Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: I Slept A Lot Edition :)

Happy Monday, friends!!!
Well - if you follow me on Instagram you probably know that on Friday I finally threw up my white flag and headed to Care Now... but only after waking up with what looked like pink eye! EWWWW!

 I dropped Luke off at school, ran off some copies for my sub and made my way to Care Now.  It turns out that I had a sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, laryngitis and pink eye.  So much for my "power through" mentality :)  I dropped off my prescriptions and was home and asleep by 9:30.  Sweet, sweet Dave picked up my antibiotics and steroids, brought them home to me and apparently I took them (I really don't remember) and the next thing I knew Mason was jumping on my bed and it was 4:30 p.m.  Seriously.  

Friday night Dave was working and so the kids and I did dinner, baths and jammies - and then Griffin spent a good 5 minutes showing the baby in the mirror her clean teeth :)  #mademyday

The boys and I laid in bed for snuggles and movie time and I was out like a light before 8:30 p.m.

I woke up after 9 a.m. on Saturday (apparently I needed some rest!) and Dave put me on house arrest (my tendency is to start going 100 mph as soon as I feel good again - and then crashing HARD).  He and Griffin ran some errands...

... and the boys played next door with Aiden :)  Aiden's grandma walked them home and I couldn't help but laugh at how messy they were.  My mom always said that how messy you are is directly proportional to how much fun you had.... so I'd say they had a blast :)

What should you do after getting clean in the tub??? Eat a blue cupcake, duh! :) #yesmom

After lunch the boys walked down the street to Gibi and Haha's house.  WHEN did they get this big?!?!?!

Dave brought me a peach tea lemonade (!!!) and I decided it was time to eat for the first time in two days.  #sickgirlproblems

While the boys were having the best time playing, Griffin and I tried on Fall clothes.  Considering that the next 10 days are all forecast to be 100+ degrees I'd say it was a timely choice of activity :) #not

Sunday morning everyone was up bright and early (like PRE SIX AM!!!) due to a big thunderstorm rolling through - and we decided to keep my germs at home and played hooky from church.

In the afternoon we headed to a gender reveal party for Dave's cousin Justin and his wife Mallory.  My boys were all on Team Blue...

and G and I were ALL About the pink! (duh!)

Waiting to open the "reveal box"...

Love these kind of shots :)

Love her reaction!!!  PINK! PINK! PINK!

Claps for Baby Girl Griffin!!!
(So.... Justin is Dave's moms brothers son.... so their last name is Griffin.... sorry - that was probably confusing.  But we named Griffin after Dave's maternal grandparents.  Make sense???)

Team Pink!
(and a photobomb!)
The rest of the afternoon we spent napping, lesson planning and folding laundry.  Glamorous, huh? :)

I'm hoping that this week is boring and uneventful.  I'm praying for lots of rest and "normal".

Lots of y'all asked for a classroom tour, so I'm attempting to pull that together for tomorrow as well!  I've shown you my house - so it's only fitting that you see where I spend the majority of my time, right? 

Hope y'all have a happy and healthy Monday!


  1. The picture of Mallory seeing the balloons is priceless!! Love that!! And listen, you always seem to have THE BEST Friday nights. Seriously! I don't know how you do it, but your Friday nights (sick and all) always seem so warm, cozy and snuggly. Hope you're feeling better today!!! And PS: I'm stopping by your house tonight for my goodies :).

  2. So glad you're feeling better AND that you went to the dr!!!!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! As a teacher and mom myself, I know how hard it is to prioritize yourself, but please do it. Self, family, work...don't worry about us blog readers :)

  4. I'm so glad you went & got some meds and were able to get lots of rest :) My son also has a family name...his first name is my mom's maiden name. I just love family names!!!

  5. Being sick at the beginning of the school year is the worst! Glad you are on the mend!!!

  6. So glad you went to the dr and are on the way to feeling better! Enjoy your 100+ degree days we are right in the same boat. We are ao ready for fall over here! Happy Monday

  7. Girl, I am glad you are feeling better!! You still managed to have a great weekend! Fun!! Xoxo

  8. So glad you're feeling better! I start school today and my boy got hand foot and mouth over the weekend! UGH, so I'd rather it were me than him, but what can you do! Griffin and that giant bow/wrap while showing her clean her teeth... priceless!

  9. Hope you feel better and better and - what a sweet husband!

  10. Thank Heavens you are on the mend!!!!! And that photobomber makes me laugh every time I see that picture. He needs to give lessons.

  11. Hope you're feeling better. It is so hard to get sick right when school starts, but it always seems to happen? Also, I bought your favorite grading pens and I LOVE them! Seriously obsessed! :)

  12. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. Man, were you sick!!! And to think you made it that long before going to the doctor. That's a mom and teacher for you!!! Your hubby sounds so sweet taking such good care of you. Have a great week!!!

  13. I'm so sorry to bug you with this type of question, but would you mind telling me what size Griffin is wearing in the Lovely Garden Leggings? I like that they are full length on her and not cropped. My daughter is about the same size as Griffin. I hope you feel better soon!

  14. Great post.....Hope you feel better!

  15. Bless our heart!!! So glad you got some meds and rest. You look great and I hope your week finds you getting back to normal again.

  16. Well darn it on the sickness...but hope you're feeling a lot better this week!

  17. So so happy you're feeling better!! And that gender reveal!? SO cute!! I love the Griffin name explanation too!! So sweet!! Wishing you a happy, healthy normal week!! :)

  18. Hope you feel better! And thanks for getting me addicted to peach green tea lemonade!

  19. Glad you are feeling better. I was out all weekend with sinus stuff! Had to miss my cousins baby shower, was SOOO sad to miss the party.

  20. So happy you are on the mend! Soooooo excited to see your classroom! :)


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