Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life Lately...

Playing catch up today and filling y'all in on what's been going on around here lately.

Sunday Miss Griffin was NOT cooperating for pictures before we left for church...

... I tried to snap a pic of her once I dropped her of fin the nursery.... but wild woman was on a MISSION!!!  The nursery workers always joke with me about how "on the go" she is :)  She doesn't cling or cry... but instead is OFF at lightning speed and goes the entire time. hahaha

There we go!  Mildly disheveled, but I caught her kind of off guard while she was checking out the aquarium :)

SIGH!!!  What a fantastic big brother he is!!!  They were looking at the different fish together :)

After church we came home and had lunch and I snapped this pic showing off her Farrah Fawcett hair and new top teeth (since I took this picture the two next to her front teeth have popped through as well!).

We spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out, taking naps, etc. :)  Griffin did spend a significant amount of time pulling all her Hohos out of their basket and talking to each of them. hahaha

Monday morning I asked Dave to light the candle in our front hall, he pulled one of the lighters out of the junk drawer and this happened.  I'm not sure why I found it so funny - but I laughed WAY too hard for the situation :)

GG's wings help her fly high when we play airplane :)

Monday morning Dave had a few things to do for work and so he stayed home with Griffin and I got to take just the boys to the pool!

We swam with friends and while everyone else was in the water, Mason decided that he'd plant himself at the bar to eat his lunch. 

Do you see my little flirt over there??? :)

I went to check on him and the waitresses were bringing him lemonade with shaved ice and he was wearing their sunglasses.  Oh, Lord. :)

Monday afternoon I worked on Slightly Askew projects and that night Miss G's teeth were bothering her so we got in some solid snuggle time.  LOVE!!!

Tuesday morning was BEAUTIFUL and so a family walk was in order (we also needed diapers - two birds - one stone!)  :)  Check out my motley crew and G's pageant wave. hahaha 

Wardrobe change and Mega Block time!

You would never know this sweet girl was up at all hours the night before :)

Her favorite pastime... being nosey!  No drawer, bag or box is safe from her teeny little fingers!

Since it was below 80 degrees, I decided to pretend it was Fall and throw on a jacket for some errand running. :)

Warning!  DO NOT let Mason pick his fruit for lunch and then ask him to eat it.
Tantrum will ensue!!! :)

Tuesday afternoon.  Be still my heart.
Sweetest. Picture. Ever.

After nap time I got GG dressed and thought she looked too cute NOT to take her outside and snap a few pictures :)

Yes... there's a baby behind the bow :)

Pointing and yelling at someone :)

Olive Garden cup with two pacis in it - the girl has simple taste :)

Later in the afternoon FUN STUFF went down at my house!!!  I can't wait to share details with y'all next week!

Tuesday night we got out all the Fisher Price Little People and made a giant mess...

... and Griffin rocked a giant curl/mohawk :)

Yesterday morning we hung out at home - put away laundry, mopped and had a dance party.  Duh.

The boys played in the sandbox all morning and then after lunch we made watercolor popsicles.  I cut out the shapes out of white cardstock and then let the boys go to town with watercolors.  We even sprinkled salt on them while they were wet to make speckles!  The salt absorbs the water and color and makes fun little spots.  When they were dry we just shook off the salt and glued them, along with popsicle sticks, to construction paper.

I let the boys pick their own names and I wrote them on the sticks.  Luke's are above and are Chocolate Lime Grape, Strawberry and Key Lime Grape.  Masons are below and he was a little more "creative" with the names... Strawberry Bucket, Magic Teacup and Tomato Tornado. :)

The boys crafted and so did I! Getting a few things ready to add to my collage wall in my classroom.

Mason (aka my shadow) watched me while I crafted :)

After naps it was all out craziness in the family room!

Attempting to get her big brother's attention ;)

She got what she wanted... a game of chase :)

Ruh. Roh.

Mason's face. hahaha

It's been a quiet few days - but I'm totally savoring the last couple of weeks before I go back to work full time.  I'm going to miss these monkeys and lazy days!!!


  1. Your family is just too cute! I'm expecting my 2nd boy and can't wait to see them be buddies like your boys! Wanted to ask about the chalkboard frames you made for your classroom, were they regular picture frames & you did chalkboard paint on them? Where are the frames from? Thanks:)

  2. What a fun post!!! Lazy days of summer just hanging with the kiddos are the BEST. Happy Thursday !!!!

  3. So fun! Lots happening at your casa!!!! Enjoy these days with your littles ... my oldest turns 13 today .... aaaaaccckk! It flies by!

  4. So Miss G totally stole this post. From the Farrah Fawcett hair, to the pageant wave, to the mohawk curl. SHE WINS! But I will say I'm totally impressed with Mason's popsicle names. :)

  5. I have recently found your blog and look forward to it each day. My four girls are all getting older and watching all your fun makes me want to start over...kinda!! Thanks for sharing your family with us bloggers :)

  6. Such cute kids....again, you rock as a mommy!

  7. I have to know where you get all of Griffin's adorable bows!

  8. Mason's popsicle names are TOO funny! How do kids come up with that stuff? :) Hope you enjoy your time at home!

  9. I LOVE your MJC combos! It's super fun to see what I already have and how you put pieces together for Griffin. I will have to try some with my little. Also, love the cute boards for your classroom. Please post a pic when they are all together so that I can copy for my own. :)

  10. Curious if you used chalk board paint for your school frames? I've tried before but those look great...if you did I'd love to know what material you painted. :)

  11. Mason's big grin sitting at the bar is absolutely priceless! Oh Lord is right, he is definitely a ladies man :) I love your Popsicle craft I will be using that in the future, as well as the octopus and crab ones. Enjoy today and the rest of your week! :)

  12. aw, I love these updates, you are so creative when it comes to crafts for the kids. Going to copy the Popsicle idea!

  13. How do you store the kid's toys? I am curious about the giant blue box and if you keep some toys away for "rainy days"?

  14. I always smile when reading your posts. Your such a great momma!

  15. Your corner of the internet is just so bright and happy! Love your kiddos and the fun you create for them - they will certainly remember this happy childhood when they grow up. :) So refreshing to see a mama put so much time, effort, and love into making memories with her littles. Keep it up mama!


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