inspire me. I would love to hear how you all started blogging and why. I think that would be a great future post. Thanks, for all the great suggestions.

  5. I would like to fly you out to my home for every holiday so you can decorate for me That's all ;). Happy Monday

  6. So cute! I love the pillow idea, I would have never thought of just drawing on a spiderweb. I'll be keeping an eye out for some cheap pillow covers now. Thanks for sharing the idea :)

  7. I bought the same pillow cover earlier this week. My plan was to paint a monogrammed pumpkin on it. The spider web is cute and won't take as long.

  8. I love the wreath, super simple! I like the idea of putting a wreath or something on the back splash. I have large tile back splash similar to yours, I'm curious how do you attach anything to the back splash...a hook of some sort? I've tried some 3m hooks but have not had much success...

  9. What a cute wreath! Thanks for a great idea! Your posts over the past week have me ready to get out all my fall and Halloween decorations! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  10. Ok so that wreath!? Amazingggg!!! Wow! You make it look so so easy! And love love love the pillow...the best part with all of this!? SO super cheap! Thanks for sharing!


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