Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Long Weekend Edition

My weekend TECHNICALLY started on Thursday night since Friday was our "Fair Day" and we didn't have school.  We got a little "creative" after dinner.... markers and crayons and stickers (and paper all over the floor!) hahaha

Friday morning GG woke up and she was feeling the Halloween spirit :)

I got the Littles dressed and ready and Dave took them to Miss Lisa's house.  Doesn't every three year old take a computer keyboard in the car with them??? :)  It's our old keyboard and we use it to play store and work on identifying letters/numbers.... plus it's just plain fun.

The littles were off and Luke and I got ready to decorate for Halloween.  I hauled everything out of the attic and Luke "held the stairs" for support :)

We decorated and talked and he built me TONS of Lego creations.  He also talked my ear off like nobody's business all. day. long.

He wanted pizza for lunch, so he and I headed to the Country Club to eat, play UNO and say hey to Dave.

His requests??? Pepperoni pizza, strawberries, white milk and a side of bacon :)

MUCH better than the ham and cheese waiting for me at home. hahaha

After a Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby and Sonic run it was back home to wrap up the decorating and finally do my hair.  I thought I'd document it since it doesn't happen all that often :)

Friday night the girls and I got together for a big surprise (reveal coming later in the week after a few other details are worked out!) and we all ended up in the back of Andrew's truck.  I had a total flashback to high school. :)  
Sidenote.... apparently one time Dave rode in the back of a truck to Smirnoff Music Center (now Gexa Energy Pavillion???) from McKinney (and back!) for a concert.  Like.... on Highway 75.  Good Lord.  Y'all please start praying for me when my boys are teens. hahaha

Saturday morning Luke had an 8 am soccer game and so Mason, Griffin and I opted to hang out in bed and eat Lucky Charms instead of going.  I was upset we missed it because apparently it was the best game yet!

Saturday afternoon G and I hit up Stonebriar and Little Miss thought she OWNED the place :)

What's better than one "Boo" puppy???

TWO Boo Puppies! :)  Mama said no... but she tried hard!

I forgot the stroller and we shopped 'til we dropped.... which was about 23 minutes. hahaha

We did leave the mall with a pair of riding boots and I almost DIED when we tried them on at home. :)  Every girl needs a good pair of riding boots, right???

After lunch we had to run to the grocery store (and her shirt was a mess) so it was outfit change time!

The rest of the afternoon we spent laying around, playing and folding laundry. Saturday night I slept EXTRA well in some FIERCE pjs :)

Sunday morning my bed and heart were FULL!!!  I posted this on IG and a friend commented about all the great hair in this pic :) hahaha  CRACKED ME UP!

Our typical Sunday morning pic :)

 and this girly on a mission to her Sunday School classroom!  She knows exactly where to go and I just open the door and she walks right in!  She's a pro!

On Sunday morning my cousin posted this pic of the view from her cottage (in Canada) and I pretty much wanted to drop everything and hop on a plane.  It is WAY too hot here right now and I'd do just about anything to get up there!

After church Mason wanted me to hold him like a baby.... I have a crazy double chin, but I'll take it because how often does your 3.5 year old WANT to be held like this :)  LOVE!

GG was looking WAY too big at lunch...

... and the boys spent the rest of the afternoon making a giant pile out of all the things in the family room.  Do y'all see Mason????

There was lots of pillow fighting and wrestling :)

It was a low key, fun weekend and I'm already ready for the next one!  But I don't want to skip this week completely because tomorrow is my Matilda Jane Trunk Show!!! 

New items will be posted on the website EARLY on Wednesday morning and wishlists are due by noon CST Wednesday.  There will be several cute long sleeve dresses, an AMAZING jacket and lots of new baby items posted.  If you have any questions about ordering (or if you're local and you'd like to come to my in-person show in Frisco!) shoot me an email at dave-and-andrea@hotmail.com 

You can click HERE for some details on the ordering process.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!!


  1. Ahhhh! What a perfect long weekend! I can't wait to see the pics of your house decorated for Halloween. I know it's spook-tacular!

  2. Precious family!! That pic made me want to go to Canada too!! I think I'm going to adopt the Sunday morning pic tradition. Have a good day Andrea!!

  3. Awe!!! Sounds like you and Luke had a great day!! And...oh my goodness!! Dave in the back of a truck from McKinney to Dallas?!??

  4. Okay...so I would like to request that you have 3 days weekends every weekend. Who do I need to write to make than happen? Cause seriously, how much better would your life be?!? Loved all the pics as always!

  5. What a great weekend! G In the riding boots is totally adorable!!! Xoxo

  6. I could eat your GG alive (I only say that about really cute babies you know!!), super cute :) I wish I could go back in time and let my girl wear all of her pretty clothes everywhere and all the time. I only put them on to go to church or somewhere special, and I feel like I wasted it all those pretty dresses and outfits by just letting them hang in the closet :(

    I can't wait to see your house decorated for Halloween! Have an awesome day :)

  7. 3 day weekends rock!!! And is it sad that I am super over the top excited about MJ tmw??? Happy Tuesday!!!

  8. your kiddos are the cutest!!! sounds like a perfect weekend!!!

  9. Random thoughts...
    - Love G's boots!
    - Love, love, love your pjs
    - Can't wait to see your Halloween decorations
    - Your cousin's leaves are to die for!!!
    - Didn't even notice your "double chin" in that picture until you pointed it out ; )

  10. Um, those boots. I can't even find the words for how much I LOOOOVE them. Go G! :)

  11. I just love your blog and your family!

  12. Your hair looks Gorg! Griffin in the boots... I don't know if there is anything cuter!!!

  13. How i wish i could have a baby again, Griffin is just too cute! I love that age! Love the pj's, sexy and comfortable! where did you purchase them from?

  14. What a great weekend. I love lazy weekends. Can't wait to see what you ladies were up to on Friday. Saw it on IG, and have been waiting to see what you did for her. Want to come decorate my house for Halloween? I"m at a loss as to where to begin!

  15. Looks like y'all had a good long weekend, I'm with you I'm ready for the next one. And, I love me some Stonebriar Mall!!

  16. 1. YAY for long weekends!
    2. I am DYING over Griffins boots!
    3. The suspense of the reveal is killing me :)
    4. I am super impressed you made it that long shopping without a stroller. HA!

  17. Love your PJ's!! And I hate when I forget the stroller!

  18. You know I would love to have you at the cottage anytime!! and all of your awesome friends and Dave and the kids , if only you weren't so far and we could make that happen. One day sweet cousin one day.......

  19. Sounds like a great weekend to me. I love Griffin's ivory headwrap. In fact I am wearing the same one today!

  20. Those pj's, the boots, those faces, oh my are they all too cute! Every now and then Xavier lets me hold him like a baby as well. Love it since he just wants to be a big boy! Can't wait to see the Halloween decor and read more about the trip in the truck :)

  21. Those boots-oh my! I don't think I've ever seen anything cuter! Can't wait to see how you style them!


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